A Strange Request

by Tom (Illinois)

I am a bi-sexual male, i love women but every once in awhile I hunger for a mans touch. When I got the urge for some man to man sexuality I would post on the old craigslist casual encounters looking for a man.

Of course I would post some nudes of myself. I keep all of my body hair shaved & my ass cock & ballsack is hair free & smooth to the touch. Hairfree skin is so much more sensitive.

I had several guys that I would converse with on a regular basis. We would trade pics & I would jack off with them on cam. A guy sent me an email & said that he loved my photos & would love to come to my house & see my genitals up close. He also said he wanted me to shave him because he thought my cock looked so hot bare & smooth.

I did not know what to expect but I invited him over out of curiosity. He was quick to respond & even quicker to arrive. He was a lot younger than me & very eager to get me naked. I disrobed & already had precum leaking from my throbbing erection. I told him if I was naked he had to get undressed as well.

He was quick to oblige & I was in awe at the size of his beautiful erect cock. I begged him to let me suck it but he said he wanted me to shave him first. He told me that my cock was beautiful & he grabbed it by the base of the shaft caressed my nut sack & started stroking me. He said he wanted me to cum before I shaved him that way I would keep my mind on the job at hand.

He got down on his knees & took my dick into his warm wet mouth, He told me he had been wanting to suck me off ever since he saw my pix. Wow he was good at what he was doing to me. He lifted my balls & slid two fingers into my asshole & teased the opening until it relaxed & gaped wide open. Pumping & stroking licking & sucking.

I kept thinking about shaving his body & it was a huge turn on for me. I think guys suck cock better than women because they know what makes a cock feel good. I looked down at him pleasing me & could start to feel that oh so familiar feeling swelling up inside my loins.

I told him I was getting close & if he did not enjoy the taste of cum he needed to finish me off by hand. He didn’t stop but it was to late anyhow. Spurt one spurt two cum cum cum it kept spewing from my prick until it finally ended with a feeling of deep relief.

Now you need to fulfill your part of the bargain. I took him into the bathroom & we got into the shower where I could lather him up & remove his penile fur. Wow what a beautiful cock I wanted it bad, but he said no not until you make me smooth then you can admire your handy work. Please be careful I don’t want any nicks or cuts.

It took about 20 minutes to finish my masterpiece then the manscaping was done. I admired my work but wanted that hot cock between my lips. There was no stopping me now I was on my knees caressing that swollen piece of man meat. It was finally mine. I told him I wanted to have my mouth fucked. I grasped his cock with my thumb & forefinger & let him slip it in between my lips.

He proceeded to fuck my warm wet mouth just like it was a pussy. A couple of times I gagged because he hit the back of my throat. A couple of times I tasted his piss it was salty & bitter but I knew his sweet man milk would be splashing into my welcome mouth soon. He was moaning & I could feel his dick spasm. It won’t be long now.

Yummy precum mingled with the first taste of his cum. When he started cumming I didn’t think he was ever going to stop I was glad we were in the shower because the overflow was spilling out of my mouth & running down my chin onto my chest.

He told me he wanted me to eat out his asshole. He bent over & spread his ass cheeks wide exposing that gleaming puckered hole. I sunk my tongue in as far as it would go & fucked his manhole with my tongue. He was squirming & whining as I licked the rim of his ass wow he said I am ready to unload again how about you letting me fuck you.

We went into the bedroom & I got on all fours & he mounted me thrusting that warm cock deep inside my hungry butt hole. It felt so good him inside me pumping away. He asked me do you want me to pull out & cum on your back or do you want to take it like a woman. I told him to fill up my rectum let it go fuck me deep fuck me hard cum in me cum in me.

He did just that & I could feel every wet warm spurt of his man milk in my ass. Drained pleased satisfied to the fullest, When he pulled out of me I could feel his cum running out of my ass. I put my hand back there & wiped up some of his cum & licked it off of my fingers.

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