A Mom's Desires

by Candice (VT)

Kyle thought that his mom, Barbara, was so beautiful. After his parents had separated, and even before they were divorced, his mom had quite happily taken to having her own life, and he liked seeing that.

He was nineteen and still living with her, and now the two of them got along even better. She was quite free about doing things, like letting him see her naked, which was quite new and different. Not that his mom had ever been a prude exactly, and he had glimpsed her naked a few times before.

She was attractive, with a pretty face, a great smile, dark blonde hair and a solid, sturdy build. Although with his dad there, she had never just walked around the house that way like she did now. He could tell that she enjoyed doing this, especially in front of him.

Then one morning she had surprised him. She had been naked and had a big grin on her face. “Do you want to do it with your mom?” she asked.

Kyle could hardly believe his mom had asked him that.

“We could,” she said simply. Then, with a note of concern she added as a condition, “Just so long as your father doesn’t find out.”

“Well, I wouldn’t tell dad,” Kyle assured.

“They why don’t we? It’d be fun,” she said enthusiastically.

Kyle already was aware that his mom was the type of who found it appealing to be more intimate with her son in less than conventional ways, such as being so freely naked in front of him like she often was. It was not all that uncommon for some moms to like that teasing allure as part of their maternal nature.

“Okay …” he said a bit modestly.

He followed her into her bedroom. She got on the bed and watched as he undressed. While he had seen his mom naked, he had never been naked with her and he felt just a bit self-conscious. Especially when he had his clothes off he and he had no problem in quickly achieving an erection.

She grinned at him with happy approval and welcomed him to join her on the bed.

As Kyle sat down she leaned forward to give him a kiss on the lips. It was really no more than what they might have shared, but doing it naked made it much more personal.

She then looked at him and wrapped her fingers around his stiff dick to fondle its male dimensions. Without a word she leaned all the way over and took it into her mouth. Kyle drew in a breath as the warm wetness engulfed his penis. He watched his dick slide smoothly in and out of mom’s mouth. He was admittedly taken back by his mom doing this. Boys rally never thought of their mom’s giving a blow job. She stopped well short of doing that, however and pulled her mouth away.

“Now …” Barbara said, as she laid back and put her legs apart, presenting him with herself.

Kyle got on top of her, he felt her immediately squeeze her hand down between them, taking a hold of his hard penis to guide into place with a well-practiced ease. He felt the swollen head of his penis enter the soft folds of her vagina and with minimal effort on his part, he slid his male organ into female organ.

“Oh!” she breathed, and put her arms around him, as she closed her eyes and savored the delight of her son’s male presence in her as well as his naked body pressing down on hers.

Kyle began to move his erection in out, making her give small little moans of pleasure.

It was amazing to actually be doing this with his mom.

Uhhh … yeah …” she said as she energetically began to move her hips up to meet his, ensuring that his organ went into her as deeply as it could again and again.

Kyle was a little surprised by his mom’s sexual enthusiasm and energy.

He absently wondered if she had been like this with his dad … with other men. Although he did not know for sure, he had little doubt that his mom had fucked before meeting his dad. Most women did. He could imagine his mom being enthusiastically sexual as she was certainly demonstrating now.

“It feels good having my son fuck me,” she breathed into his ear.

His mom blatantly telling him this confirmed what he already suspected. That his mom found it both emotionally and sexually thrilling to be physical with her own son. Actually, in the same way that many boys found the idea of being sexual with their own mothers motivational. It had nothing to do with morality or immorality, but was just a perfectly natural and even instinctive desire which was stronger in some moms and some boys.

Of course in some cases this could also become something of an obsession which could have some rather unhealthy consequences like any obsession could when it was to the distraction of all else. But when it was simply an alluring sense of innocent desire, that could a perfectly healthy thing. Just like his mom coming right and out and being straightforward in asking him if he wanted to have sex with her. There had been no seduction or hiding of ulterior motives, but a perfectly straightforward inquiry involving mutual consent.

“Your penis feels so good in me,” she said.

“It feels good having it in you, mom,” Kyle told her as he continued to purposefully fuck his dick into her soft wet female depths. “I really like this.”

“I like it, too!” she panted. “To be doing it with my own son just excites me!”

Kyle found it exciting too to be using his penis to give his mom this sexual pleasure.

She moaned and her breathing increased as she began to writhe beneath him, her clitoris and entire vagina was so alive and were being uncontrollably forced onward. Her breath caught in her throat as she wildly climaxed.

“Uhhhhhhhh ….”

Every muscle in her naked body tensed as she laid there impelled by her son’s rigid a male anatomy and only too aware of and excited by his maleness in her.


Kyle loved his mom’s orgasm and seeing her wild, naked throws of sexual release.

“Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhh … Ohhh …” she moaned as the overwhelming spasms began to decrease and fade.

Her body then began to relax and go limp on the bed, and she swallowed and drew in much needed breaths.

Kyle fucked his erection into his mom’s vagina with more urgency and his actions suddenly made him ejaculate. He was overwhelmed as the semen shot up through his rigid penis to fill his mom’s vagina.

“Uhhh …” he gunted. “Uhhh … Uhhh …”

“Oh, honey! Oh, yes … come in me,” she said, holding him tightly as she longingly received his sperm.

Then came the moment of blissful exhaustion for both of them and all they could do was to lie there together recovering and to each savor their successful moment of intimacy and how satisfying that was.

Kyle’s penis slipped from his mom and he climbed off of her.

She immediately felt his wet excess spilling from her vagina and was sent dribbling down over her butt hole. She reached for some tissue to wipe it up and grinned as she did so.

With her needs having been taken care of, she now felt a little modest over having her son witnessed her sexual passions, and of course he felt the same over his own performance. Yet, it was never-the-less nice to share such a moment. It was tender and romantic.

“That as so wonderful,” she told him.

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed. “It was wonderful getting to actually do that with my own mom.”

“And with my own son,” she said in an openly pleased and proud way.

She finished dabbing up the overabundance of her son’s release, leaving her vaginal hairs slightly matted, as she had not bothered to shave in some time, and rather enjoyed being hairy and completely feminine down there.

“My orgasm was so intense and satisfying,” she said. She rolled her eyes and laughed. “I’ll be surprised if you ever want to do it with me again after seeing that.”

“I thought that it was great,” Kyle confessed, grinning a little shyly over discussing such things with his mom.

“It was just so … oh …” She touched her fingers to his arm. “So special doing this with my son. I really can’t tell you how special that is for a mother. I know that it probably seems terrible for a mother to have such desires …”

“I don’t think it’s terrible,” Kyle assured, understanding just what she was saying. “I enjoyed it, too.”

She gave him a grateful look. “But I just wanted us to fuck … just once, at least.”

Kyle smiled. “I’m glad we did fuck. Although I think that it’s going to be more than just once.”

“I hope so,” she said. Confidently she told him, “Now why don’t we fuck again, and his time we’ll do it much more slowly.”

“That sounds good to me mom,” Kyle said and he was looking forward to being in his mom’s vagina again.

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