A Balcony with A View

by Bob

We moved into this eight floor apartment, it was a nice place. The view from our place was the building next door, another apartment enterprise which wasn't that far away. My wife Deb worked evenings and had to leave after supper for work, we spent the weekends together.

One evening when she left for work I went out onto the balcony with a drink, the lights came on the apartment right across from me. It was this very nice looking woman, as she got in she undressed and was totally naked. There she was walking around totally nude. I watched her for a while and it turned me on, my cock was getting hard. Funny as it seems, she did this very night when coming home. One evening watching her I pulled out my cock and masturbated while watching her. Then I started to get naked and masturbated this way. I had this lawn chair where I would masturbate . She really turned me on.

About two months later she moved out and new tenants in. I got used to being naked after my wife left, out on the balcony and continued to masturbate daily. Being naked was so natural with a hard cock to hold onto and just love beating it. I would cum all over myself and rub it in, sometimes I would lick it from from fingers. Anyhow I enjoyed it.

One evening session as I was masturbating the phone rang, thinking it was my wife I said

"hello dear"
"you have a nice cock"
"I masturbate watching you"
"who is this"
"your admirer"
"since when" I found this conversation curious enough to continue to talk with him
"since I first saw you masturbating away"
"I didn't know anyone was watching me"
"I didn't know that it excited me to see you do that"

At that moment it turned me on that a guy was watching me and masturbating at the same time.

"I am masturbating as we speak"
"I was thinking that maybe we could masturbate together if you want"
"get a pen here is my number call me when you want to do it with me" and he hung up, I didn't even know his name.

I knew that it was one of the apartments across the way but which one. I still masturbated openly so he could watch me as it excited me a lot. Finally while masturbating I called him and said

"apartment 1008" I got dressed and went over to meet this guy. When I went in he was naked with a hard cock greeting me. I hesitated as I never experienced this.

"my name is Mike and yours is Bob come in"
"I didn't expect you to be naked"
"Bob when you called me I knew you needed to see my goods, as I have seen your goods many times and even I watched with my binoculars for that close up" Mike held his cock and masturbated gently
"now take off your clothes and relax, I'll get you your favourite rum and coke yes"
"yes" Mike went to the kitchen as I waited for him in the raw, I sat dow. He came back with our drinks cock hard and showing it to me proudly or should I say in a very horny way. He sat down beside me, both naked when he said salute to a nice evening. He reached over and touched my cock and I got hard right away.

"Bob nice to see you spring into action" then he touched me some more. I knew that I was in for some cock time, I was curious about this yet wanting to masturbate with Mike.

We finished our drinks, then Mike started to rub my thigh as he slowly reach for my cock. I was just frozen as he did. Finally his finger tips were rubbing my cock, I just sat there looking at his cock pulsate before me. I am about eight inches long cut and very thick. Mike was about six inches cut and wide.

"Bob lets go to the bedroom and be more comfortable and maybe we can watch a porn to Primus up"
"yes" So we got up and went to his bedroom and laid side by side. I started to masturbate as he watched me then he said
"Bob your working on the wrong cock" he took my hand and put it on his cock, I held it and started to masturbate him as he masturbated me, we masturbated steady when he pulled away and sat at the edge of the bed
"bob come over here and stand as close as you can to me" I walked over and stood as close as I could to him
"now rub your cock against mine" I started to rub his cock with mine from his balls to his head and back dow all I can say is WOW WHAT A FEELING IT WAS COCK TO COCK. Mike then grabbed both cocks and masturbated them together I was loving every second of this. Then he let go and laid down on the bed and I did the same. We continued where we left off. Masturbate together until I blew my load all over me, I masturbated Mike until he blew his load all over himself. He reached and rubbed my cum all over me. He rubbed me until it was evenly spread all over my chest. Then he took my hand and I did the same to him.

"you Bob I have been watching you for months beat off on your balcony, at first I laughed watching you then it slowly excited me then I wanted to masturbate your cock. I would masturbate watching you. Finally I went to your lobby got your name and phone number then I called you and here we are"
"at first when you called I was upset but then the thought excited me a lot I had to masturbate to you as we spoke. I kept thinking about it until I had no resistance to trying it wit you"
"I see that your still hard as I am" Mike took my cock and masturbated me as I enjoyed him doing it my hand found his cock and we beat off until we cum again. Mike took some cum on his finger and tasted it with his tongue.
"not bad Bob maybe I need more for a better tase" we had another drink I showered and left.

I was back the next day as an eager beaver, we both masturbated like crazy, we would masturbate as many times as we could do it, the most amount of times was six. After a while Mike got more brave as we masturbated he kept tasting my precum and yes I started to tase his and actually we both enjoyed our sweetness. Then one evening he told to lay on him and watch close up as I masturbated his cock. I started to and loved watching his cock. My head got closer as he was precumin, it was dripping out. My mouth went lower and lower until it was right before my mouth. My tongue reached out and licked his wet head.

I started to lick it all over I stopped masturbating him as I licked it. I then put my lip on his cock and opened up. It went in a bit as I sucked his head then I went lower and lower I was really loving it, it felt so good in my mouth I did my best and he exploded in my mouth. I tried to pull off but couldn't, he held my head down. His warm cum was in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Mike was laying there catching his breath as I went back and suck the rest of his cum from the slit.

I laid back and thought about how much I loved his cock in my mouth. I was careful not to hurt his shaft with my teeth but it seemed so natural to do. I was looking forward to more cock sucking with Mike.

"Bob that was awesome"
"yes I love it to"
"I read that if you get a guy close to your cock he will want to suck it as you did"
"like a cobra"
"I know I need to do it as well"
"want to try now or next time"
"well we are bot hard and you know what that means, more milking" we both laughed. Mike got up and got more drinks. He came over to my side and dipped my ncock in his drink,.
"I love cocktails" I laid back with him on my legs and masturbating me. Then his tongue started to lick my cock and then he started to suck me off, he sucked so sensually that it drove me crazy, then he would masturbate and suck at the same time, finally I exploded in his mouth yelling. He just kept taking all my cumin swallowed as well.

"Mike that was so sexy hot and sensual"
"you were right it is so natural to suck a cock I want it always"

Not only did I accidentally find a masturbating buddy as we turned to be good cocksuckers as well. We haven't moved my wife still works evenings while I have sex with Mike.

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