A Mom's Perspective

by Cellie (PA)

I am forty-six years old, attractive enough, with short dark hair, divorced, and I’m fat. Yes, I know that I am fat. No not grotesquely so, but definitely fat and filled out but with some curves.

My son who is twenty-five thinks that I look very sexy, and the two of us have secretly been having sex for this last year. I know that this hardly shocking or all that uncommon and something that people just talk about in whispers.

I know that when I was young, and there was an unmarried mother who had a son, people would mention the idea that there was something going on between the two of them.

Not necessarily always in a bad way, but doing so in accepting fashion so long as that sort of thing was kept discrete. This being far more socially acceptable than a father with his own daughter. And now all these years later I find myself doing this quite discretely with my own son.

He was married for two years and that did not work out. I have really not felt like dating and to be honest it is difficult to find anyone that I want to date. So this arrangement has work out very well for my son and myself. We probably have sex several times a month on the average, although it is whenever we feel like it. Sex is like that.

With my son I have gained a much more positive body image and just feel free to be myself. I have, however, in the last few months, managed to lose some weight, I am happy to say. I think that this has been easy because I do feel good about myself. To the point where I often go naked around the house and delight in do so. My son is quite amused by the idea that I have become this at home nudist person.

My doctor, as doctors do, has long said how I need to watch my diet and lose weight, has noticed the change in both my appearance and my state of mind. What he doesn’t know is that I have been enjoying a very rewarding sex life. And no, I am not about to tell him or anyone else that I have been enjoying this with my son.

That part of a person’s life is private and even more so when it’s between a mom and her son. What they like to get up to and do behind closed doors is strictly their business. But I will say that we have a very active and fun sex life that includes many things, just as it would between any two individuals. So just use your imagination.

Now I know that there are people out there who would say how immoral this is. Believe me, is anything but that. For one thing it is quite consensual and my son is grown. If my son was twelve years old and I was having his penis wet in me under the guise of sex education, that might different.

I know that there probably are moms out there who have no problem with doing that with some very young sons, but I am not one of them. To me that would be rocking the cradle just a bit much and I think that there would be child developmental issues to be considered.

No, my son and I just have this very straightforward and honest arrangement that, like I said, we both enjoy. Should this be illegal? No, not between consenting adults.

I just thought that I would share this with you, the reader, and set the record straight on mom and son relationships that include intimacy and love. Is this for every mother and son? That would just depend and how well they get along and what their personal feelings are.

If they would feel embarrassed or guilty, and think that they are doing something wrong, then I would definitely advise against it. If they both think that they just want to enjoy being close and loving and have some healthy fun together with no strings attached, then I would say try it. I am glad that I did.

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