A Moment of Love

by Bradden (CA)

Aaron and I had been roommates for two weeks. We had found each other through a roommate agency, so we really didn’t know each other all that well, although we seemed to have hit it off. We were the same age and both single, of course and pretty much just looking for a place to live and to save money.

The apartment we had was small and we shared the bathroom. We were both quiet and somewhat shy, I suppose. But we had somehow managed to be casual about the fact that we both slept in the nude and between us seeing each other naked wasn’t a big deal.

That morning I was in the bathroom and had just gotten out of the shower when Aaron, having just gotten up, came in. He smiled somewhat modestly, being just as naked as I happened to be right then.

“Hi,” he said with a slight grin.

“Hi,” I said back. “I just finished … if you want to shower.”

“Yeah. But I didn’t want to rush you,” Aaron said thoughtfully.

“No. That’s fine,” I told him.

We smiled at one another, finding a teasing sort of appeal to our shared nakedness and, even without saying as much, that even without either of being gay, that there could be something between the two of us.

Aaron sort of looked shyly at me and I looked back at him.

Then, just because it seemed like something we both felt like doing, we slipped our hands around one another to share something of a friendly naked embrace.

It was a cautious effort, but as we did this and lightly held each other, I felt my dangling penis start to respond. It thickened and began to curve visibly off to one side. I was not alone in this, as I felt Aaron’s bare penis making its presence know, pushing against me.

I smiled and he smiled.

Taking the lead, I boldly kissed him on the lips and he kissed me back.

Suddenly we were both having an erection and they pushed up between us.

Aaron looked shy about this and I supposed that did, too. But it felt good being hard together like that and it only encouraged our seeming inhibition.

“Oh, geez …” Aaron breathed.

“This is nice with a friend,” I remarked.

“Have you ever butt fucked another guy?” he asked me.

I was surprised. “No,” I confessed. “Have ever …”

“Just once,” Aaron admitted. “If you wanted to …”

We left the bathroom and headed into his bedroom.

He found a small bottle of lubrication and handed that to me and laid face down on the bed.

I opened to bottle and squeezed out a small amount on to my hard dick and climbed on top of his legs. Taking a hold of my stiff boner and forcing it down, I guided the swollen mushroom tip into the smooth dividing cleavage of his buttocks and pressed it up against his tight anal pucker. With a slight forward pressure, the head of my dick pushed into his hole.

I heard Aaron moan softly.

I applied more pressure and my dick slid fully into him and he moaned again.

“Oh … man …” he breathed.

I could hardly believe that I was fucking him, but it felt such an inviting thing to do.

Slowly I pulled back and went in again and began doing this with a gently steady rhythm .

“Oh, yeah …” I breathed, loving how good it felt to have his soft anal interior gripping and caressing my hard dick.

“Oh … Oh … you dick feels so good …” Aaron moaned.

“It feels good having my dick in you,” I told him, thinking how I never would have imagined telling another guy this before.

I spent the next two full minute fucking my dick into his butt, enjoying the unknow pleasure of what this was like to be sexual intimate with another guy.

“Oh, God! You’re going to make me cum!” Aaron announced. And then he gasped as his erection began ejaculating against the soft sheets.

This really excited me and felt my boner suddenly tense and throb and I was expulsing my semen deep inside of him, giving Aaron my sperm.

“UH! UHHHH!” I grunted as my dick released and pulsed and spewed out of my male fluids.

We both gasped and savored the moment of our shared release.

Then when it was over what we had just done together became so wonderfully apparent and we both smiled at one another. I leaned down and we shared a small kiss on the lips that was sweet and friendly and loving.

I slowly pulled my no longer stiff penis from Aaron’s butt.

I could not believe how gratifying it was to have just given him my sperm as another guy and how significant that was. Even without fertilization, the biological infusion of my reproductive liquid into him was just as significant as it was for him to have my sperm in him.

“Oh, man …” he sighed. “This feels so good.”

“It feels good doing this with you, I told him with heartfelt pleasure.”

We kissed again and both of us thought what perfect roommates we were going to be.

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