A Day that Changed me

by Leroy Yoder (Decatur, Illinois)

Where do I start. I am 62 years old and have been going to strip clubs, adult bookstores and other places like this most of my life. Maybe I was naive I don't know. I have always since. A very early age totally enjoyed watching girls and playing with girls and as I got older watching porn and watching those beautiful girls have sex.. Over the years the bookstores changed.

From pretty run downed places with 8 mm film to what we have today. I still have such a thrill going to these Dark Places. You see I lead a very conservative life and am a counselor, a youth counselor for a church who subcontracts my services out to different counties who can't affordable probation officers. This means I travel about half of my time And when I do I indulge my addiction to masturbation, my addiction to porn, and my addiction to going to the bookstores.

As I said over the years I found myself watching different types of porn. It's like most men my age I truly like older younger. Well I also find myself thumbing through the different channels at the bookstores and watching the cum shots. In my mind I guess I was thinking it was all about watching the beautiful young girls take a load of cum in their face. But I think I was being a little dishonest with myself. Thinking back now I realized that I was also liking just the Cumshots. I had gravitated toward some she male porn because I guess they still made me think of girl guy sex. This brings me to my story.

When I would go to a bookstore I would Purchase whatever needed to enter the booth area of the bookstore. Most were the same there was a board in the entrance that showed all the different movies that you could watch and there We're several Private Booths a person could go in. I would always go as far back and in the darkest corner of these places and enter a booth. By the time I was 60 I had developed my methods of getting off. I would enter the booth and lock the door and turn on a video and then remove my clothes.

These booths are less then clean and the smell of man's solo sex was clear. Standing there naked I would get hard just being in such a nasty place. You see I work for a church also and am married and have kids and grandkids. So this was so taboo for me so out of my comfort zone and that's what I guess made it sexually stimulating. As I said I would strip naked and the sticky floors and seat and the smells would take me over and I would sit and masturbate as I surfed the porn channels on the screen.

Eventually finding something that caught my eye and then I would watch and stroke till I came. Then dress and leave and swear to myself I would never come back to another store. But a week or two or three later I would pass one and know before the night was over I would be going. As I said it had became an addiction. It was in the summer and I was in a new town to meet a girl I was going to counsel for the first time.

On my way to the meeting I passed this bookstore and as so many times it caught my eye. As I drove to meet my client my mind was racing and I was excited knowing I would not be able to resist going to that store. I Google the store and I did have video booths and I was set. I meet my client and didn't have any more meetings till the next day. It was too early to check in to the hotel and who was I kidding I knew where I had to go. I drove around and it was just after lunch and there were a few cars in the lot. I parked and finally went in and at the front desk was told I could get credits on a card and use it in the booths.

I went through the curtain and there was a wall showing what was playing. Had your usual stuff straight sex, gay sex and shemale. Had videos of big women, tiny women, some light bandage, the usual variety. There was one with a cute blond girl and was an incest type movie about her and her uncle. I decided I would check it out.

I walked through the dark almost no light hallway and made my way to the very back booth. I entered and locked the door, inserted the card and started the video. As it was playing I removed my clothes and folded them and set them on the bench. I was now naked and watched as I got hard this girl and her porn movie uncle. She was a dark haired girl who was named Sara and I felt guilty as I had a niece by the same name.

Anyway eventually the guy came on her small tits and I started surfing and was just checking out a shemale video when the door flew open and a man walked in. I was shocked and said sir I locked the door and I am not looking for company. He stared at me and I being naked was embarrassed and he said is that all the bigger you are. I was insulted and quickly asked him to leave and he turned. I was relieved he was leaving and then he locked the door and came right up against me.

I said if you don't leave I will report you to the management and he laughed. He said I don't think you will because I watched you walk in here and saw how you were dressed and I am 100% sure that you're Wife and your boss would not like to read in the papers where you got into an altercation in this type of place. He must have read the Fear on my face. He was correct, no way could I get into any trouble in this type of place. He laughed and made crude remarks about my age, shape and size of my cock then he pointed to the video playing and said you like that crap.

It was a shemale giving head. I didn't respond and he then ordered me to take his cock out and give him a hand job. My mind was racing, he made it clear I did it or he would make a scene and he told me he and the manager were friends and the store would back him. My mind raced and I decided to just give him the hand job and get it over with. After he was naked and I stroked him he ordered me to my knees and I just did it.

Feeling helpless and just wanted to get this over with. Now do me like the whole on the video is doing. I looked and she was giving a blowjob. I hesitated and he said now slut and my mind was racing. I leaned forward and he stopped me and said to take a condom out of his pocket as he didn't want my dirty mouth on his cock. I was relieved he wanted a condom and he instructed me to put it on him. I am 6 inches and fairly thick but he was much bigger and it was intimidating.

He kept calling me slut and whore and was trying to humiliate me. I started to suck him and he grabbed my head and basically used my mouth to masturbate himself. As he did he kept calling me names and getting rougher and rougher. I had seen videos where girls almost passed out and spit and shuttered trying to catch their breath and always thought it was porn acting. I learned this day it was real. He went on for ever and my mouth hurt and my knees hurt and he just stopped.

He took himself out of my mouth and called me some names and then commanded me to lay my head sideways on the bench seat. I asked why and he laughed. Because I can get it deeper down your throat from that angle. I lay my head on the sticky seat and wondered how many men had shot their loads there. As I lay my head down he pulled my hair and as my mouth opened he was balls deep.

He face fucked me hard and I thought I was going to pass out when he stopped and made some grunts and I could feel the condom feeling with his cum as he held it balls deep in my mouth. He slowly pulled out and leaned against the wall and said stand up whore. I did and he said so you liked that didn't you slut. I said no and he laughed and said then why are you so hard. I hadn't realized and was shocked. He took the condom off and handed it to me and said to pour his cum on my cock and put on a show and masturbate for him. I did and came hard and fast.

He said now slut you stay here because I might send my friends in here to finish you. He left and I locked the door and was shaking as I dressed. I left the booth and passed a half dozen men lurking in the dark. Wondering if they knew what I had just done. I got in my car and was still shaking as I drove to the hotel, checked in and went to my room. I went in the bathroom and started the shower and stripped and got in. As I showered, I thought about it and was hard again. I masturbated six times that night to the thought of what had happened.

Don't mess with fire or you will get burned. This was in my head as I thought about the 40 years of going to these places and my addiction to porn. It had got me used and humiliated. Me an older conservative man who now realized he was hooked on being humiliated. I told myself I would never go back and then COVID hit and I have not had the temptation. Well today I drove past the first bookstore that was open. Already the fight to not go is in my head.

That's my story and I hope you like or maybe understand it. Crazy to be so turned on by these things.

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