The Adventures Of Scarlett. A Day At The Farm Part 2

by Scarlett (Australia)

The stallion was shrieking as Ginger pummelled his ass with her mighty cannon while Sarayanl deep throated his big horse cock. It was Ginger’s super strong grip that prevented the frightened horse from running away in blind panic.

Meanwhile I was pounding the farmer’s ass and then I erupted a massive torrent of cum which sprayed around my cock as I pumped him full of my juice. It looked like he was going to burst like a balloon as the torrent continued to flood him. As I pulled out my semi-hard cock the hot cum blew from his ass like a burst water pipe.

Dripping cum my cock started to harden in seconds as I watched the stallion collapse from shock and exhaustion with cum spraying from under its tail. Ginger and Sarayanl looked for their next victim.

I pointed to Ginger “Look sis, COWS!!!...Sorry Sarayanl no cocks.”

Ginger smiled “Let’s get into them, Scarlett.”

Before we could rape any of the cows Moma came over with her farmer client “Girls, come here. I have a job for you”

Both my cock and Ginger’s cock were throbbing with lust and cum, dripped in readiness for another eruption. Sarayanl fingered her dripping pussy.

“Yes Moma, what do you want us to do?” I asked

Moma smiled “Those animals you have been playing with belong to that bastard that is trying to destroy my client. You know what to do girls, don’t you?”

We all looked at each other and Sarayanl orgasmed spraying juice onto the ground. “Yes Moma, we will have fun doing it”

Still dripping Sarayanl walked up to the towering steel windmill and purred. This was going to be fun. She pulled at one of the steel legs and shook the delicate structure causing pieces to fall off and then bent it with incredible strength, pulling the windmill out of alignment and toppling the structure. Ripping off part of the steel leg she crushed and moulded the steel into a large dildo and started to pleasure her hungry pussy.

My own pussy was dripping as I watched Sarayanl pleasure herself. My sister purred with ecstasy as rubbed her engorged clit with her steel dildo.

I spied his car and thought it would make an excellent sex object.

The farmer looked surprised as I walked up to his neighbour’s car. My Moma smiled “Now you will see the true power of a Futanari”

I stood in front of the car and I started to crush each side of the car and compacted it between my thighs. The steel folded like paper and then I rammed my cock through the radiator and then smashed my monster all the way through the engine block.

Thrusting in and out through the ruined engine my big knob head and thick blood filled veins on my cock ripped off shavings of steel as I brutally smashed the block.

The farmer had heard of the power of the Futanari but was aghast at what we could do “Oh My God!! Don’t your girls ever get tired? They have cum and cum over and over and so much. And that strength it is UNBELIEVABLE!!”

My mother was stripping off her clothing to show her stiff huge monster “No, we are capable of producing semen all day. We can’t exhaust it”

Moma waved to Ginger to approach and my horny sister slivered her wet pussy over Moma’s cock and bounced up and down on it.

Sarayanl had crushed her steel dildo and was now stuffing the legs of the windmill tower into her pussy filling it with broken steel. Screaming with orgasm the beautiful blonde squirted the shattered remains out over the field.

I continued to pound the wrecked engine and the car crumpled further as orgasm approached I squeezed the wreck together around my cock. I erupted cum and my hot sticky fluid squirted out of all the cracks in the engine block.

The other farmer I had brutally abused staggered towards with me with my sperm still dripping from his anus “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY CAR?!”

I said “Go away before I wreck your house.”

He looked at my dripping semi hard monster cock and ran off screaming like a madman.

I walked over to my Moma’s client farmer and he sort of bowed to me to acknowledge a much superior life form.

I licked the cum off my upper lip and fingered the strand hanging from the tip of my cock. I offered it to the farmer “Do you want to taste my cum? It’s full of protein.”

He sort of hesitated so I pushed my finger into his mouth and he licked my potent seed off my finger. I liked the feeling of his tongue on my finger and it sent my sex drive back into high gear.

I purred “I’ll let you fuck my pussy, sweety, would you like that?”

His knees almost gave way and the wedding ring on his finger meant nothing to me as I led him by the hand to his bedroom.

He stripped off his clothing and I hide my mirth when I see his cock. OMG!! It was less than half my length and less than half my thickness and those testicles! So small!!

I lowered myself onto his little cock and started to ride up and down on it. My big heavy testicles hit his groin every time I came down and I had to slow as they were hurting him. My big rampant monster pointed directly at his face.

I wondered how men ever gave pleasure with their tiny cocks for I could hardly feel it inside me. After a while I had had enough and I asked if he wanted his cock sucked. I took the precious little thing in my mouth and he came. His small load hardly covered my tongue when I swallowed it down my throat. After my life with cocky girls it was a major disappointment.

I needed more stimulation to satisfy my drive so outside I crushed the broken car into a small dense dildo and worked my pussy and watched Sarayanl rip the farmer’s water pipe from the ground and work the crushed remains in her pussy.

After a few minutes I pussy orgasmed, blowing juice on the ground and then my hard cock blew again squirting thick cords of stick cum over the ground.

After calming down I washed myself clean and put my clothes back on and went over to watch Moma erupt inside Ginger for the second time. Cum squirted back out my sister’s pussy as she screamed with pleasure.

After my family cleaned up we headed for home. In the car Moma smiled “Girls after you do your chores we are gonna have some fun this afternoon.”

We all squealed with delight. We knew Moma’s big cock so well.

The End

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