The Adventures Of Scarlett. A Day At The Farm Part 1

by Scarlett (Australia)

The morning after my 2nd Stage Puberty Party found me in bed with my sister Ginger, a beautiful dark headed Futa. Cum stained the bed sheets and ran from our intertwined bodies.

Moma came in and looked over the mess “Ok girls strip down the bed sheets and put them into the wash and get all that cum off you...we are going on a trip.”

Ginger pulled herself from under my semi hard cock “Where Moma? Where are we going?”

Moma smiled “It’s a business trip to a farm. A farmer wants to buy grain from my company.”

I gave a sneek smile to Ginger.....ANIMALS!!!!

Moma saw our grins “And girls!! BEHAVE YOURSELVES!! I don’t want you exhausting all his animals. Show some restraint.”

After breakfast we got dressed and stuffed our big cocks into stretchy workout tights which were able to stretch and not burst under the pressure of our big trunks.

My pussygirl sister Sarayanl came in “Can I join you two? I heard you are going to the farm.”

I looked at my beautiful blonde sister “Sure, honey but Moma forbid us from any fucking.”

Touching her nipples I whispered “But I think we will find a way.”

We all sat in the back of Moma’s car with Sarayanl in the middle, unable to keep our hands off each other. My cock was rock hard and stretching the material of my tights and Ginger had her cock out of her tights and was polishing her big knob with her thumb while licking Sarayanl’s ear lobe. Droplets of precum dribbled from her knob slit and she fed it to Sarayanl’s willing mouth.

Moma could hear the noise and smell the pheromones being generated by myself and Ginger.

She raised her voice “GIRLS!!! PLEASE!! We are confined to the car and I don’t want it filled with your cum. UNDERSTAND? Scarlett?....Ginger?”

We all nodded “Yes Moma” And sulked for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at the farm and the farmer waited for us. He was a middle aged brown haired person with a slight pot belly. Passing the animals in the fields we noticed cows, horses and in a far field, a muscular bull.

I pointed at the bull and then at myself and mouthed the word “MINE!!” Ginger pouted and shook her head and Sarayanl fingered her wet pussy, licked her lips, pointed at my cock and then at the bull and mouthed “MINE!!”

We got out of the car and the farmer gasped. My cock was so hard I stretched the material to its maximum extent threatening to burst the material. To ease the pressure I pulled down my tights and my big shaft bounced back up to the horror of the farmer. Ginger pulled down her own tights to produce a massive rampant monster.

We all stripped off our clothing and the farmer mumbled “Oh you have some Futa’s as daughters?”

Moma pulled up her skirt to show off her own massive power pole “I’m one as well.”

The farmer knew all Futas were super girls and the non-cocked daughters of a Futa were also super girls.

My cock stood out at magnificent size with precum dribbling from the tip and pooling at my feet. In those few seconds I produced more cum than a man could manage in a whole week.

The farmer pleaded “Please!! Please don’t molest my animals. I need them to survive.”

I pointed to the bull in the far field “Do you own that bull?”

The farmer shook his head. I said “Good. I WANT IT!!”

He tried to put fear into me “It’s dangerous.”

I smiled “That poses no problem to me at all.”

I ran for the field with Ginger and Sarayanl hot on my heels. With a mighty leap I jumped over the six foot high fence and dropped in front of the bull. The animal charged me and I grabbed its horns and stopped it dead in its tracks.

I looked at my sisters and smiled “Mine”

Spinning the protesting animal around I pushed apart its hind legs and slowly pushed my big knobhead up its ass feeling the delightful warmth as I slowly pushed apart its shit tunnel.

The bull grunted and whined as I held it firmly and thrust my hips in and out. Sarayanl got under the creature and started to fondle its cock, making it all engorged and big with blood.

The beautiful pussy girl sis licked that big bull cock while I battered his ass making him whine in protest.

Soon I erupted filling his hole with my hot cum and it spurted like a torrent back out the hole.

I pulled my semi-hard cock out of his ass followed by a torrent of cum flowing onto the ground.

Ginger yelled “MY TURN!!” And soon had her monster in the poor animal.

My cock was rock hard again in seconds and with cum dripping off my knob I looked around for more conquests.

The farmer who owned the bull came screaming across the field and I knew who I was going to fuck next. Surprisingly he carried a rifle. I wondered what he thought a rifle was going to do to me. Didn’t he know any form of weapons are useless against us?

The farmer yelled at me and then fired the gun. I heard the crack of the rifle and the noise of the bullet bouncing off my skin but I felt no impact.

Ginger kept pumping the ass of the bull with her mighty cock and Sarayanl was pumping the bull’s cock with her rampant pussy.

I fronted the farmer and bent his rifle until it snapped in two. I threw the useless weapon on the ground and then pushed the farmer down to lay alongside his broken gun.
I ripped off his pants just as Ginger erupted into the bull. A geyser of sticky cum burst around her cock as the bull became unsteady on his feet. Ginger pulled out her dripping cock just as the bull collapsed to the ground exhausted. A torrent of cum poured out of his molested ass.

Sarayanl exclaimed “Hey!! No good, I haven’t orgasmed yet!!”

I pointed to the next field “Horses, go get them, Sarayanl”

Meanwhile I positioned myself and pointed my knob at the farmer’s ass and slowly pushed my bulbous head into his tunnel and slowly started to enlarge it.

The farmer screamed “IT’S TOO BIG!! TOO BIG..pull it out...FUCK YOU!!”

A quick thrust I got 12 inches into his hole and wiggled it around the tight passage. Then I started to pump it hard and I saw blood on my shaft as I pulled back for another thrust.

Sarayanl and Ginger cornered a stallion and were busy using his cock and pumping his ass.

As moma was talking with her client the noises of animals in distress could be heard.

Moma frowned “I should go out and get my girls under control before they kill all of the animals. So sorry for this.”

The farmer laughed “It’s ok Ms Amy, they can do what they like with his animals. The bastard has been trying to drive me out of business for years.”

Moma nodded “Ok then, I’ll send my girls to sort him out.”

To Be Continued...

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Apr 21, 2019
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Shit's wack yo

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