8 Years In Prison: Part 1

by dedalus

My name is Rosalba and for 8 years I have been the maid of Mrs. Carmen Beatriz, one of the best female judges in the country. I tell this story to free myself from the burden that oppresses me after what happened to me a short time ago and for which I know you will judge me badly.

I am a 38 year old woman, married to Jose Luis. We've known each other since we were kids and still love him so much and I would do anything for him. Unfortunately he never managed to find a stable job and sometimes had to resort to some minor theft in order to survive.

Two months ago he made me an indecent proposal, namely to help him steal from Mrs. Carmen. In fact, he knew from me that the lady had so many jewels and other valuables at home. I initially told him I didn't want to, because the lady had always been good to me and I loved her. The love for my husband made me give up, but I told him that Mrs. Carmen's house had an alarm system that could only be turned off from the inside.

"Well, you'll be the one to turn it off and let us in," he told me one day.

"What do you mean I will be? How do you think I can justify this to the lady?"

"It is the only way. You will say that we managed to enter by deception, asking you for help because we were injured and needed a phone to call an ambulance"

"Who will be with you, Jose Luis? Wouldn't it be better to do everything yourself? We would have all the money for us"

"I would not be able alone to hold off Mrs. Carmen"

"Do you mean that she will be there when you enter?"

"Certainly. So when he sees that we threaten you, he will not doubt you. He will also tell us precisely where the money and the jewels are. More, among my friends there is one that has something to tell her"

At these last words, I asked Jose Luis if they intended to hurt Mrs. Carmen.

"No, we just want to make her a little scared"

"Jose Luis, I don't want you to hurt the lady. Who will be with you?"

"There will be Raúl, Jose Daniel and two other boys"

"Is Raúl no longer in prison for drugs?"

"No, it just came out. Mrs. Carmen sentenced him to 10 years in prison, but then he had a reduction"

"Jose Luis, promise me you won't hurt her"

Jose Luis did not answer and turned his back on me, leaving.

I was afraid. I knew that Raúl was a very violent man, while I didn't know the others, but Jose Luis had said that two were young people and therefore very probably they would not have been to command. But in the end I convinced myself that everyone would not have used violence with me there, and so I made arrangements with Jose Luis to steal for a Sunday night, a few days before Christmas.

It was two in the morning and I was obviously still awake. Mrs. Carmen instead slept in another area of the apartment.

I heard a faint knock on the door, got up and went off the alarm. Then I went to open the door. Five people entered, all covered with ski masks. I recognized Jose Luis and Raúl, then I saw two young men and another man in his forties. Afterwards I learned that they were Nerio, Gerdy and Jose Daniel.

Jose Luis indicated me to go ahead and I led them to Mrs. Carmen's room. I stood frozen in front of that door and didn't know what to do. Then it was Raúl who started knocking violently. Steps were heard on the other side of the door.

"Rosalba?" No one answered. but Raúl kept on knocking harder and harder.

"Rosalba? What's going on? Who's there?"

In the end I was stood at this:

"Madam, please open. There are gentlemen who want to talk to you."

"What are you saying? Who's with you?" The judge turned the key to open, but when she heard that someone was pushing the door, she tried to close it. But by now it was too late, the door opened and Mrs. Carmen saw a hooded guy clutching my hair with the right hand and pointing a gun at my temple with the other one. He was Jose Luis standing by Mrs. Carmen, then Raúl went forth and pointed his gun to her.

Raúl aimed the weapon at Mrs. Carmen, whom he knew well. She was the one who sentenced him spen all those years in prison.

Raúl was staring at her, who was wearing a black nightgown . The judge is 43 and still very beautiful. She has long black hair, green eyes and a well-made body.

"Hands behind the neck. Go to the bed and lie on it"

At that point I thought of intervening, above all because the lady did not doubt me, but a little also because I really hoped that Jose Luis and his friends would not exaggerate in their actions.

"Please don't hurt us. The lady has many valuables here. Take them, but don't hurt us, please"

The lady tried to stay calm, her hands were behind her head, but she didn't back away.

"My maid is right. Take everything you want: jewelry, money and my car. But let her go and lower those guns please"

Raúl motioned for Josè Luis to leave my hold. "Take her away"

Jose Luis took me out of the bedroom and, out of sight of the lady, I began to scream and complain, pretending that my husband was hitting me. Then Jose Luis took me by the hair and dragged me into a closet that was right in front of the bedroom. He locked me in and I don't deny that I felt relieved because I felt less guilty about not being able to help Mrs.Carmen.

But I wanted to understand what was going on in the room and so I set my eyes to the keyhole from which I could see the whole scene.

I saw Raúl in front of Mrs. Carmen.

"Okay, ma'am? As you can see, for the moment we don't need your maid. Now we only take care of you"

Then Raúl and Jose Daniel advanced towards Mrs. Carmen and also Gerdy and Nerio got closer. Shortly afterwards, Josè Luis returned to the bedroom.

Mrs. Carmen was surrounded by all those men, but she kept talking in a calm voice.

"Here are the keys of my car. Then there's the safe"

Raúl said nothing and continued to stare at the judge.

"Do you know that I spent 8 years in prison because of you?

Mrs. Carmen had the strength to respond to those threats, but she seemed to have a lump in her throat.

"I don't know what you're talking about. But if this happened, I did my job, my duty."

"Your duty, bitch? Do you know how long 8 years in jail are?"

Saying this, Raúl gripped the lady's arm.

"Leave me! Go away immediately! Get out of here and I won't say anything!"

But Raúl nodded to the others and they all rushed towards the lady who started screaming.

The judge's residence was isolated so there was no danger of anyone hearing her, but Raúl still ordered Gerdy to gag her. Then they all dragged her together on the bed. belly down. and Nerio tied her wrists behind her back with a rope.

Mrs. Carmen writhed and tried to escape from the grip of those men, but all those hands kept her locked to the bed.

The worst for her, however, was still to come, poor lady. Raúl took the sheet and covered it completely, then took his gun by the barrel and began to hit her on the head and meanwhile spoke loudly.

"Do you know how long are 8 years? Without being able to travel, stay with friends and family? 8 years without fucking a bitch like you?"

Raúl kept hitting her with the gun, then started beating her on the head.

"Hey guys, don't you want to give this bitch what she deserves?"

So the others also began to hit her from above the sheet for a few minutes.

Raúl then took the lady by the shoulders and turned her upside down and lowered the sheet, exposing her head.

Mrs. Carmen looked at them in terror and her moans could be heard from under the gag as her gasping breaths lifted her chest.

Raúl completely removed the sheet covering her and the men observed that the nightgown had risen to the height of the belly button.

While the other men were holding her down, Raúl took a knife and with her right hand brought the point to the lady's knee and with the other hand grabbed her ankle. Then he moved the knife towards the inside of her thigh. Finally he cut off her panties on one side which he then removed, exposing her vagina. The other men had their eyes fixed on Raúl and when the lady tried to escape from their hands, they blocked her, squeezing her ankles. Then they tore off her nightgown, leaving her completely naked in front of them.

Raúl knelt on the bed in front of Mrs. Carmen, opening the zip of his pants. The lady looked away from the man's evil one as he pulled out his erect member and approached it at the opening of her vagina.

"Hold her still and open her legs. Now let's have a little fun with this bitch"

Then the men pulled the poor lady, raising her knees and spreading her legs, and Raúl penetrated her vigorously.

Mrs. Carmen made a scream from under the gag , then closed her eyes from where two tears fell down.

While Raúl was brutally penetrating Mrs. Carmen, the other men lowered their pants and pulled out their members.

After a while Raúl began to slow down his thrusts inside the lady and then removed his member from inside her.

"Who's next?"

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