A Cocksucker's Paradise

by Dylan Fox (Troy, NY, USA)

We had a boarder when I was just discovering my sexual appetite. He caught me naked and jerking off and said he was going to have to tell my folks that he caught me jerking off to: a magazine showing naked young men’s big, thick, rock hard cocks!

I began to beg right there on the toilet, “Please don’t tell! I’ll do whatever you want! Please!” He paused and thought for a minute then said, “Okay, come on back to my room with me and don’t bother getting dressed.

I have something special for you and I believe you are really going to like it!” My hard cock bounced up and down with each step. It excited me! We arrived in his room and when he shut the door behind us and turned towards me, the bulge in his pants was huge and it seemed as though it was going to burst through his pants!

My mouth began to salivate, and my cock was really throbbing! He removed all his clothing. I stared open mouthed as his huge, rock hard cock bobbed up and down! He said, “You said you would do anything right? Well guess what; it’s time for you to eat big cock! I know you want to suck big cock! I can tell! So, I am going to give you all the big cock you can eat and then some!”

“But I have never sucked a giant cock like yours ever!” “Does that mean you sucked a smaller cock than mine?” “No,” I lied! “Get on your knees cocksucker! Now you get to eat my cum twice for lying to me!”

“Please,” I teased as I stroked from my knees, “Please don’t make me lick and suck your big cock,” I begged. He stepped to me and rubbed his swollen, circumcised cockhead across my warm, wet lips and said, “You like that don’t you! Does that cockhead taste good? Open wide and eat more big cock!”

“Please,” I begged! “Please don’t make me suck your big cock! You’ll make me suck your big cock every day and every night! Won’t you? Please,” I whimpered. He rubbed his cockhead across my lips, and I moaned and opened my mouth, and his rock-hard cock shaft followed his cockhead into my saliva filled mouth!

I began to suck his big cock! I sucked hands free and stroked his muscular thighs as I hungrily sucked his big cock! I slid my cock starved lips as far down his king-sized cock shaft as I could then pulled back to the tip. Once his cock slipped from my mouth, I whimpered and softly cried out, “More big cock!” My lips captured his rock-hard throbbing cock again and I sucked it back into my cock hungry mouth and made hot love to his big cock!

“OOOHHH YEAH BABY! YOU SUCK COCK SO GOOD! SUCK FASTER IF YOU WANT TO SUCK MY COCK EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT!” I sucked faster! I moaned, groaned, slurped, and sucked his big cock with unbridled passion and desire! His cock swelled larger, harder, jerked, convulsed, and fired Cock juice into my Cock starved mouth! I swallowed what I could and soaked his cockmeat in all that excess cock juice!

His cum slid down his cock onto his balls. I continued to suck as his cock seemed to wane. His cock hardened in my mouth and I sucked! I was so turned on by that! I took more cock into my mouth until I gagged! “What a good, cock hungry cocksucker you are! Ooohhh yeah baby, suck my cock! Suck faster!”

I sucked faster and his cockmeat swelled larger and harder, then exploded his cock sauce into my mouth once again. I whimpered, moaned, groaned, and sucked his big cock! I gobbled up his sauce, sucked and swallowed! His cock sauce was so plentiful it spilled from my mouth down his cock shaft and onto his balls again!

I licked his cock sauce from his balls. I slid my tongue up the underside of his shaft gobbling up his juices. I slobbered my tongue all over his cockhead then sucked it back into my mouth! To my surprise and delight, his cock swelled up as he blurted out, “Suck my cock again! I told you I was going to give you all the cock you can suck! Show me you’re the cock hungry cocksucker I think you are!” I licked his cock shaft all up and down.

I swirled my tongue all around his cockhead then plunged my head down his cockmeat until I gagged, pulled back and did it over and over, slurping and slobbering on his king-sized cock! I sucked and sucked until my reward came in huge spurts of his manjuice! I knew I found a cock hungry cocksucker’s paradise! I was determined to bring him to his version of utopia each time I sucked!

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