A Revealing Short Story

by Annon (Cheshire, England)

The two friends lay quietly together in bed, limp and spent, basking in the afterglow of intense passion their desire had wrung from them,

"Honestly babe, do you really and truly do it with him"?

"Yes my pet, we really do it together, it’s been going on for weeks."

"Oh my God! And does he...I mean do you let him, y'know when he......"

"Yes darling, when he cums he cums in me, hard and deep and plentifully."

"Oh my God, Lynne, how could you...what made you....I mean did he.....did he rape you...."

"Oh God NO! Nothing like that, I just felt..we sort of...we did it because we could, sweetheart, there was no one to stop us, no one to say you can’t do that, we wanted to do it, we wanted each other desperately....so......."

"Oh my love, my sweet sweet precious darling, I wanted you too, no one could have stopped us either, but this is.....well its...you must admit it’s a bit out of line."

"Out of line, Alex darling look at us, two 45 year old women, married with kids and here we are, in bed together, naked, still a bit trembly after fucking each other, we both cheat our hubby's, neither of us can get enough of each other, we both kiss, lick out and eat each other’s cunts, we fist fuck each other, I know you fancy my Eddie so why you don’t fuck him I don’t know, so please explain to me my lovely one, just what the hell is out of line?"

"Well for starters hon, Kai is your SON, and he is fucking you, he is fucking his MOTHER......and he....you let him cum in you, shoot his spunk into you......"

"Yes he is and he does and he's very good at it too my love, he transports me to another level of sensuousness, he can wring thrills out of me I didn't think existed with that penile cudgel of his.........you really should try him sometime. You’ll love the spermy loads he'll flood you with."

"WHAT!! Are you serious, oh Lynne come on, I mean...."

"OK then, tell you what, you get it on with my Eddie, then maybe tempt Kai to have fun with you, and in exchange.........."

"In exchange what, Phil, my hubbs?

"Oh NO, not Phil.....young Jannine, your heavenly daughter, who I know you like to dally with."

"Ohh! You slut, you perverted slut.....I do love you, my pussy licking whore, I’m horny go down on me, eat my cunt, I must be flowing like a leaky tap."

"Mmmmmm! Spread them darling, I'm going to swoop on you like a fucking Falcon....."

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