A Secret Desire

by Anonymous

I'm 18 and just out of high school, I'm about a 30 tits and great body, i ve been having sex for some time and found i love it alot, but i had a desire and i wanted to be with a black guy sexually.

I has sumed up some courage and finially accepted an invite from a black guy friend of mine for a date on a fiday nite and he picked me up.

I was wearing a black dress and panties with thigh highs and we went out for a while and had some fun.

It was alittle early yet and he asked me if i wanted to go to his place for a while and i smiled and said ok.

He said his parents were away for the weelend, after we got there and relaxed on the sofa we chatted about some things and so he was kissing me.

I felt his hand along my thigh and i parted my legs a little as he kept going and soon he was he was rubbing my clit and he whispered in my ear and asked me how i felt about going further and i smiled and said i was ok with it.

I smiled and said that i d never had sex with a black guy be fore and he smiled an said he hoped he didn t disappiont me as we laughed and he lead me to his bedroom.

After we got there he smiled and unzipped my dressand turned around and started undressing to soon i was naked except for my thigh highs.

He left his underwear on and he turned and smiled as he seen me nude ad asked me to take off his underwear.

I got on my knees and slid them down and he step out of them and i looked up and he had a 10"dick and i smiled as i sucked on it until he was hard.

He helped me up and i laid back on the bed and spread he got down and slid his habds under my ass and lifted me a little and started to eat my shaved pussy.

He didn t stop until i came for him and then he came up and postioned himself then he slid his dick in me and started to push filling my tight pussy i moaned a little as i felt him deep in me.

He was going into my cervix and i whispered go slow as i felt him enter it and soon he was in there.

He smiled down and kissed me as he started to fuck me slowly i got used to him quickly and soon he had a nice rythm going as i moaned in his ear.

After a bit he whispered in my ear and asked if i was ready for him to cum inside of me and i whispered omg yes, and he pushed forward and started to unload his hot sperm inside of my cervix filling it.

After he finished he pulled out and soon i felt it leaking out over my ass. I laid there for a moment and i rolled up on him and we kissed and i said he hadn t disappointed me.

He smiled and asked if i did anal, and i said yes and rooled off and laid flat on my stomach, he soon was lubing my ass and himself and slid his dick down through my ass crack and was pushing into my ass filling me.

Soon he was fucking my ass and as he cum deep i felt sooo good with it, he laid on top of me after he finished cumming in me and kissed my neck then he pulled out as i laid there feeling great with his hot sperm in my pussy and ass. We decided to have sex regular after that.

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