A Midsummer Nights Reality

by Bryn (England)

I was awakened unable to breath properly, a hand was over my mouth...there was hot breath in my ear.....

"Don't be alarmed, I'm here to take us both to paradise, you know who I am "

I certainly did, I knew the perfume she was wearing....

"Wh..what do you want"?

"You, why do you think I'm here in bed with you. "

She half rolled on top of me, one leg was thrown across me, soft flesh moulded into me and she whimpered......

"I'm going to take you back to where you came from....kind of."

In spite of the outlandishness of this situation, my body began responding in the age-old way....my dick started waking up, my belly tumbled and swirled as a waterfall of sensuous shocks hit me. She in turn was undulating on top of me, her big soft its mashing on my heaving chest, her hot thighs now straddling me and her excessively hairy hot groin pressing invitingly against my now massively turgid dick.

I held her, my hands roaming over her well upholstered body so fleshy, rounded yet firm, I gently squeezed her plump warm arse cheeks and allowed a questing finger to stroke across her tight starfish, which made her catch her breath. This prompted her to push a hand between our gently grinding groins.......

"Oh God! you're a big boy, just as I hoped......I' really going to enjoy you, my dear sweet Nephew"

Aunt Virginia 'Ginny' was my Mums sister who, according to overheard conversation, was capable of taking on a Zulu Impi and shagging each warrior one to exhaustion.

I wanted to throw Ginny over onto her back, spread her heavy thighs an stuff her cunt with my throbbing dick and simply fuck my aunties brains out and flood her womb with spunk

But Ginny had other ideas...............

"Just lie still " she whispered, " Indulge me, let me have my way with your big dick, it looks sooooo menacing jerking and beating like that, I can just about see it and, ohh! its leaking too, I can feel it with my finger. "

Ginny had taken my dick in her soft hot hand and was very softly squeezing and massaging the hard fleshy sausage.

"Touch me " her voice was soft and breathy, " Touch my wetness, finger my leaky cunt, just stroke it very softly.....yes yes ohh yes just like that. beautiful just beautiful......am I very runny, I can feel myself wetting heavily, OH! God! yes yes yes, I'm having a little event......no don't stop touching me...Uh!...................."

I watched, entranced as Ginny's legs shout out straight, and spreading wide, her body bucked gently and seemed to sort of strain for several seconds before she gasped softly and slumped, still with my wet slippery fingers kept up there delightful teasing and tormenting

when I unknowingly touched the firm thickness of her clitty, her cum button, as she called it late.

By now I was a trembling mass of overstimulated nerves, my emotions were in shreds, I was certain that if I been older I would have now been violently fucking my voracious auntie and muffling her screams as I viciously pounded hot runny cunt.

My reverie suddenly ended in a sensation of terrific heat and wetness and a shocked glance toward my groin showed aunt Ginny astride me there and guiding my 18 year old bloated dick into her soft hot fleshy depths.........

"Ohhhh GOD! GOD! ahhhhh! So good, sooooo goooood! at last, oh my Lord you are a wonderment, such a gorgeous implement you are gifted with, my angel...NO! dont move, keep perfectly still, as still as you can darling, let your beautiful cock bake inside my body, ohhh shit yes, all of it my sweet, heave yourself up into me, I love it, fuck me, fuck me darling, oh sweet fucking Christ I just love, cuming, cuming, cuming constantly....Ahh, ahh........"

Then Ginny was babbling to herself unintelligibly, her mouth slack and drooling onto her big soft pale joggling tits. I leached for her nipples big thick and stiff, I pinched and tweaked them making her growl through clenched teeth....

"Fuck me you devil, punch that fucking thing into me as hard as you c......ohhhh Goooooooood yesyesyes, like that like that dontstopdontstop"

I could never in my dreams imaging someone orgasming like aunt Ginny did her whole body seemed to be wracked with convulsions and even in the dimness of my bedroom I could see her face contorted as if all the tortures of Hell were being inflicted on her. My own orgasm blinded me with its suddenness and searing intensity as a stream of spunk jetted from my sunken dick and deep into this amazing woman, my own mother's sister.

As we lay together, regaining some semblance of reality and sanity, I wondered, idly, if my Mum was the same as her sister!!??? hmmmmmmmm!!

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