A Mother and Son Success

by Vela (NY, NY)

Marsha could feel herself building toward a vaginal orgasm. The fact that it was her son’s penis in her never failed to give her a greater and deeper arousal that she normally would have experienced.

As she laid there taking pleasure in this, any thought that having sex with her son was somehow wrong or indecent, simply did not exist.

As so many mothers found, engaging in the reproductive process was so incredibly personal and emotionally rewarding with their own son. And that it enhanced the natural mother-son bond to new and much deeper levels which otherwise could never be achieved.

Marsha moaned softly as she felt her son’s stiff male organ moving repeatedly in and out of her accommodating female organ, which was now very well lubricated, making his insertions effortless.

Marsha had been divorced from his father for a year now, and the two of them had started making love six months after that. She and her son had always been close, and the allure of the two of them being sexual together had very much a mutual one.

The first time they had intercourse neither had been quite sure what to expect or how they would feel afterwards. If they would feel guilty or even just be embarrassed. To their surprise as well as delight it had just felt natural and wonderful.

There had been no unfathomable underlying psychological consequences, simply because it had all been straightforward in their desire to do this as mother and son, acknowledging the teasing appeal of it being something that was normal looked upon as being forbidden.

Matt certainly had no misgiving about being sexual with his mother. Again, as for many boys, the thought of having sex with his own mother was an exciting one, to be sure, if just because it was forbidden. There was no denying this, and it was the same for mothers as well, in the thought of spreading their legs for their own son.

Yet, his motivations went beyond just that. While he was not romantically in love with his mother, he did love her, and being able to use his penis to express this was quite incredible.

Also, in no way was he trying to take his father’s place. That was ridiculous. His father was still his father, and doing this with his mother was something that was strictly between the two of them. And with the divorce, that had allowed this to happen. Just as, really, nature made this possible between a mother and son, and even impregnation, without biological prejudice.

Holding himself above his naked mother on outstretched arms, He continued to move his hips to exercise his penis in her vagina, thinking how good it felt being so intimate with his own mother. There was just something that was so physically and sexually satisfying, to say nothing emotionally rewarding about having his penis in her vagina.

“Ohhh … Ohhhhh …” she moaned under her breath, her eyes shut, turning her head from side to side, as her sexual response slowly increased. For her, just feeling her son’s erect penis her vagina was so unbelievably stimulating that she was helpless not to respond in the way that she was.

Again and again she felt his reproductive organ copulating with her vagina, doing so smoothly and easily.

“Ohhhhh …. Ohhhhh ….Uhhhh …Uhhhhhhhhhhh …” she gasped as she was overcome by her orgasm as it spread from her vagina like a liquid warm wave throughout her naked body, reaching her breasts and even going down to her bare toes. It washed over her in successive waves, and she became even more aware of her son’s naked stiff maleness deep inside of her, the focal point of her intense pleasure. She struggled unembarrassed by her release.

This was so very different from a clitoral orgasm, which was usually sharp and quick, and very much like the equivalent of a male orgasm. Which was what she, like most woman, achieved during sex. What she expected to achieve with a man, and even once during a bisexual fling with another woman. Something she was still a little unsure about and was just one of those secrets which people had.

It remained, though, that she was most sexually responsive like this with her son. It was like with him, because of their relationship, this unlocked her most womanly responses. Perhaps, very much, tapping into her maternal and therefore purposeful sexual depths.

Matt had no problem in allowing his mother to be thoroughly satisfied, and he was pleased that she could be with him. She had told him that she had never felt more sexual, more aroused in her entire than she was with him. He felt just the same with her.

Watching and experiencing her climaxing so thoroughly, caused his erection to be pushed to the point of no return. In the next moment he was ejaculating fully inside of her, doing so not so much in a lustful, but far more relaxed way, enjoying the pleasure of giving her his semen swimming with his sperm in measured pulse after pulse.

“Ohhh … Ohhh …Ohhh …” he moaned as his organ throbbed pleasurably deep in her vagina.

Once more they were both overcome by the success of their sexual rapport. And once more achieving this as mother and son was so special that it could hardly be put into words. Just the look that they gave one another said it all.

Now she was nakedly lying there pleased to be filled with her son’s seed, and he was nakedly pleased to have put his seed there, and words could never describe this.

This story is very much based on my sexual relationship which I have now had the pleasure of enjoying for the last three years. I have tried to be faithful in describing just what this is like between a mother and son for those who have not, and may never get to experience this for many reasons.

Also I hope that it will help remove much of the stigma which has been attached to mother and son sex, and to dispel the believe that this is something rare and seldom takes place, when in fact the opposite is true, and that these days it is becoming much more common and widespread and for good reason.

Of course, as stated in the story, there are the naysayers who say that this is wrong and somehow indecent, and for those of us who have enjoyed the experience, we can only point to nature for allowing this to happen in a very natural way.

I hope that you have enjoyed this story.


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