Wife's Shetland Ponies

by Tim (NJ)

My wife and I live on a small ranch, in the middle of Texas. Unfortunately, we never could have children. Our sex life has been great for almost 20 years now.

Isolated from others, we frequently go nude at the end of the workday, weather permitting.

My wife was rubbing her pussy, while she confessed that she has always gotten turned on watching our farm animals and pets mating.

She said the mating season is her favorite time of the year. Watching our horses, cattle, and dogs get aroused. The big cocks throbbing and then cumming turned her insides to jelly.

I had noticed her behavior over the years and wasn't surprised by her confession. Our sex was especially robust during those times. Her staring really was kind of obvious when she saw the big cocks of the male animals.

So we decided to go to the next level. Whenever she saw a hard cock she would get to touch it.

Eventually she started stroking them, getting them used to her hands. She then went to rubbing their cocks over her pussy lips.

Afraid of the size of their cocks, she never penetrated herself with them. But she would make them cum with her hands.

We've seen Shetland ponies breeding and I asked her if she was open to fucking one of them.

Their cocks were big compared to me, but not so big as to scare her. We bought a couple of studs and brought them home to our ranch.

Before I could get them in the pen, she grabbed both of their cocks, and started jacking them off. After they came, she let them settle down and get used to their surroundings.

Later that day she fucked them both. One after the other. Her pussy was sore and temporarily stretched, but the big grin said she was so happy for doing it.

Needless to say, our sex life has changed and can't go back to what it was, and that's okay with both of us.

Indranidebi Becomes A Dog Lover
Satabdi (India)

Due to non-availability of major role in the Bengalee film (Tollygung) Indranidebi's (famous actress cum classical dancer) frustrations grips her day by day.

However she can acquire it at any time by sharing bed with the producer but being an actual "Sati" (in Indian perspect Sati means a woman who has physical relationship with her husband only during her life) she doesn't compromise with her chastity (Sati image).

But to maintain her normal life, Indranidebi involves herself with her dance coaching & minor role in some film or acting in TV serial. Her high life-style can't cope up with the low earning.

In this critical juncture her sister-like friend Rachanadebi (38 yrs Bengalee actress cum TV anchor specially known as Didi No 2) proposes her one day to act in porn-film.

"No no it's impossible, acting in blue film means to loose my chastity" Indranidebi strongly rejects.

"I assure you that your chastity will remain intact. And not only that you will earn 50 lakh within 30 minutes just by fucking a German bull dog." Rachanadebi clarifies.

"What! I have to fuck with a dog!" Indranidebi surprises.

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Sep 16, 2020
My wife and other pleasure
by: Anonymous

I have watched my wife fuck our dog many times,she loves it.one night we were smoking coke she fucked him 12 times. She told me as soon as his balls go into her she starts to climax

Jun 26, 2020
big dog lover
by: Anonymous

Big dog lover.
Excellent story, I once watched a married woman have sex with two dogs at the same time, very horny . Thank you

Franko title, doggy love.

Jul 14, 2019
Love it
by: Anonymous

Had a hard on the whole story keep on writing.LOL ROSSCOCK.

Jun 15, 2019
by: Alma

I get so turned on when i read juicy hot beastiality stories with a twist of incest pussy be sreaming for a fuckfest. If anyone is interpreted in breaking me in to da world of beastiality my emsil address is in the title part of this message

May 28, 2019
ponies for pussy
by: Anonymous

I'm happy to hear of other ladies that enjoy those big horse cocks as much as I do , Love Melody 💜

Mar 16, 2019
Love this! Wish I could get fucked by a horse in TX
by: Allen Paul

I have always loved horses, but not in a sexual way. This story made me horny and I really started feeling like I want to go to a ranch like this and have real horses fuck my ass until they cum! I would let the ranchers film it and sell the videos too! If anyone has such a place or knows of one, let me know how to get in touch and make arrangements. Thanks!

Jan 29, 2019
Big cock
by: Anonym17 inches mine is bigous

Your ponies were big but my cock got do much action let me tell you what I have done I was at the market and I had a big cucumber in my hand and this very cute women was looking at me and I said big cucumber and she said wow that's a good one and looked down at my cock and said I wish my husband's was that big and I said my cock is bigger and she said stop your lying and she said you wish it was and I said why you think I am lying to you he said that if she she saw it and it is bigger than she would suck it and fuck every week that she was at the market and I said it's a bet so I took her to my house and I pulled out my cock and she said that she was only kidding and I said I would love to call off the bet and I told her that she was going to fuck it and suck it and she looked at it and got down on her knees and he stuck it in her mouth and grabbed her head and started to fuck her face hard and he held her head and blew a big big hot juicy load down her throat and she said ok that she had to leave but he pulled down her pants and panties and Bent her over and started to fuck the shit out of her and she said it hurts and I kept on fucking her harder and harder and she said don't you dare stop and to fuck her harder and harder and he blew a another huge load and she got up and said I will see you next week

Jan 26, 2019
by: Anonymous

mmm my wife loved fucking dogs and horse cum mmm i love it

Jan 18, 2019
Wife's Shetland ponies
by: Anonymousbutch

That's hot a huge turn on

Dec 02, 2018
by: Pink Thing

I absolutely love the story....I enjoy zoo...er I mean I enjoy reading zoo stories...one can only hope it's based on real events. Thank u.

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