A Matter of Mom and Son Romance

by Leecia (OR)

“We really shouldn’t be doing this,” Callie said as she sat on the bed getting undressed.

“Why? We’re not hurting anybody,” David pointed out. “You and dad are divorced.”

“Yes. I know,” she agreed. “But still … you’re twenty-four. You should be out meeting girls. Not doing this with your mom.”

David knew what she was saying, of course. “Right now I just haven’t met any girls that I want to be with. If I do meet a girl that I want to be with … that I’m just head over heels taken with, I’ll tell you. I promise,” David assured. “But right now it’s just nice the two of us making love. It just feels so good and it’s so nice.”

“Well, it does feel good for me, too,” she admitted. “I do enjoy it and it is very special.” Callie smiled as her top and her bra came off, letting her full bare breasts tumble freely out. She then slid off her jeans and panties, revealing the overabundance of dark pubic hair that she had, and that her son liked seeing. Which was good. Shaving for her had been a near impossible thing to ever keep up with, and with him she could just be herself. She did like that. It was so free and easy. As was their love making.

Here it was, the middle of the afternoon, David had come over to her place, and they were going to make love. That was so wonderful.

David finished undressing too, and she saw his boner curving up, handsomely large and stiff.

Callie laid back on the bed and spread her legs apart.

“Oooo … fuck me,” she said teasingly using the F-word quite deliberately. She would have never dared with his father. But with him could playfully enjoy using language like that.

David grinned as he climbed on top of her.

They held one another and kissed, letting their lips press together.

“Mmmm ,,, “ she murmured, looking up at him, her eyes meeting his. “It is very special for a mother to be able to enjoy this with her son.”

“It’s special to be able to enjoy it with my own mom,” he told her.

David sank his erection fully into her receptively wet vagina.

“Ohhhh … this feels so good,” she said, closing her eyes and pushing her head back on the pillow. “Your penis feels so good in me.”

“It feels so good having it in you, mom.”

David started fucking his hard organ in and out of hers, providing her with even more pleasure, and savoring having her vagina smoothly and wetly caressing him sexually.

Callie found herself once more quickly and easily aroused by her son in ways which she had never experienced before. She writhed nakedly beneath him on the bed, her legs unashamedly spread wide apart, wanting to feel his hard penis sexually exciting her.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh …. Ohhhhh ….” She moaned. “I love it when you fuck me like this.”

She moved her hips with his to keep his hard male anatomy thrusting deep into her. It was so wonderful, so pleasurable. Just to think that she was naked and fucking with her own son thrilled her in the way that only a mother could experience.

“Oh, God! Fuck me! Make me cum!” she gasped.

David gave his mom every inch of his boner in repeated insertions that were both sexually punishing as they were liberating.

Callie could feel her erect clitoris and the wet depths of her vagina being tormented until she thought that she could no longer stand it. Again and again and again her son’s boner slid through her hairy vaginal lips to push into her vagina up to her cervix, which produced an almost painful excitement that some women experienced during intercourse. Suddenly she reached her limits and she was climaxing.

“Uh! UHHHHHHHHHH!” she gasped.

It was not just her clitoris, but her entire vagina that was having an orgasm. Her son was the only one she had ever experienced a vaginal climax with and she found it overwhelming. She had never been so sexually stimulated before.

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH …” She cried out, her hands clutching his back, holding him tightly. She wanted to tell him to stop fucking her, but she could not manage, and he continued to fuck her, driving her orgasm on and on. She thought that she might actually pass out. And then, in the next moment, she achieved her release and the torment was over and there was only a deeply satisfying pleasure. She sighed.

“Oh, David … David …” she breathed.

David brought his erection to the point of ejaculation, and his rigid penis throbbed out his pulses of semen to fill his mom’s vagina with his sperm.

“Uh! Uh!” he groaned as his male liquid sluiced out in repeated d surges.

It was so unbelievably satisfying to ejaculate inside of his mom like this. To let his penis do that without constraint.

Callie experienced more excitement as she felt her son ejaculating deep inside of her, fulfilling her female reproductive needs.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she said, encouraging her son’s male purpose.

With their sexual fulfillment they could only lay their together once more savoring just how good and wonderful that felt. There was no question that their doing this together as mother and son was just the most wonderful experience.

David withdrew his penis from her vagina and immediately the overabundance of his discharge began to leak out. Callie laughed and reached for a tissue to mop it up.

“Sorry about that,” David said a bit self-consciously.

“Don’t be,” she assured and smiled happily at him. “It’s nice.”

She then laid back on the bed. “Oh … it’s so wonderful to make love in the afternoon like this. Just to do it.”

“It is, isn’t?” David said, knowing exactly what she meant. Thinking of his mom’s concerns he remarked, “It’s not like something that you can just enjoy with anybody.”

“No,” she admitted. Certainly she had never enjoyed anything like this with his father. And it was the type of thing that people did dream about – to just to be naked and make love in the middle of the day, to have such exciting and wonderful to say nothing of meaningful sex.

His mom was lying there, smiling, just sort of gazing off. “I was wondering … if you and I were living together … would it be like this all the time?”

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be,” David said, feeling assured of that. A bit sheepishly he added, “I mean … we like making love.”

“Yes. Obviously,” she said since that was so self-evident. “But if we were living together … we could just walk around the house naked and make love and just enjoy life.”

“That would be nice,” he concurred. “Maybe we should try it.” He added, “Only I think that we would have to move to someplace where nobody knew us.”

“I suppose we could … move away. Start a new life.”

“Then,” David said, “why don’t we?”

“Would you want to do that with your mom?”

“Definitely,” he told her.

David leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

The thought that they were going to be permanently lovers was such a pleasing and exciting one.

To the reader.
This story is true. My son and I have now been living openly together for over six years and it have been wonderful and everything that we both wanted and desired. Yes, we walk around the house naked together all the time and we make love when it pleases us. There is just something special about a mother and son being loving like that cannot really be described. We just shared that special bond.

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