A Matter of Love

by R.T. (MS)

It was fun and exciting having an affair with her son.

Jill found it very romantic and was completely enthralled by it. She was forty-four, had been divorced from his father for three years. She and her son had always been close, and somehow and quite unexpectedly, they had found themselves both drawn to the idea of their being intimate.

At first they had both been shy about this, but it had been fun to be encouraging of it, and one day they had found themselves having sex. It had seemed unbelievable and yet, at the same time, so easy and wonderful. The closeness had not been awkward at all, and the intimacy had been so compelling.

The second time that they had sex neither had been sure what to expect, and it had been even more wonderful.

He had come over that morning and they had both been in a playful mood and had loved-fucked. He had helped her to have a very satisfying orgasm and then he had completed their intimacy by ejaculating his sperm into her vagina. It was always that part which completed their intimacy.

Now they were sitting nude together having a cigarette in the living room, happily and carelessly feeling relaxed.

They looked at one another and did a small affectionate kiss on the lips and smiled.

“Oh, Jeff,” she said, “I never had a relationship like this before, where it’s so fun and easy, and yet … so significant.”

“Me, either,” Jeff admitted.

She rolled her eyes. “And here I am … doing it with my own son.”

“Well,” he laughed, “I’m doing it with my own mom. So that makes us even.”

“Yes. I suppose that it does.”

Somehow it seemed like it should not be so easy, that there should be complications to it, feelings of guilt and remorse. But it was easy and there was none of that.

“Oh,” she sighed, “what will become of us?”

Jeff shrugged. “I don’t know. Live together? I mean, we can’t get married, but we could live together. Nobody would know.”

“You mean … just live openly as husband and wife?”

“Yeah. Why not?”

His mom thought that there should be a dozen reasons why not, only she was unable to think of any.

“Oh, my,” she said. “Living together as husband and wife.”

“Like I said … why not? In some ways we’re already married. I mean, we’re together in ways that most couples never could be.”

“That’s true,” she said, seeing his point. She gave him quite a serious look. “So you wouldn’t mind being married to your mother?”

Jeff laughed. “Only if you don’t mind being married to your son.”

“Well … no,” she said. “I rather enjoy having a younger man. Especially one who’s so romantic.”

“We’ve been doing this for a year. I think that we’re ready to maybe make it permanent.”

“It has been a year, hasn’t it?”

“A little over.”

“And it has been so wonderful.” She thought about this. “Yes. Let’s get married.” She added, “Let’s go make love to celebrate.”

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