A Change Of Holes

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I loved the suspense waiting for Caroline to secretly coming to me, sneaking into my bedroom and slipping naked into bed with me. We would spend ages messing together, cuddling, kissing, touching, squeezing, fingering and fondling before our fist gasping shag, getting my thick dick stuffed completely in her cunt then fucking her violently or else her riding me madly until we archived our first wet orgasms of the long night.

My sister and I had been secret lovers since puberty and now in our late teens we were close to adulthood and showing no signs of terminating our relationship for wider world experiences. She liked me to wear my sleep mask until she slipped naked into bed with me and there we’d cuddle and get hot.

This night was no different, I was erect already in anticipation and weeping slippery pre cum. I hear the bedroom door open and close quietly and then the sound of feet softly padding over to my bed, the duvet lifted and the bed sagged as she laid her body next to me.

I got a shock, it was not my sisters body, which was blindingly obvious, I knew it so well, this body was heavier set, more rounded and softer yet firm apart from larger heavily breasts which were pressing against me, and a much heavier thigh that was insinuating itself between my legs and pressing on my bloated dick. Also I knew the perfume to well.



"Wha..what the F...."

"Just getting my share honey, my sweet darling daughter, the slut, is getting hers so I thought I might as well indulge in a little incestology and score with you as well as with her, the little whore..gosh you’re hard"

"Mum for fucks sake, we can’t do this, you’re my mum I can’t be fucking with you, its...I mean its.."

"Incest darling, incest, yes I know but we are adults and we are consenting...aren't we? so that big hard thing down there needs to be up inside me"

Next thing my mother whipped of my sleep mask, straddled me, took hold of my cock and.....The heat and wetness inside her stifled any protest as she lowered her voluptuous body down on me until I was completely impaling her with my painfully hard dick.

I felt her shudder and her breath hissed as she rode my, vey expertly in fact, and I reach for her big joggling tits. Mums nipples were thick and were now erect and hard, she gasped when I teased them and she lowered her body enough for me to tongue tease them, even taking one in my teeth and gently nipping it as I was used to doing with my sister, Caroline.

Mum liked that and ground herself down more on me, her cunt juice squelching softly as it flowed. I could take no more, and grabbed my mum pulling her body down onto me as I heaved and humped as hard as I could, making her growl sort of and then bite hard into my shoulder as I yelled my climax and jetted long spurts of spunk deeply into her body causing her to gurgle and sigh contentedly.

"Jeez son, Caroline was right that cock of yours pack a punch, my insides feel flooded."

“What? You and sis talked about me? When, what did she say, the treacherous slag...."

“We talk in bed honey, we're a very incestuous family, your Dad, my dear darling husband is currently away at a golf tournament...in fact he is happily shacked up with my pretty younger sister, poking her much to her delight, meantime your gorgeous sister and I gaily practice and sharpen our lesbian skills pussy eating and fisting, anal stretching with dillies and enjoying rather intense girly orgasms. And to now put the cream in front of the Cat, or up inside her, I’ve got you my gallant young knight spearing me with your worthy lance."

My mother left me speechless but hoping to goodness I wasn't dreaming, I wasn't, her hot wet mouth engulfing my softened dick told me otherwise.

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