A Cocksucking Summer

by Dylan Fox (Troy, NY, USA)

Five of us guys rented a house together. I felt close to and trusted Bert so I confided in him. Bert asked, “What happened?” My face turned red hot, I winced and blurted out, “I was forced to suck an older man’s big, thick, rock hard, circumcised cock!” Bert said, “Really?” “Yes and I had to suck his big cock over an over every day and every night! He made me tell him after each time I sucked his big, thick, rock hard circumcised cock, how much I loved it!”

"That’s horrible! How many times did you suck his big, thick, rock hard cock in a day?” “He had incredible stamina and he had 2 or 3 orgasms a session. I sucked 2 sessions, sometimes 3, a day and 2 sessions a night! I had to strip and get on my knees before his throbbing cockmeat! I had to rub his big, fat, swollen, bulbous cockhead back and forth across my warm, sloppy wet lips! Then I slid my wet lips over his fat cockhead and groped my way down his big, thick, rock hard cockshaft and sucked and sucked and sucked on his big cock! It was just awful Bert!” I sighed.

“Then I had to tell him how much I loved the taste and feel of his big cock in my mouth! I had to say how much I loved it when he shot his hot cockjuice into my mouth and I had to drench his cockmeat in that hot sauce and swallow the rest!” “Wow! You must have really loved sucking his big, thick, rock hard, circumcised cock! And you sucked from your knees! I bet you even begged him to let you suck his big cock didn’t you?” “Yes,” I whispered, “sometimes he made me beg to suck his big cock!” “How long did this go on?” “About 4 years; I sucked every day and every night!” Bert said, “My cock is circumcised and very big and hard as a rock! I could use a good cocksucking!”

He undid his buckle and pants and pulled them down. His king sized, circumcised cockmeat swung back and forth and settled into a steady throb! I grabbed his cockmeat and fell to my knees. “Oh Bert, your cock is so big and so hard! Are you going to make me beg to suck?" "Yes, beg for it!" "Please, can I suck your big cock? Please?” I rubbed his swollen cockhead across my warm, wet lips! I whimpered, opened my mouth and slid my sloppy wet lips over his cockhead, swirled my tongue all around then pushed my head forward then slid my sloppy wet lips down his rock hard cockshaft and sucked!

I moaned, “Mmmmmmmm,” as I hungrily slurped his big cock! His cock tasted so good; I wanted to suck all day! I looked up at his face as I sucked. I slobbered my saliva all over his cock! I was never able to deep throat an enormous cock! But I knew how to suck and use my tongue on those sensitive areas of a man’s cock and make him fill up with pleasure and desire until he exploded!

Once his cock swelled larger, turned to steel, jerked, convulsed and squirted his manjuice into my cock hungry mouth, I used my tongue on those sensitive areas and sucked! I made sure his cock was covered in his cocksauce and my saliva as I sucked his cock and tongued the underside of his cockhead simultaneously! My mouth became like a juicy, hot, cockhungry cunt that smothered his cockmeat in pleasure! Bert was in such need that his cock never really waned. I kept sucking and he delivered another load of his juices into my cunt-mouth!

I continued to suck until his cock quivered, softened and slipped from my mouth! After he came the second time, he left. We all split up shortly after that. I ran into Bert the following spring . We spoke the usual amenities. Then Bert asked me if I liked to camp. He said, “My folks have a cabin in the Berkshire mountains. There is over 5oo acres with lots of trails to hike. There is a large spring fed pond for bathing. We will be by ourselves.” He said he wanted some company for the summer. “All expenses paid!” I loved to camp and I figured we could catch up. We arrived at the property.

We unpacked our stuff and got into some shorts and headed down one of the trails. Bert said, “I am sorry that I never spoke to you again about what happened to you when you were so young. It must have been a harrowing experience; sucking his big, thick, rock hard, circumcised cockmeat every day and every night! And then having to tell him how much you loved and needed to suck his big cock!” “Yes, it was a frightening introduction to my sexual and psychological development. It took a lot of hard fact facing and self-inventory but I did the work and have come through the other side of it all with a new perspective.”

“You know, when you sucked my big cock twice, I really enjoyed it and wanted you to suck my big, thick, rock hard, circumcised cockmeat again! I guess I got scared we would be caught! I have to ask, were you ever with anyone else, I mean besides me when you sucked my big, thick, rock hard, circumcised cock twice? Did you suck anymore big cocks?” My face turned red hot! I felt that old familiar sexy feeling in my groin.

I answered, “Yes, I sucked a lot of big cocks after that! He trained me so well. All that repetition of sucking his big cock and telling him how much I loved it made me a cockhound!” “A cockhound?” “Yes that is essentially a cockhungry cocksucker! Can we talk about something else?” “Are you getting excited talking about it? I can tell you I am! My cock is swelled and hard as a rock! Look!” I looked at his huge bulge. I unconsciously licked my lips as I stared! Do you want to suck my cock?” I avoided the question and answered by saying, “like I said, I’m on the other side of it all now.”

"Can we talk about something else please?” I felt myself growing in my shorts! Bert’s crotch was a huge bulge which caused my own bulge to grow even more! “Hey Bert, let’s go back for a swim.” “Sure thing.” We headed back to the camp. Bert slipped out of his shorts and his cock was at half-mast. I took off my shorts and my condition was the same. I figured if I dove into the spring fed pond it would be cold and stay my growing member and desire! Our conversation stirred up memories; exciting memories that I wanted to forget! Seeing Bert’s big cock was so stimulating that images of me getting on my knees and sucking his big cock were conjured up in my imagination but had a real effect in reality!

My cock hardened and throbbed! When Bert saw that, his big cock grew even larger and his cockhead swelled! “It’s no wonder you sucked my big, thick, rock hard cockmeat twice! You never said, but I am guessing you loved it and wanted to suck my big cock again! You’re in luck because now you get to suck my big cock every day and every night!” “Please Bert, please don’t make me lick and suck your king sized cockmeat every day and every night! Please, I am begging you!” “Are you begging for my cock to be in your cockstarved mouth?”

I was on my knees stroking his rock hard cock that throbbed before my cockhungry mouth in a steady bob! “Ooohhh Bert, your cock is so big and so hard! Please, can I suck your big cock? I promise I will eat your hot cockjuice! Please let me suck!” Bert stood above me and I slid his big, fat, swollen cockhead over my cockhungry lips! I slid my lips down his thick, rock hard cockshaft and sucked his big cock for him! I sucked very fast! His cock slipped from my mouth! “Oooohhh Bert, I need more big cock! Your big cock is so tasty! I need to suck it! Please put your big cock back into my cockstarved mouth! Please!”

Being on my knees and begging for his big cock was so exciting! He put his big cock into my mouth and I sucked! “Suck my cock! Suck it good! That’s it baby take more big cock into your cockhungry mouth! You’re going to suck every day and every night all summer long! Suck faster if you like that!” I sucked faster and wetter! I was so excited by his sexy words! I sucked until his huge cock swelled larger, grew harder, jerked, convulsed and spit hot cockjuice into my mouth!

I swallowed twice and drenched his big cock in my saliva and his leftover cocksauce! His cock waned and I moaned! “More cock! I need more big cock to suck!” Bert’s cock grew hard again and I sucked! “Your cock hungry wet cunt-mouth is perfect for sucking my big cock! It’s like you were born to suck my cock and I was born to put my big cock in your mouth for you to suck! Suck it baby! Suck my big cock!”

His cock grew larger and swelled much harder as I sucked! His cock jerked and convulsed as he yelled and fired heavy loads of hot manjuice into my mouth! I gulped, swallowed and slurped and swallowed and sucked and drenched his mighty cock until it quivered in my mouth and slipped out! “What a cock! I want to suck your big cock again and again! I need to suck and suck and suck! Your big cock tastes so good!

We rested for a couple of hours. I laid by his side and held his balls in my hand! When I felt his cock rise, I caressed his balls and hard cock. I slid down and took his cock into my mouth sucked his big cock! “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!” I moaned with hunger as I sucked and slurped his colossal cock! “Oh baby you suck so good! Fuck my cock with your cunt-mouth!” He grabbed the back of my head and bounced it up and down! Bert had so much cocksauce that it overflowed!

His juice drizzled down his throbbing cock onto his tight skinned balls! His cocksauce was all over my chin and a hefty amount went down my throat! I continued to suck his big cock! His cock waned and slid from my mouth!

Bert said, “No one has ever sucked my cock as good as you! You make my cock hard more times in a row than ever before! I don’t want any other lips or mouth on my cock but yours! You are my cockhungry cocksucker from now on!” Bert’s cock hardened again and I sucked all of his cockjuice from his balls up through his rock hard cockshaft into my cum hungry mouth! This was going to be a wonderful cocksucking summer!

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