The Neighbor’s Doggie Urges

by Anonymous

Two months ago after I’d turned eighteen I accidently saw my neighbor Charlesetta getting fuck by a large German Shepherd dog. She’s in her fifties and a very sexy looking ebony woman with wide flaring hips and a huge bubble shape ass.

I've had the hots for her ever since I saw her sunbathing on her backyard patio. She was wearing a yellow one piece bathing suit that at the V between her full thighs barely covered her extremely hairy pussy. Long black and greying pubes peeked out on both sides. Her husband was always out of town working and would be gone days and weeks at times.

So one weekend my parents went to visit relatives and since I didn't feel up to going, they allowed me to stay home. That Friday night I had settled down to watching a movie on TV when I heard a dog barking loudly next door. I looked out the window and saw another neighbor's dog at the door steps of Charlesetta's house.

At that very moment she opened the door and I could see her bending down patting him on the head and saying something. She was wearing only a long white sheer nightgown without any bra and panty because I could clearly see her pear size tits and hairy bush through it. I got an instant hard on watching her as the dog started jumping up and licking her face.

He was a large black and tan German shepherd well groomed and healthy looking. She grabbed him by his collar and led him into her house closing the door behind. Then I saw the door window blinds drop down and close. This had me puzzled as to why she'd let this dog into her house as it was now getting dark.

A little later I felt like making myself a smoothie drink. I like it with fresh banana and strawberries. I got out the strawberries from the fridge then realized I'd eaten the last banana earlier at breakfast. So I thought I'd go over next door and ask Charlesetta if she had one that I could have.

I walked over to the door but just as I was about to knock I could see plainly in between the window blinds into her house cause they were closed backwards and slightly opened. The sight that greeted my eyes was shocking. There was my sexy neighbor Charlesetta naked on the floor on her hand and knees and head resting on the couch facing the door.

On her back and tightly gripping her full hips was the shepherd, fucking her and pounding hard. Her fleshy ass cheeks were wobbling like a bowl of jello as his bloated cum filled balls thudded loudly against them and his cock drove fiercely and deep into her hairy pussy. Charlesetta had a look of pure fuck lust in her eyes as they rolled back from time to time.

I just stood there watching with disbelief but enjoying this very erotic scene. Since it was dark I knew she could not see me watching so I stayed there amazed at what I was seeing. Then after several more minutes the shepherd’s knot slowly appeared as it withdrew from Charlesetta’s widely stretched well used and worn leathery pussy lips.

I also noticed there was a small plastic bowl on the floor right underneath her pussy and as he finally pulled out, a flood of dog cum pour out of her gaping pussy directly into the bowl. The size of this dog’s cock was unbelievable. It was at least 10 inches long and a couple inches wide and a knot the size of a baseball. His ball sacks were now hanging low completely emptied of their once load of hot canine gravy.

I wondered how Charlesetta was able to take such a monster size cock and knot so deep inside her body? She quickly turned around and grabbed the shepherd’s cock and began sucking it off for a couple minutes. Then she released his softening cock as he pulled away then went lay in a corner apparently exhausted.

Charlesetta picked the bowl from the floor as she sat on the couch, then began drinking the dog’s cum. This was too much for me at this point and I began to shoot my own load inside my shorts. Afterwards I quietly slipped away and went back home.

Needless to say, I wanted to see this happen again but this time actually being there to watch. Then after a few days I worked up the nerve and told Charlesetta all what I'd seen. She was shocked and begged me never to tell anyone and that she’d do anything I wanted for my silence.

So I told Charlesetta that I’d love for her to suck my cock and fuck her if she’d let me. She happily assured me that this would be no problem then said for me to follow her into her bedroom. Right then and there she pulled down the shorts I was wearing and grabbed my raging hard on then got down on her knees and went to sucking it.

She deep throated my cock down to my balls and expertly managed to lick them at the same time. This black mama was a professional at blowjobs. It didn’t take long before I blew a huge load down her throat straight into her belly. The thought of her digesting my cum and becoming part of her body soon had me blowing a second load within minutes. That one totally drained my balls.

Charlesetta told me she wondered if I would ever stop cumming and that she’d never swallowed that much cum from a man’s cock before. She said that my load was very tasty and she would love to have more and that I could come over for blowjobs and fucking as much as I wanted to whenever her husband was out working. That got my cock stirring back to life.

Charlesetta saw it and without hesitation began sucking and licking my shrunken ball sacks which immediately made my cock rock hard and throbbing against her face and forehead as my balls started filling with yet another load. Within minutes they were full and bloated. Charlesetta stopped sucking my cock then looked at me with her sexy bedroom eyes and told me she wanted me to fuck her now.

Quickly she took off her blouse and skirt then stood there before me in only her black bra and panties. I couldn’t help but stare and admire the curves on this older woman’s teasing tan voluptuous body. And that wiry bush that sprouted out on all sides of her panties was amazingly thick. There was even a treasure trail of hair leading up and into her belly button.

As Charlesetta took off her bra I quickly peeled down her panties. She stepped out of them and kick them off to the side on the floor. Laying down on the bed and spreading her thick thighs wide open said, “Fuck me baby and fill my pussy with a load of your hot fresh cum.” She pulled away some of those wiry greying pubes exposing her brown leathery pussy lips and large clit.

I climbed into the bed and got between her soft thighs and aimed my cock at her opened hole. Like a mad man I drove my raging hard on straight into her hairy hot pussy and began pounding away mercilessly. Charlesetta was moaning and gyrating her body from side to side as her well used and experience pussy pulled at my cock till I was buried balls deep into her belly.

We fucked this way in the missionary position for a few minutes then switch to doggy style. Gripping her soft ass, I started pounding away at her pussy and was mesmerized as I watched those fleshy ass cheeks wiggle and wobble like jelly as they bounced against me.

Soon Charlesetta yelled she was cumming and at that very moment I began spewing wad after wad of my cum deep inside her body till it slowly started leaking out of her pussy and sliding down her thighs. We both collapsed onto the bed totally exhausted.

I pulled my shrunken cock out and watched as my cum pour from her gaping hole and soak into the bed sheet. What a wonderful fuck and experience Charlesetta gave me. So now you know how this all turned out. Not only am I getting to watch Charlesetta fuck and suck off dogs, but I’ve been enjoying the best sex of my young life when banging this sexy mature ebony cum dumpster whenever I feel like it!

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Dec 22, 2020
Cum eater.
by: Anonymous

If I had seen her getting fuck i would have got ready to go in there and eat her pussy as soon as that cock pulled out !

Dec 12, 2020
good dog.
by: Anonymous

My woman and I have a hound that we have to fuck daily, so good. I fuck her dog while he mounts me shoving his cock up my ass, feels just wonderful, when we finish, he recovers he mounts her giving her a good fucking too.

Sep 11, 2020
Lucky guy

Nice story loved it i would love to try ROSSCOCK BRISBANE.

Apr 28, 2020
Its the dream
by: Anonymous

Man having a girl like that to do whatever with whenever is a literal dream

Jan 28, 2019
Just to make my sister happy.
by: Anonymous

That's a great story.

I found that my older sister and father were enjoying the same experiences. My father being guiding the dog, into my sisters tight cunt after he had fucked her.

I just never understood how my sister was able to take the size of our dogs knot, as he is a very large Dane.

He always just keeps pushing into her and finally it always manages to slide onto her. After that its not long before he shoots his load and I can tell that my sister goes off completely at the same time.

I have talked to my sister about this many time and she keeps begging me not to tell our mother, as she says that she cant stop and it makes her feel so complete. She has offered to fuck me if I wont tell, but I tell her that I wont ever say anything as long as I can continue to watch them.

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