A Mother's Love

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

It was getting late and my eighteen year old son was out past his curfew, I know he is old enough not to be home by any certain hour but 10 pm had always been his curfew growing up and a Mom, can't help but to worry.

Finally heard his car pull up but I wouldn't breathe any easier until I laid eyes on him, waiting for him to come through the door. The lock was giving Jim, named after his father who was out a rig, a Petroleum Engineer gone weeks at a time.

Giggling Jim made it through the door, by now I suspected he'd had a bit to drink and I scolded, saw Jim had a huge hard on. I mean a huge hard on, there must be 8 or 9 inches of meat, stuffed into jeans.

"What happen to you, you've drinking and driving," I accused.

"I'm sorry Mom but I didn't have very drive far, I was as careful as I could be. Made sure I obeyed all the laws and it was only a few blocks. You know there's parties and all over this time of the year, graduations and all," I could see Jim was very uncomfortable, his cock in his tight jeans.

"Some of the guys spiked the punch with way too much booze and when the girls figured out the guys were trying to get them drunk and take advantage of them, one or some of the girls crushed up some of her father's little blue pills. Not all were mad, some of the girls was all for it and some wanted to see who had the biggest cock. I didn't take the pills on purpose, Mom," sometimes a mother just has to accept their children tale no matter how wild.

"Did you have sex with any of those girls," a hard look I gave Jim, he looked so uncomfortable.

"Why didn't you, Jim," softening my tone trying to put him a little at ease.

"This would be my first time and I didn't want it with any of those girls, Mom," thankful for that I was, not having to worry of some girl he barely knew and pregnant.

"Come over here," called Jim over to the couch where I sitting in robe, panties and bra. Forty years old I pride myself in keeping my body in shape, I like to fuck and when Jim's father is home, we try to make up for lost time. I've come to the conclusion I never catch up though Jim's father is slowing down, more each time he comes back from a rig, out in the Mexico Gulf for weeks. Studied Jim's stiff legged walk as he came to me.

"Here," I said unbuckling Jim's belt, undoing his jeans I dipped into his briefs hauling out a bigger monster cock, than his father's.

"All cramped up in there, it needs a little massaging. How does Mom's soft hand feel," looked up to Jim's wide eyes.

"Fanatic Mom!"

Knowing if my son wasn't to get some relief blue balls would sit in and he would be in misery. Reached for his balls guiding his cock into my mouth, keeping my eyes to his, Jim's eyes kind of rolled back in his head. Thought to relief opening my robe, hand behind unsnapping bra.

Down all the way for Jim to step out of his jeans never losing my mouth hold onto his huge, delicious cock. Within the moment I decided Jim's cock taste much better than his dad's, knowing I was going to eat his cum. After all Jim could have one of those four hour hard on's, they advertise on TV.

Taking about fifteen minutes to get Jim off, I enjoyed every second, then his cum came blasting down my throat. Felt as I had step off the world and right into heaven, my son seeing me eat all of his cum, I kept my mouth hold on Jim's cock.

Worked getting my robe off my shoulders, slippers off, I worked my panties to my ankles kicking off. Nearly ripped Jim's shirt off, seeing my son totally naked for the first time since he entered purity, a fine trim muscular body and tall like his dad. Threw my body back and turned my pussy up to him.

"This is like an emergency Jim, you taking those pills and we don't know how many, we'd better soak that cock in some pussy." A little encouragement can go a long way, Jim took his nine inch cock in hand aiming for his Mom's flowing dark haired pussy, blonde on top but below is near black.

Jim's father loved my pussy saying I had a large bush and to keep that way. Loved watching his big dick sliding in and out, only he wasn't as big as his son. Jim's cock hit bottom as my legs flew up in the air, felt like Jim's cock connected with my spine, shooting tremendous pleasure straight up to my brain. No cock had ever felt this good, my son's cock, I called out his name.

"Jim! Mommy has never had cock this good. Fuck Mommy, Baby. Give Mommy that cock," keep myself from screaming out I couldn't. "Fuck Mommy's pussy, fuck, fuck, had I known your cock would be this good, Baby. You wouldn't be no virgin today."

Felt like Jim went into some kind of wrap drive ramming his mother's pussy and it was like Sky Rockets bursting in air. Like all the tales we were told growing up, never suspected this to come from my son but from this moment on, Jim could have this pussy any time he wanted.

I reached an orgasm before Jim, again with him and another huge orgasm shortly afterwards and Jim was still hard and fucking. I never thought those pills worked as Big Business likes to advertise but Jim slamming my pussy as he was, I was going to his father got a prescription.

Two men under my roof fucking like Jim. Pulled Jim down to me kissing and whispering in his ear to keep fucking his Mommy, we had to keep the blue balls off of him. After fucking three hours without so as a break for a drink, I had to ask.

"Is this really your first time, Jim?"

"Yes Mom," Jim long stroking his mother's pussy form behind.

"And no one has ever eaten your cum before," my cunt was going off one after another.

"Mom, I do have a confession to make," Jim confessing anything with him long stroking his Mom's pussy the way he was, after the last three hours of fucking, what could make any difference.

"I lied about those girls tricking me, I haven't taken any pills and I only drank enough so you think I was drunk. Mom I've been wanting to fuck you for so long. Sorry Mom, I wanted you to be my first."

"You've been fucking Mommy this long without the pills," Jim dumped another huge load in my cunt and I turned to Jim.

"You know I'm going to have to keep fucking your dad but any time we can manage, this pussy is yours."

"Yes Mom, Mom I love you," my son spoke the sweetest words I have ever heard, me bending backwards to receive his huge hard cock again and we hadn't made it off the couch, the couch arm positioned my pussy just the right height for Jim ramming my pussy.

"Mommy loves you too, Baby."

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