A Sisters Passion: Part 1

by Anonymous

I was always an adventurous girl when I was younger. Always watching porn but never touching myself I had never had an orgasm until 19 and I was watching porn well before that. I was one of three siblings a younger sister and a twin sister too. My younger sister just turned 18 and me and my twin sister were 19.

We live with just my mother and each other a full house of girls. Mom always worked early till very late and me and my sisters all have part time jobs as well as college. Well It started off as a normal day mom was at work and I wasn’t expecting her back any time soon and me and my sisters were all off from work.

I thought that my two sisters would have went out considering I had slept in that day so I had walked to the bathroom butt naked to get a shower. After I had cleaned I dried myself off and my walked back to my bedroom naked again thinking no one was in the house, as I was half way back I saw my younger sister walking towards me.

I just stopped and stared at her as she walked past. Nice pussy sis she said to me while I stood there butt naked. She walked past but stopped turned around and began to walk back towards me. She stopped right in front of me looked down with only her eyes and stared right at my clit.

She looked back up and dead at me in my eyes, she then passionately sucked her finger and slowly directed it towards my pussy. She slowly rubbed by clit and rubbed her wet finger up and down my slit while massaging my clit with her finger. I tried to back off but she pulled me closer and moved her finger up and down my slit faster and faster.

By this point my pussy was throbbing and dripping wet, she whispered in my ear “you like this sis” I couldn’t help but let out a little moan as she continued to rub my soaking pussy. I had said to my sister that I have hardly orgasmed before and as soon as she heard that she pulled me to her room and pushed me on the bed.

I lay there with my legs open exposing my lady parts and she just stared at by pussy and the juices dripping down my legs and she broke the silence by saying “wow sis you must really like me” and no later after she had said this she was down on me and eating my pussy with passion.

My juices filled her mouth as she licked and sucked my clit and ran her tongue up and down my slit, almost instantly I fell into orgasm it took over me as I shook, she carried on licking. She backed her head away from my pussy as I let out a loud moan and she rubbed my pussy so fast I squirted everywhere and let out a huge orgasmic moan that the neighbours heard without a doubt.

My little sister had made me orgasm for only the 3rd and made me squirt for the first time. I just lay there in utter shock I didn’t know a body could do that. At the sight of this my sister slowly took down her shorts and revealed an irresistible pussy mound that was sobbing wet.

She slowly took down her panties and her pussy juices were stringing between her slit and the mound of her panties. She lay down and said eat me out sis make me orgasm like I made you orgasm I jumped on top of her and we were rubbing our pussies with each other letting of loud moans of pleasure.

I got off her and met her pussy with my mouth I ate her out and swallowed all the juices she produced they were oozing out her pussy and I slurped them up instantly. I then got back on top of her and we rubbed our pussies together for another ten minutes.

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