A Little Male Love

by Ven (AZ)

Carson loved feeling Ron’s hard manhood filling his anal sheath, its stiff length pushed up into him as he sat astride his lap on the living room floor with his own erection sticking nakedly and rigidly up.

Carson had happily gone over to Ron’s house that morning, looking forward to the two of them continuing the male affair that they were having.

Although Carson did not consider himself to be gay, and Ron sort of partially did and pretty much was for all intent and purposes. Carson had found himself becoming quite enamored over being able to enjoy that sort of intimacy in a male friendship. Carson was nineteen and Ron was thirty-two. Carson was young and unsure and this was of course a new experience for him. Ron was mature and confident and had no qualms over enjoying that sort of closeness with another guy.

Ron had been naked when Cason got there. He had just come from the shower, and he had stood grinning in a pleased way to let Carson see his big male dick, and Carson of course had loved seeing that, finding it so rewardingly masculine. This was of course no something that he could ever enjoy with any of his friends, who would have thought of it as being gay and somehow something to be wary of.

Almost immediately, though, with Ron, Carson had discovered the both the pleasure and enjoyment of sharing such a male rapport. It had been like discovering a whole new and before unknown side to himself and he reveled in the freedom of being able to do that. Of being able to appreciate male friendship and love in terms of physical and sexual expression.

With a smile Carson had eagerly taken Ron’s dick into his mouth to suck on and enjoy. It was so unashamedly pleasurable to have another guy’s penis in his mouth, to orally feel the firm shape of Ron’s male anatomy. He had slid his mouth smoothly and easily up and down the thick curved shaft several times before pulling away to then lick his tongue over the swollen and well defined mushrooming head of Ron’s hard dick.

Ron and watched and smile over the younger male’s oral indulgence. He liked having his dick in Carson’s mouth.

Then Carson had taken off his clothes to be just as welcomingly naked.

They had embraced and kissed, with Ron pushing his tongue into Caron’s mouth and Carson eagerly pushing his on tongue deep into Ron’s mouth, his penis becoming rigid as he did so. It was so exciting kissing another guy.

Ron could only smile as he took a small bottle of lubrication and slicked some onto his hugely erect manhood. Then they had sat on the floor right there in the living room and Carson had straddled Ron’s lap in eager anticipation. Carson had moaned softly under his breath as he felt Ron’s large stiff penis pushing smoothly and easily through his tight, sensitive butt hole. With its thick length gong up deep inside of him as far as it could go.

“Oh … Oh … yeah,” Carson said, once more feeling pleased to feel Ron’s sex in him.

“I love having my dick in you,” Ron told him.

Slowly Carson began to ride his anal sheath up and down to fuck Ron’s boner. It felt so good, so satisfying to fuck Ron’s maleness. This was his secret pleasure that no one knew that he enjoyed and he loved being male like this with Ron.

“Oh, geez … you dick feel so big,” Carson breathed..

“It’s always big with you.”

“Oh … I can’t belie that I’m fucking another guy,” Carson said.

“It’s nice, isn’t?” Ron said. “Just two guys fucking and loving each other.”

“Oh, yeah…” Carson said breathlessly. He was positively enthralled to have Ron’s male anatomy inside of his own, feeling his butt hole stretching around te circumference Ron’s erect penis, to feel it sliding up into him again and again.

His own boner was so rigid that it was tormenting him, jabbing up in its naked display of excitement which he loved letting Ron see without embarrassment. It felt so good to have a boner with another guy. Its smooth, curved length bounced stiffly with his efforts, the expanded tip becoming a purple-red color as blood pumped into his organ purposefully.

“Oh, geez … geez …” Carson breathed as he fucked Ron’s hard manhood with the fullness of his anal capacity, amazed and excited to be able to do so. He could never do this with any of his friends, use his butt hole like this with any of them. But with Ron he could use what nature made possible and enjoy it. He could unashamedly delight in spreading his butt cheeks and to use his butt hole to fuck with.

Carson felt so loving grateful to Ron for allowing him to enjoy this male freedom and for having introduced him to the pleasure of physical male-friendship.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Carson panted as he felt the urgency building within his erect length. In the next moment he was ejaculating uncontrollably. The milky semen shot from his boner forcefully in long streams, shooting out to hit Ron’s bare chest and then his stomach, delivering his wet sperm in a wanton relase.

“Yeah … yeah …” Ron said as he watched the younger male’s boner being satisfied, loving being wetted by his liquid release. This excited his own boner, deeply embedded in the younger male’s slender naked body, filling his accommodating anal sheath.

Ron ejaculated.

“Uh!” he grunted as his hard boner pulsed intensely, and his semen throbbed from the hugely swollen head, delivering his own reproductive liquid purposefully into Carson to impregnate him with his biological male substance. Even without actually fertilization taking place, it was just as gratifying and fulfilling to give Carson his sperm. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” Ron grunted his he fucked his liquid into Carson.

Carson gasped and squeeze his eyes shut as he savored the pleasure of bringing Ron’s male organ to a climax inside of him. It was just so meaningful and significant to have Ron’s sperm in him. He savored the male-infusion.

The two of them were both left momentarily exhausted from the output of their penises and could only sit their catching their breath. The moment had been just as intense for both of them and just as satisfyingly meaningful.

Ron smiled at Carson and Carson smiled back.

It was this heartfelt male rapport that was so wonderful to share.

“Oh,” Cody breathed. “I can’t believe how good it is to fuck together like this as guys.”

“It’s great love-fucking you,” Ron said. “It feels so good having my dick on you.”

Carson smiled appreciatively. He could never do something like this with any of his friends, to fuck and share male-love.

Ron grinned. “You know, I was thinking … if you wanted to move in, and the two of us be roommates …”

Carson was surprised by the unexpected offer.

Geez … living with Ron? Could he be that gay? It would certainly be a gay relationship, his living with a man. Carson felt just a little overwhelmed. His secret male desires and male-love would no longer be a secret. Yet it would be there for him to unashamedly enjoy. He and Ron would be free to fuck. They would be free to enjoy being guys together and not have to worry about what people thought. They could enjoy the pleasures of male-love.

Ron had talked him into spending the night once, and Carson had thoroughly enjoyed the two of them nakedly sharing the same bed. They had fucked that night and then they had fucked again in the morning. On several occasions he had fucked Ron and had taken his boner all the way in his male-butt and had thoroughly enjoyed both the privilege and satisfaction of doing that. Carson supposed that it would be like that between them, being loving and sexual and delighting in each other’s maleness.

“Okay,” Carson said, making up his mind, feeling surprised with himself over how easy it was to do so. He had dismounted Ron and they were sitting there together, Ron’s chest and stomach still wet with his ejaculation, which had dribbled down to mix into his pubic hair. Carson felt his dick stirring with a renewed stiffness. “Now I want to stick my dick in you and fuck your butt.”

“Oh, please do,” Ron said and he smiled, looking forward to that. He enjoyed it both ways as Carson did. He thrilled in fucking his dick into another guy’s butt, but also thrilled to have another guy fuck their dick into his butt. It was just all around male-love and nothing could be better. And to have Carson’s penis ejaculating his sperm into him would be the perfect celebration of the moment.

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