A Mom and Son Loving Conversation

by Jaylee (SC)

Cindy enjoyed being naked with her son. There was a wonderful sense of freedom about being able to do that, and Cody liked it, too.

He and his mom had always gotten along, and after the divorce, the two of them grown closer. And being naked together had just felt comfortable and a desirable way to be. That it had easily led to the two of them being sexually intimate was just a nice part of that.

While this was something not talked about, mother and son intimacy was in fact far more of a common practice than people either knew or were willing to admit. Many mothers and sons enjoyed this together, with the natural mother and son bond making it a rewarding experience to share.

That morning, after nakedly having coffee together, they had made love. Cindy took pleasure in feeling her son’s maleness in her, feeling a fulsome pride in being able to use her vagina with him to express her feelings.

Just as Cody felt the same in using his erect penis with his mom to express his feelings, and to give her his sperm. It was just special to be not only physically close, but biologically close even without his fertilizing her and pregnancy taking place as a result.

They were sitting on the futon in the living room, beneath the window with the large green tree just outside, feeling happily neglectful of their nakedness. There was no one coming over, and living out on the edge of the country like she did, there was no concern about neighbors and the issue of privacy so they were free to be nude around the house.

Cindy was an editor, so she worked from home and Cody was attending the local college and living with her while he did. This was pretty much a typical arrangement, although now they also slept together and were having a romantic relationship which they both found extremely pleasing.

She had been divorced from his father for a little over a year, and she had moved there six months ago. The fact that no one there knew them, allowed them to just live openly together. People merely thought that she had a younger husband and not more than that.

Cindy took out a pack of cigarettes and got the ashtray and lit one up. Cody took one, as well. His mom had given up smoking for a number of years, but had taken it back up with the stress of the divorce, and also because she liked smoking.

Cody had started a few years back, never having become a steady smoker, but finding it something that he liked to indulge in on occasion, and he enjoyed having a smoke with his mom. It was just kind of a social and relaxed thing to enjoy together.

Her husband – his father, had been practically a rabid anti-smoker. They both knew what he would have to say if he realized that she was smoking again and now so was Cody. Of course, they also knew only too well what he would have to say if he ever found out that they were having sex and living together like they were.

To him this would have been immoral, a mother doing that wither own son, and a boy doing that with his own mother. When in fact they were having a loving relationship which they were both very pleased and happy about. The fact that they were mother and son was just sort of an added bonus which strengthened the bond between them.

Cindy drew on her cigarette. “You know,” she remarked, “if we’re going to be … well, married, then you’re not going to have any children. That is something to think about.”

“I know,” Cody said, realizing this. He gave a small shrug of his bare shoulders. “I don’t really think that I want to have kids.”

“And I am older.”

Cody smiled. “I know,” he said.

“But maybe you want to have a relationship with someone who is younger … who can have kids.” She laughed, “Maybe someone with bigger tits.”

Cody smirked. “I like your tits just fine. And I’m happy being with you. I don’t want somebody else. And I have thought about all of this, you know,” he assured. He could tell that his mom was just being perhaps just a little insecure and that she was also being sensible.

“Yes. But when we started this … well, we were just sort of fucking because it was fun. I don’t know if you planned on it become more than that.”

Cody looked at her. “Cindy …” he said, having started using her name instead of calling her mom, which was in keeping with their being a couple, “I like fucking you. I love you. And I want to be with you. I can only hope that you feel the same way, unless you’re having second thoughts or something.”

“No,” she said. She smiled and flicked an ash from her cigarette. “I’m very happy with how things are. In fact, I’ve never been happier. This is the type of relationship that I have always anted and never … well, managed with your father.”

“Then let’s just enjoy it,” Cody said. “Maybe we can go into town and have lunch today, and we can go as the loving and adoring couple that we are.”

Cindy gave him a pleased smile. “Okay,” she said. “But maybe we can make love again before we do?”

“I think that we can do that,” said Cody. He grinned. “In fact, after we finish our coffee and cigarettes, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you to show you how much I love you.”

“Oh, I want you to fuck the shit out me,” she said back, and grinned too over their playfully using such rude language.

It was fun to talk like that sometimes to each other, as couples did, and especially to talk like that to each other as mother and son.

A year ago she would have dreamed of talking that way to her son, and he certainly would have never imagined saying things like that to his mom. It was so wonderful.

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