A Favor To Mom

by Rick

Mom woke up horny as usual she said down in bed kissing my cock head and slowly stroking my cock to life.

Mom gives awesome head she looks up at me and says will you do mommy a really really big favor the she slowly licked my cock head, how could I say no to my sexy sweet mother/wife.

I said anything for you sweetie she smiled and said Anything? and giggled.

She said one of the nurses she works with and her husband want to try bi sex and mom really wants to play with her but she only play if her husband can join with me.

Mom said that they are both bi curious and want to experiment, l said sure mom let's give them the best time they ever had mom smile and went back to sucking my cock.

That night mom bought them home with her her friend was a cute chubby blonde she had small tits with huge hard nipples and a full round ass just the kind of woman mom loves to play with.

Her husband was average we had a few drinks to get them loosened up the mom went over and sat next to her friend and started rubbing her thigh and kissed her her friend returned the kiss and started squeezing mom's tits.

They tore each other's clothes off and resumed kissing now more passionately her husband was looking at me I could see he was aroused so I unzipped his pants and brought out his growing cock.

I said Nice Cock I stroked it getting him harder l said can I suck your beautiful cock he softly said oh yes please do I bent my head down and licked up and down his veiny shaft he moaned.

I licked all around his cock head he had a nice thick 8inch shaft but a tiny cock head I sucked on the head he moaned and bucked his hips up filling my mouth with his thick almond flavored cum.

I swallow it all down he was apologizing for cumming so quickly I smile and said that it was fine I stood in front of him and dropped my pants giving him a good look at my fully hard cock my mushroom head was leaking pre cum.

I asked him if he wanted to suck my cock he nodded yes and took my head into his eager mouth he gently sucked at it I encourage him to suck more of me in by telling him how good it felt having him suck my cock.

His wife yells SUCK HIS BIG COCK like you always have wanted to do.

Mom was eating the woman's pussy as she watched her husband suck my cock he was getting more confident and really getting into sucking my cock.

I really enjoy getting my cock sucked by men l was wondering who was going to top and who was going to bottom?

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