A Letter to Aunt Lucile

by Sonya (UT)

Bradley was surprised that morning to see his mom in her room sitting on a chair naked, with one knee up supporting a pad on it with one hand, and holding pen in her other.

“Oh,” she said with a hint of modesty. “I was just writing a letter to Aunt Lucile.” She added, “The weather’s warm. I just felt like being naked.”

“Oh. Sure, mom,” Bradley said, looking somewhat modest to be seeing his mother naked like that. It was not something that he was at all used to. But since the divorce from his father a year ago, his mom had started to become much more relaxed.

Bradley knew that his parent’s marriage had not been good for some time and the tension had been always awful. Now things really were much better, as his mom’s obvious carefree and uninhibited attitude showed.

Teresa gave her son a kind of amused look. “You could take off your clothes. There’s no one to see you.”

Bradley blushed just a little.”You mean … be naked, too?”

“It’d be nice if we both were,” she said with a careless nonchalance over the idea.

“Okay …” Bradley said slowly. As he started to undress his mom went back to writing on her letter to Aunt Lucile while he did that. When he was through she looked up from what she was doing and gave him something of an approving smile. Bradley sat on the edge of the bed next to her chair, feeling a little self-conscious, although after a moment not so much as he watched his mom writing and just being normal.

Then she finished and put down the pen and pad and got up to come and sit next to him.

“This is nice, isn’t it?” she said.

“Yeah,” Bradley agreed, feeling a momentarily flush of modesty return as he looked at his mom’s bare breasts, which were nicely full with quite pronounced darker nipples, and saw the dark patch of her pubic hair. His mom as quite attractive with dark curly hair cut so it was just above her shoulders, and she had a lean, trim figure.

Bradley blushed as he helplessly felt his penis starting to respond. There was nothing that he could to keep it from happening and no way to hide his development of course. His penis stiffened and pushed visibly up. His mom noticed and just smiled.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she said.

Bradley was glad that his mom was not shocked or anything and he grinned a bit sheepishly.

Although, as the same time, it felt exciting to be having an erection nakedly like that with his mom, and that just made his penis all the more stiff and caused the mushrooming head to become more prominent, with its own deep pink blushing color.

Teresa reached over to take a hold of her son’s stiff length to give it an inquiring feel, doing that so casually that it did not seem surprising. As her fingers held his erect penis she said in introspective way, “It’s nice for a mother to see her son with an erection.”

“Is it?” Bradley questioned, a little surprised.

“Yes. It’s quite special.” She removed her hand from his penis and touched her fingers to his face, and then leaned slowly over to give him a small kiss on the lips. Then she smiled at him and laid back on the bed. “Why don’t you snuggled with me?”

Bradley could see that his mom was in an affectionate and loving mood. He brought his legs up and stretched out beside her and they hugged. Their smooth bare skin touched pleasingly and she moved her breasts so they rubbed against him. Encouraged, Bradley let his handle feel and gently fondle their soft shapes. She made an agreeable murmuring sound. Bradley then bent his head down to kiss and suck on her left nipple and then her right one, making their center points push stiffly out and she murmured again.

His mom laid on her back and put her legs apart so he could see the soft hairy folds between them. Bradley reached out a hand to explore his mom’s womanly anatomy, his finger cautiously going between the folds to find the opening of her vagina, which was moist. He pushed a finger into her and she drew in a breath. Then he rubbed the visibly erect protrusion of her clitoris, which large, smooth and very pink.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed, feeling herself beings stimulated by his touch. In a low breathless voice she said, “Why don’t you put your penis in me?”

Bradley got on top of her and reached down to guide his stiff erection into place. Slowly he pushed it into her vagina without difficulty.

“Oh, yes …” she said.

It was sort of funny, because it did not seem awkward at all doing this with his mom, just natural and easy.

She murmured as he began to slide his penis back and then went in again, and closed her eyes as she savored his doing that.

“Oh …Oh … Oh …Oh …” Teresa breathed with Bradley’s efforts

It felt wonderful having his penis in his mom, her vagina was warm and wet as he slid his male organ in and out of her female organ effortlessly.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …Oh … Oh … Oh …” she panted, and her body was now moving with his encouraging the intimate interaction that was taking place between the two of them. Then she choked just a little.”Uh …Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh … Uhhh …” she gasped in a low and controlled way as she was climaxing, trying to be discretely not so sexually wanton with her son as she nakedly achieved her release beneath him on the bed.

Bradley realized that she was having an orgasm and he continued to give her his stiff penis, gong deep into her vagina each and every time.

She sighed several times and her body relaxed.

In the next moment Bradley felt his penis ejaculating in her. His semen came out in a series of wet pulses, and it felt so satisfying to be putting his sperm into his own mom.

Bradley moaned as this happened and he kept his erection in deep.

There was that shared moment of delight. It was so wonderful and special.

After a long moment Bradley felt his penis slip from his mom’s vagina and they just laid there together, side by side on the bed, the bright morning sun streaming in through the open window that allowed fresh air to flow into the room.

“It’s so nice of you to do that with our mom,” Teresa said, giving her son a loving look.

“Any time, mom,’ Bradley said and smiled.

She smiled back. “I’ll remember that.”

It really was wonderful that their mother and son bond could include such closeness and loving intimacy. Something that was not unknown between mothers and sons, and far more common than many people ever suspected. Indeed, it was estimated by some researchers that as much as half of all mothers and sons experienced having intercourse together at last once and that half that number did so on a regular basis. It was also estimated that this occurred for ten per cent of that number for mothers who were married.

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