A Hot Summers Afternoon with my Step-Daughter

by Brett (Sydney, Australia)

I must say that I had always had an obsession with my step-daughter. She was a beautiful mix. Her Mum is Mauritian and her Father is Serbian.

She was 11 yrs old when I moved in with her Mom. We always got on well. She has a brother as well who also was a great kid.

As time went by she became rebellious in her early teens and there was a lot of tension between her and her Mom.

She also developed a hot body which I couldn’t keep my eyes off. When she was about 18 she got on drugs and would sleep most of the day.

One hot summers day when I was the only one home she went on the balcony to have a smoke. She was only wearing a tee shirt and I couldn’t take my eyes of her tight ass.

When she walked back in she asked if I got a good look. Embarrassed I said I was sorry. She just stared at me for a second then walked in her room.

2 minutes later she came back out and just said Do you want to fuck me? I was in shock but finally said Yes I do. We went to her room and started tongue kissing.

I slid my hand up her leg and felt the wetness of her pussy. She lay down and said lick my cunt. It tasted so good. She was arching her back and moaning.

I almost came right then. Fuck me now she said. It was the best fuck I’ve ever had. I came bucket loads.

We lay there for a while and she asked how long had I had waited to do that? I said Quite a while.

We talked and kissed for a bit then she said she needed to piss. And get this... she asked if she could piss in my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. I let her. I’ll never forget that.

She said I’ll bet Mom never did that. She was right.

Her Mom came home a little later and obviously we pretended like nothing happened. We continued to fuck for a couple of years.

She liked to do it if her Mom was asleep on the couch. She got off doing it while her Mom was in the house. So did I.

Her Mom kicked her out for her drug use about 10 years ago and we lost touch. I found her on fb a year ago. She’s married now.

I met her for lunch in the city and we ended up fucking in a hotel room. She told me she fucks her real Dad too.

I can’t ask for a better daughter than that. All this is absolutely true. Thank you for listening.

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