A Mom's Perspective

by Kay (FL)

I found it so easy and so pleasurable to be nakedly engaging with my son. To just be lying there with him between my legs, feeling his very stiff penis in my vagina.

The natural mother-son bond made that so wonderful. I had heard stories of just how special it was for a mother to be fucked by her own son, and I now I knew that it was true. I could understand why so many mothers craved this experience. It was estimated that twenty per cent of mothers experienced intercourse with their son while they were married, and that another forty per cent after they were divorced.

I had not dared to experience that with Jeffry while I was married to his father. But Jeffery was twenty years old and now I was divorced.

We had always been close and had a good mother and son relationship. After the divorce it just seemed easy for the two of us to feel attracted to the idea of our being sexually intimate. Of course we had both been hesitant and unsure. But we managed to simply go with our desires, and one day we had intercourse.

I had gotten a hysterectomy so there was no worry about his getting me pregnant, so we had been free to do it as nature intended. And that was so wonderful to feel my son ejaculate in me and for him to give me his sperm. Actually, I felt very proud as a mother to feel him doing that in me, to be so purposefully male with me.

The first time that we had sex I had been too tense and unsure to have an orgasm. But it was so gratifying to have my son fulfill himself in me, making the experience complete.

Then when we repeated the experience an hour after that, I climaxed.

Oh, that felt so heavenly, having an orgasm with my own son. Just to let my son see me being that sexual was wonderful and thrilling.

The next morning it was like neither of us could hardly wait to do it again, and we did. That morning we excitedly had sex three times, and we did it wtice that afternoon.

I could not remember the last time had that much sex, if ever. Or when I had been able to enjoy it so much. With him I delighted in having my legs apart and to be using my vagina to show him how I felt in ways that I never had with anyone before. With him I suppose that it’s just a mother thing to feel so aware of my vagina also in ways that I never have been before.

It is still like this more than two years later. I am extremely happy to say this.

I think that we both thought that the thrill of being sexual as mother and son might wear off. But it never has. Each time we have sex it is just so special and so exciting.

I was skeptical about the estimated per cent ages of mother and son sex, but now after experiencing it myself, I am no longer doubtful. I can see why mothers want to experience this. I have never felt closer nor more intimate with anyone that when my son ejaculates in the vagina that brought him into the world. There is such a completeness to that which is indescribable both physically and emotionally.

Anyway, I just thought that I would add by story and try to explain what it is like.

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