A Bit Of A Romance

by Karl (UT)

Jared loved having his hard dick in Jacob’s butt, and he was glad that Jacob liked to do this.

Jacob was a bit shy about that, knowing that it looked gay liking to be fucked by another guy. The truth was that’s lots of perfectly straight guys enjoyed how it felt to be butt fucked.

There was no shame in that and really nothing gay about it. Still, it was a discrete pleasure that he enjoyed with Jared not wanting everybody to know about it. And of course Jared was no less eager to keep their private boy moments a secret, not wanting anyone to know that he liked how it felt to fuck another guy.

Jacob was on his knees, with his elbows resting on the edge of the sofa, while Jared was on his knees behind him with his erection inserted into his butt.

“It feels so good doing this with you,” Jared said.

“I love it,” replied Jacob as he savored the pleasure of feelings his friend’s stiff erection gliding smoothly back and forth through his sensitive butt hole, each time feeling its stiff length going deep into accommodating anal sheath.

Jacob knew that if he had been gay, that he could be enjoying this with a lot of guys. Only, he liked girls and did not have a desire to be with a lot of guys. With Jared it was different. They were friends and this was just something that friends could do together. Jared felt the same way of course, and really had no desire to stick his dick in a lot of other boy’s butts. Just that with Jacob he found that such a pleasing thing to do.

They spent the next several minutes with Jared fucking Jacob and they both loved it.

Jared leaned all the way over and Jacob turned his head and they shared a somewhat awkward kiss as they were entwined. It was fun being romantic together as friends, especially as they shared the romantic appeal of engaging in the reproductive act with each other as guys.

Jared was unembarrassed by just how stiff his penis was with Jacob or how desirable he found it to have his penis in his friend’s butt hole. Guys could do that together and did. They suspected that there were several other boys that they knew who were engaging in the same activity, only of course nobody talked about it. But you could sort of tell. There was just that sort of closeness between some friends.

Jared cold feel the tenseness of his sexual urge building within his stiff penis.

“Oh, I’m going to cum …” he said.

Jacob waited for this to happen, and then he felt his friend’s erection jerking in his butt hole as he ejaculated. It was exciting and felt so good to feel Jared ejaculating his semen and sperm into him with a wet intimacy. Jacob loved that apart and how fulfilling significant it was. So did Jared as he unashamedly shared this with his friend as another guy.

Jacob quickly took a hold of his own boner and stroked its rigid length to the point of ejaculating too, which felt so good to do with Jared’s stiff penis in his butt. That made his ejaculating only so much more intense. His semen squirted out in pulses, carelessly hitting the sofa which thankfully had a smooth surface and could be easily cleaned later, and it spilled onto the floor with a creamy overabundance.

They both completed their release with one another in a way that was just so satisfying to do.

“Oh,” Jared sighed heavily. “That was so good doing it in you.”

“”I love having you do that in me,” said Jacob with a delight which he did not have to hide from his friend. Of course nor did Jared have to conceal his own pleasure of his being sexual with his friend.

For both of them it was lovely and so satisfying.

They had been doing this together for the better part of that last year and they had no plans to stop, which suited them both perfectly. Although they did have to wonder that while they were not gay, if perhaps they were gay with each other because it was so wonderful having a male romance together. Which of course was what they were doing. They were being loving and in love as friends. The idea of the two of them just continuing and of living together was not unappealing nor unthinkable.

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