A Great Visit

by Anonymous

Dwayne had come to stay with his friend Greg for a few days. They hadn’t seen one another in a few years and it was nice doing that.

On that first morning when Dwayne went to the bathroom with just a towel around his waist, he was surprised to see that Greg had just gotten out of the shower and was standing there naked. Greg just smiled, not looking particularly embarrassed.

“Well, I guess that there’s no point in standing on ceremony,” Dwayne said, and he slipped his towel off. Greg smiled, liking Dwayne’s uninhibited sense of casualness.

“I was just about to go and have a cup of coffee,” Greg said.

Dwayne shrugged. “Sounds good. A shower can wait.”

Together they padded off and into the kitchen where Greg poured them each out a mug and they stood by the counter to have a sip. As they stood there they both started getting an erection. Their organs growing thickening and curving off to one side before becoming sufficiently stiff to push boldly upright.

“Oh-oh,” Greg laughed.

Dwayne laughed, too. “Well, at least I’m not the only one.”

“Apparently not,” Greg said, eyeing Dwayne’s handsomely large stiff manhood which matched his own.

Neither was Gay, yet it was easy for both to find an enjoyable masculine appeal to the moment.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been with a friend like this,” Dwayne confessed.

“Me, too,” Greg admitted. “But it feels good … with a friend.”


They looked at one another and set their coffee mugs down on the counter. And then quite easily slipped into each other’s arms to share a kiss on the lips. It was more friendly than overly passionate, but their lips did come together with a slight sensation of shared wetness. As they kissed, their erections touched manfully, encouraging them to be as stiff as they could be. To the point where each found the mushrooming head becoming shiny smooth and a lavender-tinged shade of blushing red.

“It feels good having a boner with you,” Dwayne said.

“I know. I’m enjoying having a boner with you, too,’ Greg admitted.

They kissed again, this time allowing it to become more passionate as their tongues slipped wetly back and forth.

“Oh, man …” Greg breathed, feeling his male organ straining. “You know … you could take care of that in my butt.”

Dwayne loved the sounds of his doing that. It had been a while since he had enjoyed the male pleasure of fucking with another guy, and he was more than ready to indulge in that with Greg.

“Fine with me,” he said.

They left the kitchen and went into Greg’s bedroom. Greg produced a small bottle of lubrication and slicked Dwayne’s thick erection with it, leaving its curving length shiny and wet. Then he climbed into the bed and got on his hands and knees. Dwayne positioned himself behind him on his knees. Taking a hold of his erection he slowly guided the swollen top up against Greg’s tight butt hole, and pushed inward. His organ slid smoothly and easily all the way in.

“Ohhh…” Greg groaned with the pleasing penetration. Lie Dwayne, not being Gay, male sex was a only at best an occasionally pleasure for him. It had been two years since he had last accommodated another guy in this way, and he savored the moment of masculine intimacy.

“Oh, yeah … you’re making my dick so hard,” Greg said as he pulled partially back and went in again, and began to repeat this effort with a gentle and easy rhythm. Looking down., it was exciting to see Greg’s butt hole stretching around the shaft of his boner.

Dwayne fucked Greg for the next several minutes much to their mutual satisfaction. Then, suddenly and quite unexpectedly. Greg ejaculated. His semen flew in several long streams from his rigid boner and he gasped and Dwayne felt his butt hole tight and re-tightened with the spasms. In the next moment he was ejaculating fully deep inside of Greg, impregnating him with his sperm-filled male liquid.

They both sighed and their shoulders sagged.

When they had recovered and Dwayne’s no longer stiff penis had slipped out, Greg managed a grateful smile to his friend. “I wasn’t planning on fucking like this,” he admitted.

“Either was I,” Dwayne said. “But its sure felt awfully god doing that in you.”

“I really loved it,” Greg said. They kissed warmly and he added, “Maybe while you’re here … we can fuck a lot.”

“A whole lot,” Dwayne said. “A whole lot.”

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