A Loving Mom and Son Arrangement

by Nancy (OR)

“Ohhh …” Jen sighed, lying on the bed, enjoying the pleasure of her son’s erection moving gently in and out of her vagina.” I know that I should feel bad about doing this with my son … but it feels so good.”

“I’m glad that you like it, mom. I sure like doing it with you,” Chris said.

“I do like it,” she said. “It very special to doing it with my son.”

Chris smiled. “It’s special doing it with my mom.”

It was special to be intimate together as mother and son, and to be physically expressive of that bond with one another.

Jen savored feeling his stiff penis moving easily in her soft and lubricated female depths.

“Ohhh … Ohhh … this just feels so good,” she said as her son catered to her arousal, as her vagina did his penis, wetly enveloping and caressing its hard length.

Their love making was relaxed and unhurried and so desirable to enjoy together, just as their nakedness was in being able to be that open with each other. There was nothing awkward or embarrassing about it, and it was really what people dreamed about enjoying, and Chris and Jen were so glad and even thankful that they had managed to achieve this luxury together.

Chris had been nineteen, and she had been divorced from his father for a little over a year the first time they had sex. They had always been close, and with it just being the two of them after his father left, there had been no difficulty in allowing that to provide a very much mutual desirability to enjoy that. Even without actually saying as much, with both of them being encouraging of the teasing allure of their being sexual. That first time they had both been understandably unsure, but then when they had gone through it, the experience had been so wonderful.

In the months which followed it was just accepted that this was something they both wanted to do. So they felt free to be naked together around the house, and they made love and had their passionate moments of fucking, and it as all wonderful.

Jen found the naked stimulation being given to her making her clitoris become increasingly more erect and prominent as the smooth swollen shape of her female appendage bulged at the top of her vagina.

“Ohhhhh …. Yes … “ she breathed, as her hands held her son’s hips. “Ohhhhhhh …”

Chris maintained his gentle rhythm, enjoying how big and stiff his penis was in his mom’s vagina. It was exciting to be in her and to be giving her the sexual pleasure that she was feeling. Her eyes were closed now as her sexually needs were increasing.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh … Chris …” she moaned, using his name with a mother’s familiarity which at that moment was so incredibly intimate.

Again, and again her son’s penis plunged into her, each time going nakedly deep into her reproductive organ.

“Ohhhhhhh …. Ohhhhhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Chris knew that his mom was about to have an orgasm and he wanted her to have one. He loved it when she did. He loved seeing her giving in to her sexual needs when his penis was in her.

“Yeah, mom …” he breathed as his penis continued to stimulate and excite her.

In the next moment she was climaxing.

“Uhhhhhhhh …”

She threw her head back as her release exerted itself without constraint, and her clitoris and vagina climaxed around her son’s stiff penis in self-fulfillment. With her son she never failed to experience this type of sexual intensity and pleasure, and it made her seriously wonder what she had experienced before this. This was not only sexual, but so incredibly sensual, in that it now filled her with a desire to be naked and loving in ways which she had never even imagined. She now had a life that was so different from what she had ever known.

It was very much the same for Chris, of course. His past relationships now seemed pale by comparison, and unnecessarily complicated and unappealing. He was perfectly happy being with his mom, not only as his mom, but as a woman. They had talked about this, and discussed what it meant for both of them, and had come to the conclusion that they were both perfectly happy and contented with how things were between the two of them. It was not just the sex, although that did bring them together in a most appealing way, it was the love and affection and the enjoyment of togetherness.

As His mom finished climaxing, and the overwhelming waves of her orgasm eased, Chris took his erection all the way in her, allowing his penis ejaculate with a satisfying fullness, letting his semen and sperm pulse wetly deep in her vaginal depths.

Uhhh … Uhhh … Uhhh …” he groaned which each throbbing spasm of his rigid organ, holding himself above his naked mother as his penis fulfilled its male purpose between her legs.

“Ohhh …” Jen murmured as her son finished, loving that he had done this in her. “Ohhh … that feels so good to have you cum in me.”

“It feels good cuming in you, mom,” Chris said back with a slightly exhausted smile of satisfaction.

It was so delightful to be able to do and say such intimate things to each other.

They held each other as they laid there, with his penis still in her vagina, and now with both their sexual needs pleasingly taken care of, savoring their naked closeness. The moment was theirs to enjoy.

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