A Nice Surprise

by Gerald (WY)

Ben was on his elbows and knees on the bed, and Daniel was bending over him, with his hard dick pushed into his butt. Its slick length was moving easily in and out.

“Ooo …” Ben moaned softly, loving how that felt.

He and Daniel had been having sex together for the last several months, just doing that together just as friends and not because either of them was gay.

Ben’s mom knew that they were doing this together. She had suspected that something was going on between them, and Ben had been embarrassed when she had just come out and asked him. Ben told her that they weren’t gay and just having some fun was all. His mom had been accepting of that, and had no problem with it.

She just smiled and said for them to have their clothes back on by the time she got home from work. Ben really appreciated his mom’s easy going attitude as well as her understanding. His parents were divorced, and Ben had no doubt that if his dad would have been there that things would have been quite different.

As it was, Daniel was very mindful of the fact that his parents would certainly not approve of two boys having sex. That they would see this as something awful and would have accused him of being gay. To them homosexuality even between friends was degenerate. He was envious of Ben for having such a cool mom. She was good looking and nice and fun.

Curious, he had once asked Ben if he was having sex with his mom. Ben had been a little embarrassed and said, no. To Daniel it just seemed natural that maybe Ben and his mom would be doing that together because they got along so well. And if they had, he wouldn’t have seen that as anything weird or bad, and he wouldn’t have told anybody.

Daniel continued to fuck his friend’s butt with a desirable pleasure. It was more like they were making love and expressing their feelings of friendship rather than just having horny sex. They enjoyed the closeness as well as the physical satisfaction.

Although they both found it exciting to be nakedly engaging like this as boys, as was demonstrated by the outstanding erections they always had with each other. Early on Ben had found that he enjoyed being on the receiving end, although they did take turns with that. Still, most of the time Daniel was the one to have his dick in his friend’s butt.

Their interaction was gentle and unrushed and their mounting urge was the same.

It was only after several long minutes that Daniel reached the point where he knew he was going to ejaculate. When he did, he groaned and let it happen fully inside of his friend, with his semen pumping out in a satisfying discharge.

“Oh ..Oh … Oh …” he breathed.

Ben had no problem in quickly masturbating his erection to a climax, finding it more thrilling to have that happen while Daniel was still inside of him, stimulating his anal capacities. His creamy release went carelessly onto the bed, which he would clean up later.

“Uhhhh…” he groaned as his penis pulsed in his hand.

With that done, they were both pleasantly exhausted.

Daniel pulled his penis from Ben’s butt. “I’d better be going,” he said, realizing that they had taken their time.

“Oh. Okay,” Ben said, wishing that his friend could stay longer.

Daniel got dressed and so did Ben. He cleaned up the results of his liquid discharge and they went downstairs and Ben left.

It was just shortly after that his mom came home.

She smiled at the fact that he was barefoot. “Did Daniel come over?” she casually inquired.

“Yeah. He just left.”

“Oh. Good timing on my part,” she teased.

Ben blushed just a little.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she assured, well aware of what the two of them had no doubt been up to. “I wish that I had a nice arrangement like that.”

Ben grinned over his mom’s admission. “Do you?”

“Yes. It would be nice to come home and enjoy something like that.” She gave him a playful smirk. “Of course I imagine that you’re too tired now.”

Ben blushed a little some more over his mother’s remark. “Well … I’m not all that tired,” he said.

His mom smiled. “It will be a while before dinner …” she said quite nonchalantly.

“Do you feel like …” Ben asked shyly.

She grinned. “I certainly wouldn’t mind, if you don’t.”

Ben was a little surprised by his mom’s willingness, although in a way he wasn’t.

They went upstairs and for the second time in a little over just an hour, Ben was climaxing again. Only this time he was ejaculating in his mom’s vagina, and that felt so good. This was the first time that they had ever done this together, but Ben was sure that it would not be the last.

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