A Granny's Boy

by Anon (Canada)

I read quite a few stories of granny-grandson sex here. I am a grandma aged 65 or so. I must relate my experience with my 22 yr old grand son, Ron, sometime back.

He was a handsome boy with a 7" thick tool. We have been quite open about discussing sex with each other whenever he visited me. This evening we had some drinks after our dinner and I was washing dishes in the kitchen.

He came up behind me and cuddled and kissed my neck. I turned my head aside and responded to his kisses by thrusting my tongue into his mouth - did tongue-fighting for some time.

Ron pushed me down and lifted my skirt and saw my naked down there. He felt my bald pussy by his hand - thick pussy lips wet and silky.

Ron was hard as rock, harder than my late husband. I almost felt sorry for my grandson - a cock that hard to be wasted. I opened my legs wide and he just pushed his cock into my wet pussy from behind.

OMG! Ron almost cried out, feeling his cock glide into my warm pussy! He stared pumping his cock in and out at slow pace for about five minutes. I closed my eyes to enjoy his hardness inside me.

Inside, I felt it pulsing, throbbing of his cock as I tried to grip my pussy around his hardness. Suddenly I felt a rush of warm wetness as his cum started gushing out of his spasmic cock.

Indeed, I actually felt him cum inside me, his pulsing jets of cum squirting into my pussy and I could not hold myself long to a shuddering climax.

Ron too felt my trembling pleasure, but it was all he could do to concentrate on his own pleasure at the moment; still plowing deep into the end of my cunt touching the mound of my cervix by holding my waist tight by his arms around and groaned with the effort to force out more of his spurting cum deeper into me.

Oh! you are so good and I enjoyed it long after over ten years ... that was good, maybe I would go for more of you, my love!! I felt Ron's cock slip out of my hole and he helped me to stand on my feet.

This is a short reaction of grandson-sex from a granny. I would like to hear more from other grannies....

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