1st Time Flashing and Jerking Off

by Harry (Sydney)

I moved into a house in Punchbowl NSW Australia. It was on a corner and our dining room faced to side road. As I was working morning shift, I was home about 2.30pm and my girlfriend would get home about 5.00pm.

We had been in the house about 3 months when I got home and went and had a shower as it was hot. I came out of the bathroom and walked towards the kitchen for a drink. As I entered the dining room there was a young lady walk past the window and look in.

I was taken back as I was totally naked with her looking straight at me. She smiled and kept walking. I was taken back by a stranger looking at me naked. It played on my mind that I had flashed another person and it turned me on.

A couple of weeks later I came home and jumped in the shower and my hand went to my cock and I thought about the woman again. I was so turned on. I went out into the back room and looked to see if anyone was coming down the road. I was jerking my cock and I was getting ready to cum when I saw the lady from the other day walking down the road on the other side.

As she was coming down she started to cross over onto my side. I rushed back into the dining room and stood close to the window jerking off. As she got close she looked around and slowed up as she got to the window. As I looked at her she smiled and looked straight at my cock that I was jerking.

As she looked I was so horny I kept jerking and all of a sudden I started Cumming. I saw her lick her lips, smile at me and walk away. I was still horny so I waited a while and another woman walked past the window but she did not look in.

I kept this up for a few more weeks and I got game and left the front door open so when the lady slowed up or stopped I would walk to the front door and let her see me naked again.

A couple of weeks later I stood in front of the window again and when she came past again she stopped and watched me but before I cum she walked away. I went into the hall way near the front door and she came to the front door.

She smiled and asked if she could come in. I led her into the dining room and I stood in front of her naked with a hardon. She looked at my cock and then asked me why I had let her see me naked and jerk off. I told her the 1st time was an accident but had turned me on I felt I had to keep doing it. I then asked her she had liked it.

She said nothing for a bit and then said it had turned her on so much she would go home and pleasure herself. She then said her husband would not do anything like what I had done. I thought I had nothing to lose so I asked her if she would like to get naked with me and we could cum together.

She looked at me and said she would but I could not touch her. I agreed and she removed all her cloths. As we stood facing each other we looked into each others eyes and I started to jerk off, she moved her hand to her shaved pussy and started fingering herself.

As we were getting ready to cum I noticed another couple of women come past the window and one of the lady's look in. She smiled but kept walking. I noticed her fingering herself and she had one hand on her boob and playing with her nipple. I moved my hand up to my boob and started playing with my nipple and it turned me on even more.

She looked at me and watched me until I told her I was going to cum and with that she also said she was and we both cum together. After we both cum we both kept playing with our nipples and she said it was the 1st time she has seen a guy play with their nipples.

After a while she got dresses and said she was going. I stayed naked and we walked to the front door. She turned and said her goodbyes, reached over and took my cock in her hand. Jerked it for a bit and then left.

To this day I have never seen her again. I never found out her name either.

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