Wife's Dog Breeding

by Claire (Iowa)

My wife Tammi always wants sex. We talked it over and to keep her home so she was not screwing other guys all the time while I was at work.

We decided to get a dog just to breed with her. She told me she had fucked a dog before a few times. She assured me if the dog would breed her every day she would not go whoring around the city.

We went to a dog kennel that specializes in breeding dogs for wife's pleasure. Once in the country we arrived and met the owner he took us to the breeding room.

My wife was allowed to strip naked and lay with her legs apart against a small inclined table. One by one a dog was allowed to enter the room where we watched from another room through a one way mirror.

Each dog, "ten in all" were allowed to have its way with her. They lick her and hump her one at a time until all ten had breed her once.

We entered the breeding room once the last of them was done. She laid on her stomach motionless. I rolled her over as she lay with her legs apart, her hole swollen, red and used looked so inviting.

We found a dog suitable for breeding her. She picked the one she said had the largest cock and we drove home. I told the dog to get used to mama pussy.

He took to her and once we had him home, it only took a minute before she had him mount her again. The breeding did not take long before he shot his doggy cum inside her pussy.

The next day he mounted her three times and has continued to hump her to this day. She stays home and lets the dog have her sex any time he wishes. I told her I had talked with the guy who sold us the dog.

He said business was slow and wanted to know if my wife would come over once or twice a week to breed the dogs keeping them in their prime. She eagerly agreed and has been the kennels bitch for the past three months.

She asked if she could stop as she was getting so screeched with all the breeding and dog knots. I informed the owner of the kennel "right in front of her" that he could kennel her if he wanted to.

She looked at me with saddened eyes and maybe some fear. I assured her it was where she belonged. This is where she needed to be all the time.

She was kenneled months ago and is the bitch he uses to teach the new dogs how to breed. I actually mounted her the other day but had to use her ass as her pussy is so starched out it is a full time gaping hole.

She continues to be a breeder and I visit her once a week. She has her own dog color and dog tag. The tag reads, "BITCH FOR BREEDING"! I am so proud of her now that she can get all the cock she has always wanted.

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Jan 13, 2021
by: Anonymous

Its what she was made for. She started out young . Might as well let her enjoy herself. I,d say she started before he said she did. Seeing a beautiful woman on all four is common now days. Just start paying attention the ones with dogs and you start noticing alot more are fucking dogs. Watch how they react around dogs> Where their hand goes and them kissing the dogs.

Dec 13, 2020
loved it
by: Anonymous

A bit beyond the believable....but so what, still hot!

Dec 13, 2020
by: Anonymous

IMO, not a very well throughout or written story..

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