A Moment of Male Love

by Ron (OR)

“We could go over to my house and mess around,” Dave said with a smile, as the two of them walked home that afternoon.

Jason was surprised by the suggestion. Dave was one of the most popular boys in school and all of the girls were wild about him. That he was interested in doing anything like that was completely unexpected.

I … I don’t know,” Jason said, not quite sure how to respond. Not being Gay the offer made him shrink back.

“Just as friends,” Dave assured with a confident ease.

Jason remained unsure, but Dave was quite persuasive in treating the whole thing as just being something fun to do.

When they got to his house nobody else was there. They went to his room, and Dave sat on the edge of the bed to take off his shoes and socks. When he had done that, he tugged the t-shirt he was wearing over his head, revealing his athletically lean and muscular torso.

“Come on …” he urged as Jason just stood there watching.

Slowly Jason started to undress, too. He felt modest.

Dave stood up and without any hesitation slid his jeans and underwear down all in one gesture, leaving himself naked. Jason saw that he had an ample of amount of dark pubic hair and that he had an average dick, although it was slightly dark in its coloring.

Dave simply smiled as he waited for Jason to finish taking his own clothes off. When he had, Jason felt quite shy and modest, and Jason held out a hand inviting him to get on the bed.

When he did, Dave pulled him gently down and they started kissing. Jason was taken a little by surprise, but found it easy to comply with as he felt the softness of Dave’s lips pressing against his own, and he allowed himself to kiss Dave back.

In another moment he felt Dave’s tongue pushing wetly into his mouth, and their tongues played together and pushed his tongue into Dave’s mouth. Neither has an erection, but that quickly changed with their smooth bare skin touching and their mouths engaging in the way that they were.

Jason felt his penis stiffen and at the same time he felt Dave’s boner pressing up against in an exciting way.

Dave pulled back, allowing them both to take a much needed breath.

“Oh, man … it feels so good doing this with you,” Dave said.

Jason was surprised. “I … I didn’t know that you wanted to.”

“Well …” Dave confessed, “I noticed you around, and I really had the urge to do something like his with you.”

Jason felt flattered, never having done anything like this with another boy before, and having no idea. Although, at the same time, he found it wildly exciting and appealing to be doing it, and was surprised how appealingly male it was.

He glanced down and saw Dave’s hard dick sticking boldly up along with his own.

They both took each other’s erection in their hand to feel and fondle. Jason liked how it felt to be holding Dave’s hard dick, and to have his own being held by him. They masturbated one another a little bit. Dave was wearing a broad smile and looked extremely pleased.

Then, without saying a word, Dave leaned all the way over and Jason felt his stiff penis going into Dave’s warm, wet mouth.

“Oh!” Jason gasped just a little as he watched Dave sucking on his boner.

Dave’s head went up and down a number of times as he took Jason’s penis liberally into his mouth. When he stopped and pulled away, Dave grinned proudly.

Jason looked down and saw Dave’s dick and, working up the courage, he leaned over to take it into his mouth. It was thrilling to think that he was actually sucking on another guy’s dick, and it made his boner harder than ever.

The broad mushrooming tip felt incredibly smooth and very large in his mouth, and he licked it with his tongue. Then he slid his mouth down as far as he could, pulled back, and slid down again. He did this a dozen times, completely enthralled by the experience.

When he finished and pulled his mouth away, Dave smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Dave then reached over and opened the top drawer on the night stand and withdrew a small object. Jason saw that it was a condom. He watched as Dave opened the plastic envelope and proceeded to rolled the condom down the length of his rigid penis.

“Man … I really want to do it in your butt,” Dave said simply and with eagerness.

Dave put his hands on Jason’s shoulders and got him to turn around on the bed. The next thing that Jason knew, he was feeling the firmness of Dave’s male organ pressing up against his tight butt hole. The lubricated condom allowed the insertion to be smooth and easy.

Jason gasped just a little as he felt Dave’s stiff penis slide through his sensitive butt hole and into his very much unaccustomed anal sheath. The stimulation practically overwhelmed him. But even more as he felt Dave pull back and go in again, and he began to do this with a gentle and uninterrupted rhythm.

Jason could hardly believe that he was being fucked by another boy, or by how this was making his erection so absolutely rigid that it practically hurt.

“Ohhh … Ohhh … Ohhh …” Jason panted. He had never experienced anything like this before or anything that was so masculine.

“Uh … Uh …” Dave grunted with his physical exertions as he kept his boner sliding purposefully back and forth through Jason’s gripping butt hole, savoring the pleasure of being able to fuck Jason.

Jason could only lay there on his side enduring being fucked like this, and finding how exciting it was to receive male love. So exciting, that he was suddenly shocked to feel himself ejaculating, as his boner began squirting uncontrollably. He gasped with each pulsing discharge of his fluids.

As he was ejaculating, Dave was ejaculating deep inside of him.

“Uhhh … yeah … yeah …” Dave groaned with the intensity of his male release, letting his boner throb to its gratifying climax.

Suddenly it was over for both of them and they lay there breathing hard.

Dave reached down to hold the condom in place as he slipped his penis from Jason’s butt. He held it up like a trophy, the end of it drooping down and filled with the overabundance of his spermy white liquid, showing that it held and not leaked. Jason supposed he was thankful for that and that Dave was willing to practice safe sex.

Dave discarded the rubber and took Jason’s face in both of his hands, and kissed him gently and lovingly on the lips.

Jason continued to feel somewhat dazed by the fact that he had just had male sex and over how unexpected, but easy and simple it had been. His stretched butt hole felt a little tender, but that was a pleasant reminder also of how wonderful this had been.

Oh, yes, he thought – definitely wonderful.

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