A Mom's Dream Come True

by Michelle (NY)

“Geez, mom …” Randy said as he and his brother Greg stood there naked, each displaying a very healthy erection.

“Well,” Sonya said carelessly, being just as naked herself, “you’re both over eighteen.”

Greg sat on the edge of the bed and Sonya got down on her knees to take a hold of her youngest son’s stiff penis. As she did this, Randy got down on his knees, and smoothly inserted hi boner into his mom’s more than willing vagina.

“Ohhh …” she breathed, savoring how good it felt to be penetrated like this.

She loved it when she could enjoy being sexual with both of her sons. It was so rewarding as a mother to be nakedly engaging with her own sons.

As she felt Randy’s boner begin to fuck in and out of her, Sonya leaned over to take Greg’s hard dick into her mouth to suck on.

“Oh, mom …” Greg said as he felt his mom’s warm wet mouth sliding up down on his hard male length.

Greg looked at his brother and they both smiled. It was so great getting to fuck their mom together as brothers, and to see how much she loved to be fucked.

Randy thrust every inch of his boner into his mom, the swollen head reaching her cervix and opening to her womb, again and again. The same womb that had given birth to the two of them, and their father had fucked his sperm into. Now it was like they were returning the favor by fucking their mom and she positively loved it.

“It feels so good fucking my dick into you, mom,’ Randy said.

“I love it when you two fuck me.”

“Oh, mom … I’m going to come,” Greg said as he felt the urgency tensing his erection.

In the next moment he was ejaculating and flooding his mom’s mouth with his thick, creamy semen.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Greg groaned as his boner throbbed nakedly and repeatedly in her mouth.

Sonya swallowed several times, feeling the slimy liquid go down her throat with delight.

“UHHHH!” Randy grunted as his boner was ejaculating in his mom’s vagina. “UHHHH! UHHHHH!”

It felt so good to be discharging his sperm into his mom. Not that she would get pregnant.

Although the desire to impregnate and fertilize his own mom was just as real and wonderful, as it was for boys to do. And of course Sonya found it just as appealing to have her son being biologically reproductive in her. It was so satisfying to have her son filling her with his wet semen.

That she could taste her one son’s semen in her mouth, while at the same time feel the other’s in her vagina was so incredibly fulfilling. She just loved being shared by her sons, and to have both eagerly wanting to fuck their sperm into her.

Greg and Randy both sighed as it was over. But only for the moment. Already Greg was looking forward to his chance to get his penis into his mom’s vagina, and Sonya was looking forward to feel herself being violated by her youngest son’s hard dick. Oh, yes, it was just so wonderful that the three of them could fuck together like this. It was definitely a mom’s dream come true.

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