Weekend With J And Dog

by Czodias (Canada)

J visited my place over the weekend. She always tells me that she feels relaxed and erotically abandoned spending with me and she comes to my place for a ‘relaxed time.’ This night after our dinner we decided to watch some hard-core Jamaican porn.

There were more than a dozen of such movies available to watch and when I asked J which one she wanted she replied - "all of them." I started with number one and as the action quickly heated up, I undressed J and myself and when we were naked and the girl on the screen had an 8” thick black cock up her pussy spreading her thighs and legs lifted up, pounding and pounding, J fondled my cock as I was massaging her pussy using some lotion.

As I continued with massaging her inner lips along the slit, she was so wet that I easily got three fingers up her hole, which made her loudly moan, and she positioned herself so that she could watch the movie while she sucked my cock. It didn't take five minutes of this gorgeous woman sucking me and I came gushes into her mouth as she swallowed my entire load.

After I came, I wanted to relax and lay back and wondered how J at her prime age of 30 was into so much sex. Although she had cum about three times as I fingered her, she wanted to continue to watch the movies and asked me very softly to keep rubbing her pussy. I rolled her on top of me in a sixty-nine position. She took my limp cock in her mouth and started to suck.

I got hard soon enough and after about thirty minutes I shot another load down her pretty throat. In the meantime, she continued to have even some more mini-orgasms as I licked both of her holes. I knew when she was about to come because she squeezed my head with her thighs as her abdomen area started to tremble in waves.

After the second blow-job she continued to suck and watch the fucking scenes on the TV screen as she came over and over. About forty minutes after that I came in her tight little mouth for the third time that night. It was the best sex I had ever had.

She finally took my cock out of her mouth and said softly that she could not cum any more. Now we lay together and talked. She has a sweet little face with full lips that just beg to be kissed. I held her tenderly and kissed her, tongue searching for each others, fighting, licking and trying to suck in ... and as she got aroused, she climbed on top of me and slowly put my soft cock in-between her engorged wet pussy lips.

Even though I had cum three times, I felt myself responding to her warm sweet pussy as she rolled her slit against my hardening cock. As we were fucking she whispered, as if someone might hear her, how her mother had gotten her pills before she had her first period and explained the fun and excitement of sex and encouraged J to "fuck all you can while you can." Her mother and father divorced when J was 18 yo.

Her mother did not marry again but had many men friends but never anyone seriously. Her mother often played around with J in the room and several of her men friends wanted to fuck J but she wouldn't let them. J said she had a steady group of boys at school who fucked her almost every day a week but she had no idea how excited she would get at watching animal sex with women.

When I asked her if she would like to try it herself, she kissed me hard and said "yessss" over and over. About then my hardening cock went in and out of her wet-slippery cunt rapidly and fucked her deep for about half an hour until I came for the fourth time. That was a record for my old cock and it went limp for the night.

I got tempted by her wish to watch dog-sex and told her that I had a big male Retriever that we could experiment with. She hugged me and called her mother to tell her she was staying with me till the end of the weekend. I asked J if she would tell her mother about her K-9 fun and she said she would if it was as much fun as she thought it would be.

Next day J didn't even want to eat, she wanted to see my dog! He is a big, trained to commands, male of about 120 pounds. He had a well endowed cock, very inviting when out of his sheath. J sat next to him and rubbed the sheath of his cock and his red, wet cock slid out until about ten inches were visible. Jenny got very excited and knelt down with her sweet little pussy all wet and willing.

I helped her to turn around and took position on her four. He sniffed around and J moaned as he licked her gash a couple of times and she had a huge orgasm. He was very excited and I picked him up so that his front legs were around J's waist and I guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and it slid into her juicy hole quite easily as she opened her thighs a little to ease his penetration.

They both started humping like crazy! She was continually moaning and came with a big lunge as he put his tennis-ball sized knot into her cunt and stopped humping for few seconds. She almost fainted and fell to the floor-mat with her ass still high – I rushed to hold her from falling flat. The dog stayed in her until his knot popped out and a flood of his cum poured from her hole.

He quickly licked her cunt, which she loved, and went to the side of the room to lick his cock clean. She told me how much she liked her first dog fuck and hoped there would be more. I had no idea how long he would rest, or if he could do it again in the same night!! But that late at night J was ready for another dog fuck and this time the fucking lasted about half an hour and J had multiple orgasms.

In the meantime, I had a perpetual hard-on and J said it was time for me to get some fun and began to suck me. I lasted about two minutes until I shot my load into her willing mouth. I wanted to fuck her with doggy cum inside but she told me that she was sore down there and needed to recover. Then she asked me to break-in her ass if I wished. I lubed her very well and liberally coated my cock too. With little effort I slid my cock into her warm asshole and she had no trouble taking it into her ass.

She told her mother everything that went on that weekend and her mother insisted on coming to my house the next weekend with J so she could watch, she said. What she really wanted was to get fucked by me and the dog too. She was a beautiful woman in her late 40s and was just like her daughter, only slightly bigger with broader ass cheeks and a pair of ample boobs. Let’s see what happened next time with her!

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Apr 09, 2020
weekend with J the dog NEW
by: Sue

Loved this one. Thank you.

Apr 08, 2020
A speedy soft sex story.
by: Anonymous

Dear sir
Many of the readers like me want
elobarate explanations of both the sex
organs.Also most of us want the author to
use vulgar sex words.That gives a kick.
Ofcourse I enjoyed the story because it contains both human sex and
animal sex.I enjoyed rather.Best of luck.

Mar 21, 2020
I can relate to that.
by: Kerry

My Husband and I live in Townsville QLD Aust , I,am 64 and he is 65 .We had to look after a friends K9 last year while they went on a holiday, A white Lab.I was in the lounge room watching Tv. I sat and brushed him for a while when i noticed his big Cock hanging down Thick and long, This got my cunt very wet. I never ware any nickers ,I parted my legs and let him lick my Cunt out. My Cunt was on fire as he licked and licked me out, And my Husband looked on and started to flog himself.I got of the lounge and got on all fours, Well that Cock just found its way into my wet Cunt , and pumped and pumped me full of warm Cum. As he got off me my Husband slipped his Cock into my well Fucked Cunt. We had him for Two weeks and I could not get enough of that Cock,Day and Night , After he went back home we went and got a K9 of our own, Best thing ever. Love Kerry xxxxxx.

Mar 11, 2020
Wife with dog
by: Anonymous

My wife and I have a very active sex life and fantasize about all kind of things, she likes to imagine I am fucking a young girl with thick pubic hair. She also loves talking about threesomes and me getting sloppy seconds after another guy has cum in her.

We have a rather large dog and one day he tried to mount my wife's girlfriends leg, his cock was hanging down and we watched him lick it until it went back out of sight.

That night we were having sex when she said you know how we fantasize sexy thoughts I said yes, she then said how about if we let our dog join in the fun to which I said a great idea.

Next day she gave the dog a bath and made special attention to his genitals, that night we both got naked sat on the edge of the bed and called the dog in, she opened her legs and he took a sniff of her hairless pussy and gave it a few licks, my wife laid on the floor and I slid my rock hard cock into her, the dog caught on quick as he licked our genitals while we were fucking.

We started rubbing his cock and after a few seconds the pink tip came into view, after a few minutes the huge 9 inch thick cock was hanging down waiting for some fun, my wife got on her knees and I helped him mount her and get this big cock into her pussy slit.

Well he rode her immediately and started to hump as the big cock was jammed all the way in and my wife was groaning with delight as she had multiple orgasms, he slowed down to short strokes and I noticed she had his knot shoved inside her.

She stayed that way for a while till his huge cock slipped out of her pussy with cum everywhere and the dog dismounted. I was so randy that I turned her on her back, parted her thighs wide and then slid my cock into her gaping doggy cum filled hole.

It was soaking wet and sloppy I had dog cum dripping all over my balls and my wife was having more orgasms as I shot a massive jet of hot cum into her, we just laid there for a while with my limp cock still soaking in her dog and human cum.

We did this many times after that ....

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