A Helping Hand

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

It started the night mum came home completely pissed, my sister tried to help her get upstairs to her bedroom and get her into bed. At the foot of the stairs it became a hopeless case and sis called for me to help. Together we managed to somehow get mum up and onto the landing where mum promptly started to pee and soaked herself, skirt, tights, knickers and even her shoes.

My sister is a bit older than me but even so she said we would have to simply strip mum naked and sponge her down before getting her into bed. There on the landing we managed with difficulty to get her blouse and bra off, then it was a question of peeling off her partly wet skirt, that was not to much of a problem, but our pissed up mum was simply limp and dead weight so we really have to handle her body a bit roughly. I held mum under her arse as sis ripped mums wet tights off and then struggled to pull off the wet knickers, what there was of them because mum was wearing the skimpiest of frivolous knickers which clung to her.

Holding mum, though, gave me the chance to take a risk and have a feel of mums tits and to finger her thick brown nipples, I though it was terrific feeling an adult woman whether it was my mum or not and I thanked goodness my sis never saw me. Finally mum was stark naked and we managed to part lift part drag her to her bed after lightly sponging her piss wet thighs, hairy pussy and bum. Tumbling her into bed we heaved and pulled her onto her side, which allowed me to have plenty of sly feels of her secret places.

Covering her and leaving door ajar sis and I left mum and went down stairs. That's where my sis collared me and said right out that with our dad working away so often she reckoned what mum was missing was Cock. That shocked me but sis then told me tht mum had a friend, Caroline, who 'comforted' mum sexually to some degree. I got angry but sis said to just calm down that it was ok for het to do this but when too much booze was involved then something needed to be done. I was confused and demanded how sis knew about all this, she smiled and aid she knew because her and Caroline were in a relationship and Caroline had whispered to sis about our mum and what they did. It had been going on since dad had left on his job overseas. The result of all this was sis saying to me that in dads absence, I had what mum need and as she said this she lightly groped me and 'ummmed' her appreciation.

It was after my outrage subsided and it was getting late that we went up to bed and sis looked in on mum that satisfied she was ok, closed mums bedroom door. I said that if she and mum were involved with this Caroline then why didn't sis comfort mum sexually, sis giggled and reminded me that what mum need was hot hard cock and not another woman's body, and saying this she went into her room to bed.

It was a couple of hours later and after a lot of confusing thoughts that I plucked up courage and quietly sneaked into mums bedroom. She was laying there breathing lightly but regularly and after a pause I gently uncovered her naked form, she gave a little grunt ad rolled onto her back and threw her arms wide. There was mum, naked, vulnerable, available and defenseless in her drunken slumber. Trembling I very lightly touched once again her thick brown nipples and was surprised when they seemed to stiffen and jut out, then i leaned to look at her precious place and bending over her I could actually breathe in the odour I had been told about so much by my more experienced friends. I felt my whole body tingle and seem to turn watery with brain swirling sense of wild desire, lust in fact, I found I was lusting after my mum.

After gazing her her soft curvy naked boy for several minutes I let a hand lightly wander over her, legs, thighs so soft white and full, on up to her slightly rounded belly and the deep indentation of her bell button, again to mums soft tits lolling apart now but with those incredible perked up nipples and then finally to mums hair female fragrance pussy where shaking with barely suppressed lust and with my cock startlingly erect, I daringly and lightly probed he mysterious pussy cleft, it was hot fantastically soft and velvety and to my surprise, wet and kind of slimy, my cock throbbed madly but then she stirred and I fled to my room. After sometime I wanked myself in in a frenzy of unrequited lustful sort of rage which had me spurring spunk madly.

Next morning after breakfast, sis went to work and I got ready to go to college. A I went to the front door mum stopped me, held my arms, lightly kissed me on the lips and then shocked me by saying I could tuck her in again any time I wanted. And just for lending a Helping Hand.

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