A Mum and Sons' Afternoon Delight

by Susan (UK)

When Jeffery went over to his mum’s flat in London. It was raining of course, which typical for the English weather.

“Hi, mum,” he said as he folded his umbrella and hung his wet coat.

“Hi, Jeff,” she said cheerfully. “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? I was just about t have one myself.”

“Uh … coffee,” he said, having been given the choice.

“I think that’s what I’ll have, too.”

He followed her into the small kitchen.

His parents had divorced several years ago, but he and his mum had always been close and he often stopped and they spent time together. He was twenty now and living on his own, and she was forty-two, a little chubby with dark hair that reached to her shoulders, a cute face, and like usual she was dressed in jeans and a tee and was barefoot as she liked to be.

When the coffee was ready, they took it back into the living room.

“Rotten weather,” he remarked.

“Oh, I know. It’s such a dull day and being stuck at home doesn’t help,” she said.

“There’s not much to do on days like this. Not really,” he agreed.

“We could just have some fun at home,” she said. She grinned playfully, wrinkling her nose and teased. “We could take off our clothes. Do you feel like being naked with your mum?”

“Mum!” he said in surprise.

“Well,” she responded innocently, “it’s not like anyone would know. I’m not expecting anyone to drop by. It could be fun.”

“You mean … both of us get naked?” he questioned.

“I don’t want to be the only one who’s naked,” she said. “At last it would be something for us to do on a rainy day.”

“Well … yeah,” he admitted, still a little unsure just how serious his mum was being. He grinned a bit modestly. “Do you really want to?”

“I’m game if you are.”

They looked at one another and smiled.

“Okay,” Jeffery agreed.

Unceremoniously they both got undressed and suddenly, for the first time, they were naked together. It seemed surprising and a little unbelievable, but there they were. Each appeared just a tiny bit self-conscious, although it was exciting being naked together as mother and son. His mom had nice full breasts decorated by broad pink nipples and a healthy thatch of dark pubic hair.

Almost immediately Jeffery felt his pens starting to become erect. Its handsome male shape pushing visibly up.

"Ooo … that looks nice!” his mum complimented, admiring her son’s naked display. Then in quite a cavalier fashion she said, “Are you going to fuck me with that?”

Jeffery blushed. “Do you want me to?”

“Definitely!” she laughed and smiling she laid back on the sofa.

Jeffery smiled too, and joined her on the sofa.

They did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips. And Jeffery fondled his mum’s full bare breasts and kissed and sucked on her nipples.

“Oh, my! Yes!” she encouraged.

As Jeffery busied his moth with her nipples, he slipped his hand down into the hairiness between her legs, feeling her moist vaginal opening. Then he rubbed her expanded clitoris.

“Oooo … yes!” she said most agreeably.

Jeffery positioned himself on top of her and holding his stiff erection he guided it into place, and eased its curved length into her.

“Oh, Jeffery!” she said. “Oh … that feels so good having your penis in my vagina.”

“It feels good, mum, having it in your vagina.”

Jeffery began to slide his erection in and out, scarcely believing that he was actually fucking his own mother. It somehow just seemed so easy and uncomplicated, as well as exciting to have his dick in her.

She had her eyes closed and her back. “Oh … Jeff … just fuck me. Fuck my wet pussy!”

“I am fucking your pussy, mom. I’m fucking it with my hard dick!”

She moaned and held her hands on his hips. “Your dick feels so good! Oh, I love feeling your dick on me!”

Jeffery continued to give his mum the full eight inches of his male organ, going deep into her female organ again and again.

“Oh! You’re going to make me cum! You’re going to make me cum!” she exclaimed, and suddenly she was climaxing. “Ahhhhh …. Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh …”

Jeffery was both surprised and amazed that he was fucking his mum to an orgasm with his hard dick.

She writhed beneath him, her full tits flopping from side to side as she pushed herself down to further impale herself on his boner. Right then she felt like her entire naked body was just one big juicy pussy setting off fireworks. And although she was always so properly behaved, she just loved being a cunt like that.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhh … Gawd, I’m still coming!” she gasped.

Then suddenly her sexual throws were expended and she went limp beneath him, helpless to do anything but to lie there being fucked by her son.

Jeffery quickly brought his erection to the point of ejaculation. He grunted and gritted his teeth as his semen gushed forcefully out and he filled his mum’s vagina with his sperm. It was so gratifying to be doing this with his own mother.

“Uhhhh! Uhhh!” he groaned as his penis throbbed over and over with a wild wet abandonment.

When he finished climaxing, he drew in several deep breaths to steady himself, and for the next minute they laid there together still coupled, until Jeffery’s easing erection allowed his penis slip wetly from her vagina.

“Oh, Jeffery …” she said, looking at him. “That was so wonderful.”

“It was wonderful, mum,” Jeffery concurred.

She gave him something of teasing grin and opened her brown eyes wide. “Of course, you know that I’m not on the pill,” she said.

“What?” Jeffery was astonished. He had just had unprotected sex with his own mum. Although she had not said anything. She had not even warned him to pull out before he ejaculated, which would have been only a minimal protective measure, but better than nothing. As it was, he had ejaculated fully and completely in her, and now he realized that he might have just fertilized his own mother!

She laughed. “I had my tubes tied!” she confessed. “So, you don’t have to worry about what we’re going to name the baby.”

“Oh …” Jeffery let out a sigh of relief. His mum had only been teasing him.

“Although, it would sort of fun getting pregnant … especially if you were the father.”

Having calmed down and recovered, Jeffery smiled. “Actually, it would be pretty neat getting my own mum pregnant,” he said, admitting to finding this not unappealing thing to do.

“Well, I suppose that we’ll just have to settle for doing the fun bit when we fuck,” she said. She gave him a kiss.

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