A Mother and Sons' First

by Pam (WA)

Feeling a little unsure, Jim sank his hard penis into his mom’s vagina.

It was amazing that he was actually doing this with his mom.

That she was lying there being nakedly accommodating of him.

She looked up, giving him a pleased look to feel him fully in her and Jim smiled back.

Slowly and gently he began to slide his maleness in and out of his mom.

“That feels so nice,” she told him approvingly as she felt his stiff penis moving in her vagina.

It felt so incredible and yet, at the same time, wonderful for the two of them to be intimate like this. It wasn’t embarrassing or at all awkward, but felt natural and easy.

“Oh … I haven’t been fucked in a while,” she laughed.

Jim smiled. “It feels good fucking you, mom.”

“I’m glad you’re fucking me. It’s very special for a mother to do this wither son.”

Sandy closed her eyes and savored the sexual interaction as Jim continued to gently fuck her.

“Ohhhhh …. Yes … this feels so good,” she breathed.

Again and again Jim’s hard penis moved in and out of his mom’s wet lubricated vagina.

For the next two full minutes they laid there doing this together, enjoying using the reproductive act to achieve a never before known closeness between them. It was so basic and so lovely to achieve.

Sandy felt her clitoris becoming more and more aroused, its smooth pink jutting shape pushing her toward an orgasm. Then sudden she was climaxing.

“OH!” she gasped and tensed. “OH! OHHHH! OHHH! OHHHH!”

She could only lay there helplessly enjoying being rewarded by her sexual pleasure.

Jim was surprised to see his mom having an orgasm. That she was actually achieving this while his penis was in her. It was so exciting to see her being this sexual.

In the next moment Jim was ejaculating. His penis was suddenly throbbing deep inside of her, pulsing out his semen. That he was doing this in his mom’s vagina, infusing his maleness in her, was unbelievable.

It was several long moments before either of them was recovered sufficiently enough to move or speak.

“Oh, Jim …” his mom said. “That was so nice.”

Jim smiled weakly. “It was,” he could only agree.

They touched lips and then separated and lay their together savoring their naked closeness and the intimacy they had just accomplished together.

“It’s so nice for a mother to enjoy this with her son,’ Sandy said, very much feeling the sense of maternal completion which so many mothers were privileged to experience.

It was the same for Jim, of course, for a son to be able to experience that with his mother. For a son to give his sperm to his own mom did complete the bond between them.

Now they both knew that they could look forward to repeating this, to reconfirming their closeness, but the first time was always the most special.

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