A Sister's Love

by Rachel (MN)

“Geez,” Bryan groaned. “I can’t believe that I’m boning my sister.”

“Oh, Bryan … It feels so good to being boned by my brother,” Pam said, feeling his large hard dick filling her wet vagina.

“It does feel good being in you, sis.”

Bryan sank his stiff male organ again and again into his sister’s sexual female depths, increasing her arousal and pushing her closer and closer to climaxing.

Pam gasped. “Oh, God, Bryan! Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck your sister!”

It was so exciting seeing his sister being so nakedly and physically lustful beneath him on the bed.

She drew in a breath and then was in the throes of her orgasm. “Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!”

“Yeah, sis … come … come …” he told her with the satisfaction of his boner driving her to this.

“Oh … Oh … Bryan … your dick feels so good in me …”

Suddenly Bryan was ejaculating, infusing his semen into his sister vagina, as his erection pulsed repeated inside of her.

“Uh! Uh … sis …”

“Oh, God! Give me your sperm Bryan!”

“Oh, God! I’m giving you my sperm, sis,” Bryan groaned as his boner did just that, pulsing its thick creamy liquid into her.

This was followed by a shared moment of satisfaction.

“Oh, Bryan …” she sighed. “I loved it when you fuck me.”

Bryan smiled. “We really shouldn’t be doing this together.”

“Why not?” Pam wanted to know. “You’re thirty-four, I’m thirty-two we’re both divorced. It’s wonderful making love to my brother.”

“It’s wonderful making love to my sister,” Bryan admitted. “Still … we are brother and sister.”

“That only means that we’re related to each other. But you’re male and I’m female. We can be in love and why shouldn’t we be?”

“I am in love with you, sis,” Bryan said.

“And I’m in love with you, Bryan,” Pan told him as she lay on the bed beneath him, his penis still fully in her vagina expressing the intimacy that they shared. “You know … we could just live together.”

“You mean, like as husband and wife?”

“Why not? We both tried it with other people and it didn’t work. But between us … it’s just so special. Why can’t we have that?”

“Oh, sis …” he said.

They kissed. His tongue pushing into her mouth, and then her tongue pushing back into his.

“But what about mom and dad?” Bryan asked as he climbed off of his sister and laid next to her on the bed.

“Mom knows that we’re fucking.”

Bryan was surprised. “She does?”

Pam nodded. “Yes. She sort of suspected and she asked me, so I told her that we were. “

“Was mom shocked?”

“No. She just said well, if you two love each other …”

“But what about dad, though? What will he say?”

“He’ll come around,” Pam Assured confidently. “Dad will accept that his son and daughter are in love.” Pam smiled at her brother.”Now let’s celebrate. Fuck me again.”

Bryn laughed.“Oh, God! The demanding younger sister.”

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