A Lesbian Halloween

by Emily

Hi my name is Emily and i’m gonna share my very very hot story that’ll get you super horny. It was October 31st and me and my friend Amanda got invited to this Halloween party.

Amanda was bi and i was still exploring. She came over to my house and we started to get ready to go to the party. I was doing my makeup at the table and Amanda was in the bathroom changing.

“How do i look” she said as she got out. I looked at her up and down and damn she’s smokin hot. She was dressed up as wonder woman. With her bodysuit on that made her body look better than ever and show her curves more.

She was wearing sexy black fishnets that made her look even better and she had curled her long brown hair which was amazing. Looking at her made me very horny. “Damn you look sexy” i said.

She laughed and thanked me and sat down to do her makeup. I finished doing mine and i went into the restroom to change into my costume I got, put it on and Amanda immediately turned to look at me.

Her eyes widened as if she was impressed. I was a black cat. I was wearing some sexy leather bodysuit to enhance my amazing curves and with it a tail was attached and black cat ears.

My dirty blonde hair had been waved out to go with my outfit. “So what do you think” I asked Amanda. Amanda looked at me more intensely and said “you look damn great” as she bit her lip which turned me on more. Mmmm I was so wet by then.

We head out to the location of the party and just enjoyed our time there. We drank so much and took so many shots and became very tipsy. We started dancing on the dance floor a few mins later Amanda came dancing to me and started to grind on me. It felt so good i loved it.

We both were dancing and she was still grinding when she got up and turned around and got closer to me and danced more. I wanted to kiss her so bad. She took me by the wall shoved me up and kissed me against it. I was a bit taken back but then i let go and started enjoying.

I stuck my tongue down her throat and it went back and forth. We broke the kiss and went into the bedroom. We kissed even more and i started to undress her. Slowly taking off her suit she became almost naked. She was wearing a black lacey thong with a black lacey bra. Both matching.

She started to undress me and i was wearing a hot pink with black lace at the top both bra and a thong. I was getting extremely horny and wet by all this. We started kissing again and this time we both unhooked each other’s bras. Out the bras came sliding down and omg her tits were perfect. So soft and smooth and her nipple was hard.

I slowly took off her thong and her perfectly shaved pussy was out. I push her down on the bed and started going down to her nice perfect boobs. Sucking and flicking her nipple she started squirming. She was liking it.

I decided to take it a step further and go down more to her nice pussy. She was so wet. I started licking her and she tasted sooo good. Mmmmm she was so sweet and juicy. I loved her taste. She started squirming more so i licked harder. She moaned more and more.

I took off my mouth and shoved my fingers inside of her shoving it in and out. She was moaning so loudly by now, my other hand was rubbing her nice big clit. She got up to kiss me and put me down on the bed with her getting on top of me.

She started off by squeezing my tits and rubbing my clit. I was enjoying this so much it felt sooo good mmm. She rubbed harder and harder and i had an orgasm. She slowly slid down to the hole and started fucking me with her whole wrist. I was getting fucked by Amanda’s wrist. Mmmmm it was soooo nice omg.

She went further down lifting up my legs and started pounding my ass too. That also felt super nice. She stopped and got on top of me and grinded against our legs opened making our wet pussies touch and we started scissoring. At this point we were both screaming.

We rubbed and rubbed until i squirted all over her. She put her mouth on my pussy as i squirted more and she drank it all up. It was her turn. I started fingering her again until she squirted she took control and squirted as i went under and drank it all. It tasted soo good mmmmmmmm.

We both started scissoring again till we both came. It felt amazing to cum. We kissed and got dressed again and went back to my house and had some more fun. Two years have passed and we get together every now and then to have some fun. It was an unforgettable night and i still masturbate to it all the time.

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