A Cocksucker's Dream

by Dylan Fox (Troy, NY, USA)

My bedroom had a doorway but no door. I liked to sleep naked so I could play with my cock. I saw him every night. He walked by on his way to the bathroom. He was always naked and his big, thick, rock hard, circumcised cockmeat bounced up and down with every step he took! I would get very excited and my own cock would get hard and I rubbed it!

One night I was so excited I just had to touch his big cock! I went to the bathroom, opened the door and he was stroking his big cock! My tongue slid over my lips and my cock throbbed!

I knelt down between his spreadeagled legs, wrapped a hand around his rock hard cock shaft and said, “can I suck your big cock , please? Please let me put your big cock in my mouth and suck on it! Ok?” I didn’t wait for his consent and slid my warm, wet, Cock hungry lips over his swollen cockhead, swirled my tongue all around then pushed my head down! My wet, slippery lips slid down and back up his cockshaft with ease and I sucked his big cock with unbridled passion!

I drenched his cock in my saliva! The slurping and sucking sounds made by me excited me even more and I began to moan! He pulled my head off and I said, “more cock.” He said, “let’s go back to my room where you can suck my cock all you want!” I whimpered in submission. “Okay, I’ll suck your big cock as long as you want! Your cock tastes so good!”

We walked back to his bedroom way in the back of the house. When he shut his bedroom door and turned to face me I was already on my knees waiting for his big cock! “Please can I suck now? Please?” My cock was bobbing up and down! “Please! I need to suck your big cock!” He came to me and I engulfed his rock hard cockmeat into my cock starved mouth and hungrily sucked his big cock!

“Mmmm, slurp, mmmm, slurp, mmmm, slurp, mmmm, slurp!” “Oh yeah baby suck my cock! That’s it suck it good! Oh baby you suck big cock so good! Suck faster!” I bounced my head back and forth faster! I slobbered all over his cockmeat! “Ooohh baby here I cum!” His king-sized cockmeat exploded and fired globs of his cocksauce as his cock jerked and convulsed in my mouth! His cockjuice spilled from my mouth down his cock onto his balls and my chin was covered in his manjuice!

I continued to suck and swallow what I could but his orgasm was so intense and his juices so plentiful that I could not swallow even half of it! As his cock began to wane in intensity and settle into a steady throb, I had more control over sucking his cock! I was so happy! I just turned 18 on this very day! What a birthday present! His big cock in my mouth and all his manjuice! I couldn’t wait and continued to suck his cock and to my delight, he got rock hard again and I sucked and sucked and sucked! I slobbered all over his cock!

I sucked his beautiful cock with unbridled passion and desire! I was applying to be his cocksucker. I knew the job was mine when he said, “no one sucks my cock as good as you and no one has ever made me instantly hard again after I came! Will you please be my cocksucker and suck my cock whenever I want?"

I teased him and said, “I don’t know; you didn’t seem to like my cocksucking! I mean you weren’t very vocal about my cocksucking, that is until now! Do you want me to be your cocksucker and suck your big cock every day and every night from now on? Your big cock is so beautiful and tasty! Would you like me to suck every day and every night?”


“You cannot allow anyone else to suck your big cock! No shoving your cock up anyone’s ass either!” “No my cock is all yours to suck as much as you want anytime you want!” His cock was now throbbing. I could see that begging for me to suck his big cock really turned him on! I WAS NOW HIS COCKSUCKER FROM THIS DAY FORWARD AND HIS COCK BELONGED TO ME!

I awoke with a start! My cock was rock hard and throbbing! Saliva had dried on my face! I threw the covers back exposing my rock hard cock! I realized I had been dreaming! I thought, “What I wouldn’t give to meet someone like that!” Just then my cousin Robert came into the room. I remembered him from years ago when we swam naked in the river as kids. He was a couple of years older than me.

I remember he was naked when I got down there and his cock was rock hard! It was big, thick, circumcised! Even then I wanted to get naked, get in the river and play with his hard cock; maybe even put it in my mouth and suck on it!..... He obviously saw my throbbing cock and said, “I’ve got a rock hard cock that needs to be sucked!” He pulled his pants down and exposed his rock hard 8” circumcised cock! “Please suck my cock! I need it sucked so bad! Please cuz, please suck my cock! I know you want to! Please suck it for me!”

“Will you let me be your one and only cocksucker? No one else tastes or feels your cock but me?” His cock was bobbing up and down! “Yes you are my one and only cocksucker! Please suck my cock now!” I climbed out of bed to my knees. I opened my mouth to suck his cock! I awoke to the sound of the alarm. Another day! The only cock I get to suck is in my dreams! Maybe today. There is always hope.

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