The Little Mare

by bestoverall11

Hey my name is Billy I am twenty-five and single. I have a few girls I hook up with sometimes.

They are always willing to get my big cock. Its ten inches long and four inches thick. I know it's been measured a few times by the girls I see.

Well this all starts when I was looking in the paper for work. I saw a add that said need someone to take care of small horse farm no experience needed well paid.

Well it was over a hundred miles away but I called anyway. The guy I talked to said there is a place I could stay in at the farm. It sounded good and I told him I would be there as soon as possible.

He told me just feed and water them and let them out in the morning. He said he wouldn't be there for a few weeks to meet me. He said everything you need is there.

He told me where the house key was hidden and we said good bye. I fallowed the GPS until I drove down a long drive way to a farm place. I got the key and went inside.

There were pictures all over the place of miniature horses. I unpacked my clothes and walked out on the porch. I was eager to see these small horses. I walked to a real nice barn and went in.

There were pens on one side and small horses were in them. I walked next to them and looked they were so small. They weren't much taller than my knees. I walked over and saw a note on the wall.

All these are breeding mares. The reason I'm gone I'm going after a stud horse. It told me how much to feed them and stuff. I started feeding them and noticed one of them had her tail up.

She was a little red on but her pussy was black. It was swelled up and wet as hell. Every few seconds it would wink showing the bright red insides. There was something so hot about it.

I felt my dick jerk and start getting hard. I have never thought of felling animal's pussy . But wanted to feel this on really bad. I knelt down behind her and put my fingers on her pussy.

Her little pussy kept winking and I had to do it. I slip a finger about half way in it and it clamped down on it when it winked. It was so hot in her pussy it had my cock hard as steel.

I had to give it room and pulled down my pants. My big cock swung in the air and pointed straight out. I couldn't take anymore I moved closer to her and put my hands on her back.

She raised her tail wanting me to breed her. My cock was the perfect height and it bounced as the blood pumped thru it. As soon as I pushed the head in her she humped her ass a few times.

When she settled down, I pushed a little more in her. She was so tight and hot as hell. She stepped from side to side and humped back at me. I pulled back and pushed sinking all of my meat deep in her wet cunt.

It kept trying to wink and I felt it on my nuts. It felt better than any woman I ever fucked. I went crazy and started slamming in her as deep as I could.

I made it for only a few minutes when I started blasting my cum in her. I cum so hard I got lite headed and my knees buckled.

Well needless to say I will be working her for a good while.

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Jan 11, 2021
fun on the open range NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a friend whose family owned 1000 s of open range acres. They had horses and lots of cattle. I often spent time at his family farm. Once we were talking about fucking girls and his brother said he saw him fuck one of the horses. He denied it but I started to think I needed some of that for myself. We went out to check of the cattle with horses and I found myself alone with my horse, a mare. I decided I would fuck this horse. Found the perfect depression in the ground backed the horse into it and dropped my pants and put my cock into her pussy. Well I am just to small to really enjoy her pussy. A horse cock is huge after all. I put my cock away just in time because they came looking for me.

Dec 09, 2020
Wonderful Sex
by: Anonymous

Horse sex is great. Nothing better than horse/pony pussy.

Oct 20, 2020
I Have Always Been Curious
by: Lister

I have been curious about animal sex since i saw a stallion fucking a mare, the reason i have a monster cock and no woman can take all of it inside her, i didn't intend to go onto this site i think i miss spelled, the first vid was a farmer fucking a small horse, since then i have wanted to try it but never had the opportunity, i am frustrated about it,

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