Up the Mountain

by Bill Austin (Omaha, NE)

I love to climb mountains, and at one time, I thought I would like to try and climb all the 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. Nicknamed the 14teeners, I based out of Aspen for about half of them. It is best to start early in the morning so you can summit before the rain storms come in.

In the summer time it is called the Colorado monsoon because almost every afternoon in the summer there are showers in the mountains.

I started at first light, just by myself. There were several trail heads from the parking lot I was in and several groups were starting up at the same time.

There was this dog that joined us, a large dog that looked like a golden retriever. He started following me, but I thought he was with another group starting up another peak. I tried to shoo him back to his group but he seemed to want to hike with me.

The route was a good trail though the aspens and then changed to fir trees.

Just the dog and me, going up hill. I have to stop and catch my breath every so often. Every time I stopped, there was dog. I would pet him and scratch him behind his ears. I would drink from my water bottles and shared some with him.

They call them pitches, or false peaks. From below it looks like you are reaching the top only to find out there are miles to go. Soon it was lunch time and I was 1000 feet below the summit. I stopped for lunch, sandwiches and gorp. I took a slice of meat out on one sandwich and gave it to the dog.

Now, he was my friend for life. The higher you get, the thinner is the air, and the slower you go. As I was nearing the top it was hard for me to believe how show I was going. In the aircraft world, you have to have oxygen to be legal at 14K.

After reaching the top, someone had made a rock wall for a shelter. The wind is un-abated, and the temperature is much colder.

I nestled down behind the rock wall, took out my little pipe, and filled it with, not tobacco. The dog came over to share body heat and stay out of the wind. I smoked away and starting playing with the dog. I could see his dick starting to show from his sheath.

I reached down and rubbed his sheath and could feel his knot starting to grow. As he got excited, I started getting excited. Soon he was standing up with his back humped up so I pulled my pants down and got on all fours. He came up behind me and started licking my asshole.

Now, I was really turned on. I reached back and grabbed a front leg. He got the idea really fast and mounted me. I could feel his cock poking me all over and around where he wanted to be. Pre-cum was splashing all over my ass and his bone was starting to hurt because he couldn't find my hole.

I reached back to help him. As his bone found home he started vibrating and pumping like crazy. I could feel his dick growing fatter the harder he pushed. I relaxed and boom, his knot slipped inside me. His pumping slowed down or almost stopped.

I could feel him throbbing and knew he was shooting cum inside me at every throb. By this time I was so excited, that I cum all over the ground in front of me. I know some people play with choking their partner or trying to go into oxygen depletion in order to enhance their organism.

Believe me, you don't need to do that at over 14,000 feet. It was one of the most intense organisms I have ever had. We both lay there, spent and tired, very satisfied. When his knot reduced, he pulled out and started licking himself. We shared some water and started back down.

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Jan 09, 2021
licker-humer-hiker NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad you were pleased. Sounds like you have been doing it with dogs way before this. Sounds like you have a keeper and took him home.

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