Shop Soiled: Part 5

by (UK)

Was he as big as Sabre or bigger, Kathy couldn’t believe the heat and the speed of the cock pumping into her like a rapid piston in and out, faster and faster he was better than any of her toys at home.

He just kept going deeper and deeper making Kathy his bitch, she was screaming and bucking loving every inch of his cock.

Then she felt him expanding wider and wider, she’d know later she was taking his knot between her stretch cunt lips, like taking a medium sized orange up her twat, and then she was cumming squirting floods of her juices smearing the dogs red sausage cock.

Then he joined her hot slimy cum shooting again and again against her cervix, It went on and on and when her finally finished he tried to dismount from his new bitch he was dragging her with him until Asif took control of him.

That’s when she noticed the video camera Asif had videoed every second of her dog humiliation, “you bastard you can’t….”

“I can do whatever I want you filthy white whore, just you look what my other slut does for me.”

There was Damali lost in the same lust Kathy had felt, she was kissing Sabre, well his tongue was all over her face and he was fucking her she was pushed back arse resting on the arm of an old leather chair.

Her legs up in the air almost round his waist, Sabre’s gigantic cock looked like a sledge hammer powering at full pace almost forcing Damali through the chair.

Kathy, a mind blown Kathy watched her tongue dangling from her mouth.

Beautiful she was thinking Damili her wonderful olive skinned body covered in a sheen of sweat eyes wide and lips smiling loving every second of her dog fucking, her mouth begging for more from her lover as Sabre started to fill her with his watery spunk.

She’d held him to prevent his knot and now his hot cum poured from her cunt soaking her thighs in sweet dog cum. Damali blatantly looked at Kathy scooping dog cum from her cunt lips direct to her mouth, while Sabre joined Blaze in the corner of the room licking himself clean.

A few minutes later Kathy watched Asif sat in the leather chair Damali wrapped round him, both of them dozing exhausted from their exertions.

Kathy herself needing nothing but sleep she slowly dressed, and slipped passed the dogs, stroking each on in turn then out through the door and down into the quite streets.

Three hour she had been with her new friends all four of them. She knew she’d be back in those rooms again, she was a shop soiled slut and couldn’t wait for the next time.

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Sep 13, 2020
So hard

Loved it great story i was hard all the way to the end. Lol ROSSCOCK BRISBANE

Aug 31, 2020
canine lust
by: doggone


Aug 21, 2020
by: Anonymous

Very erotic indeed! Kathy - Which one was better, Sabre or Blaze? Then did Asif fucked you?

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