A Little Love Between Women

by Diane (MN)

I really couldn’t believe that I was standing there naked in Jill’s arms, kissing her.

I was forty-on years old and had been divorced for almost five years now. Jill was forty-four and also divorced. We had seen each other around the apartment building for the last year and we’re friendly.

Then when the lockdown started, we were both stuck at home. So naturally we had started to spend some time together, mostly just having coffee and talking. After two weeks it all started to become very boring.

This was when Jill had joked about how maybe we should having some fun together just to pass the time. She just said this lightly, and I was surprised. She assured me that she wasn’t a lesbian, but was just thinking of some girl fun, was all.

I certainly had never had any lesbian desires and felt no attraction to other women. And I was quite unaware of having any bisexual tendencies, although that was said to be quite common. Ordinarily I would have been rejecting of such a suggestion. But I was feeling bore, and the way that Jill put it, did make it sound like fun.

We tried a small kiss on the lips. I wasn’t sure if I could do that with another woman. But after a moment of our lips touching and lingering gently together, I was surprised to discover that it felt like any other kiss, only that there was a certain excitement in actually doing that with another woman.

We did a few more small kisses, nothing passionate, but that were quite nice as I was discovered.

Then Jill suggested that we take off our clothes and get naked.

I suppose that by then I was feeling uninhibited, because we both got undressed, and suddenly there we were naked, together. I had to admit that being naked was invitingly sensual. We slipped our arms around one another, and we kissed again. This time we allowed the effort to be much more and our tongues came into play.

It was quite arousing, more than I realized. When I felt Jill’s hand slip down between my legs I had no objection. Her fingers brushed over my clitoris and then moved a little ways into my vaginal opening. I let my hand do the same to her as we stood there still kissing.

My fingers moved through her pubic hair, of which we both had an ample amount. The hair felt wiry and exciting. My fingers then slipped between the soft lips and easily went into her vagina and I felt her wetness. I was amazed by how easy it was to be doing this with her, with no embarrassment whatsoever.

I looked at her and she looked at me, and there was this wonderful female chemistry between us.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” she said.

Without hesitation I followed her and we sprawled out nakedly together on the bed as we continued to make out. This was much more than I was expecting, and yet it was so easy to enjoy and even savor in it being an all-woman experience.

We kissed and caressed, and then we kissed and sucked on each other’s nipples, at the same time with our hands easily masturbating each other. I had forgotten just how sensitive my nipples were and our arousing it was to have them sucked. And Jill knew just how to stimulate and excite me down below with another woman’s intimate understanding.

I was surprised when I she put her head between my legs and I felt her wt tongue licking my clitoris.

I gasped.

Jill continued to apply her tongue most effectively, but pulling away before I could climax. I felt like I was in heat now. Eagerly and with a reckless abandon I had my mouth between her legs, feeling her pubic hair against my lips and face, as my tongue sought out the erect protrusion of her smooth clitoris. I licked and sucked on it and heard her moan. I could taste her female flavor and it was not awful like I might have imagined. Out of curiosity I had tasted my own and it tasted no different from that.

I licked and sucked her clitoris and pushed my fingers into her vagina and began to finger fuck her. She gasped and moaned some more, and then pushed at me with her hands to have me ease off.

When I did, she resumed licking and sucking on my clitoris. Her tongue was so incredibly stimulating. I was limited in my oral experiences as my husband had never care very much for licking me down there. It was such an unbelievable turn on.

I felt Jill’s fingers caressing my vaginal lips and then I felt her fingers tickling my butt hole, this was something I was unaccustomed to, and I had never realized how stimulating that could be. It was so excitingly personal to have her playing with my butt hole. Then she went back to finger fucking me and sucking on my clitoris while she masturbated herself in the process.

I was almost surprised when I started to climax uncontrollably.

I gasped and chocked and struggled with one of the most intense orgasm that I had ever had in my entire life. It was like my whole naked body was having an orgasm. Just as it was beginning to ease I was aware that Jill had successfully masturbated herself to an orgasm as well, and was gasping as it occurred.

I don’t know how much time passed as we laid there for a full minute at least, probably a little longer. Finally I was able to breathlessly say, “That was fantastic.”

Jill smiled at me and I smiled back.

I was so amazed. Amazed by how wonderful his had been. I was amazed at myself for having participated in this with another woman. A little self-consciously I confessed, “I’ve never done anything like this … with another woman before.”

“I’ve had few bisexual moments with a friend,” Jill admitted. She did so hesitantly. I could tell that she was being cautious and not wanting to sound like a lesbian, which I understood. Now I especially understood how two women could be sexual together without labeling themselves as being a lesbian.

I was delighted by my experience, and suddenly I felt quite free and liberated on a way which I never had felt before.

Letting our friendship have a bisexual side continued for another month while the lockdown was still in effect. Although now it has continued on well beyond that and with no regrets.

Dear reader, this is very much based on my true story.

No, I have not become a lesbian and neither has Jill. We are just two women who are friends and who enjoy being sexual together is all, and that is as I have discovered very nice.

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