The Ranch

by Anonymous (Florida)

We are moving out of state and my hubby said let’s see if we can find a ranch not too far from the beach. I laughed and said a ranch you know nothing about horses. He said we could learn can’t we. I never argue with him because he has a huge cock and after twenty years of marriage he still fucks me like it’s our first time.

He said tomorrow we have to go and look at one. I said ok and he grabbed me and off to the bedroom for some great fucking. The next morning we get up, fuck again take a shower and off we go. We pull up to this beautiful place and it was only two blocks from the beach.

We meet the owner, John and he says cmon I’ll show you around. We walk around and I spot this huge horse. I say to John who is that and he says oh that’s Max, he staying with you. Not only was Max huge, his cock was also huge. I said is he friendly and John said yes he’s a ladies man.

I said to myself, yes with a cock like that I’m sure he’s a hit with the ladies. I pet Max and a real gentle. John gives us the keys and says you’re going to love it here. We walk around and hubby is so happy.

He takes me in the barn lays me down in the hay and fucks me right next to Max. Hubby cums deep inside me and he helps me up and we go inside. We take a shower and I cook a nice meal. I put the TV on and hubby is standing there pulling on his huge cock.

He says you want to watch TV when you can have my big cock. I shut the TV off so fast laid on my back and hubby started to get me ready for what I wanted, his cock. I’ve got really big tits and hubby lives to kick suck and smack them. He sucks and is licking my pussy and I grab his face and tell him I’m ready to be fucked.

He climbs on top of me and slowly gets all of his cock inside me. I’m always wet so taking all of him is no problem for me. He’s fucking me deep and I love it when he cums deep inside me. I cum a couple of times and I feel his big load deep inside me.

We’re laying on the bed and I opening my pussy tasting his cum, when he says you could probably take a horse cock in that big pussy. I said to him bring it on. He said ok let’s go out to the barn and you can fuck Max. I said are you crazy now go to sleep. I was very restless thinking about Max and his huge horse cock.

The next morning we get up, I get my morning fuck and hubby says let’s hit the beach. I’m already very tan so I put on my yellow thong and off we go. The beach wasn’t crowded and we had a good time but now it’s getting late and I said let’s go home. We leave and when we get home there’s Max and his cock is out.

Hubby says I think he wants you and I tell him stop already. He says you told me you wanted a horse cock, well there it is. I called his bluff took of my thong and said find me something to lay on. Hubby comes out the barn with this padded bench which looked like it was made for a woman to have sex with a horse.

I told hubby to pet Max and I laid underneath him. I grabbed his huge cock and started to pull on it. I said to hubby is this what you want to see and he says I want to see more. I put Max’s cock in my mouth and started to suck it. I look at hubby and he’s jerking off pulling his own big cock. He says more do more.

I crawl underneath Max and guide his cock into my waiting wet pussy. OMG I can believe how good his cock feels inside me. I was putting him in and out of me. Hubby says how does it feel and I tell him great. Hubby is now using his phone to film me and that is making even hornier.

I say to him you want to record your wife fucking big horse cock and he says yes. Max’s cock is now rock hard and I came twice already getting ready for number three, when Max explode inside me. Hubby sees all of Max’s cum and says holy shit he cums a lot. I pull his cock out of me because now I want to taste it.

Mmmmmmmmm I swallow a lot of his cum and hubby is cumming all over the place. The strange thing is that Max is still hard so I fuck him again. What the hell am I doing but I know hubby wanted me to have horse sex and I really enjoyed and I know this is going to our new found fun, me fucking Max and hubby at the ranch.

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Jan 14, 2021
The Ranch NEW
by: Carol

Anonymous I’ve always loved to fuck and I’m hornier now then when I was younger. It’s part fantasy as I would like to try it. I’ve fucked a lot of big cocks in my life so I think I can handle it.

Jan 11, 2021
I guess this is fantasy but sexy hot
by: Anonymous

regardless of what I think of the story, I just don't know any women that horny. Not saying they are not out there but I guess I just have lived a cloistered life. I would like to see this first hand.

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