Shop Soiled: Part 4

by (UK)

“Yes there and my clitty bite it yes you fucking white slut, yes fucking slut cum dump made for us to use you filthy whore” she was screaming the words forcing her cunt up to that tongue and nose she wanted to cum so bad. Kathy could taste and smell this wanton women what was happening to her, was she really a slut, if she was she was loving it.

She felt herself cumming to another screaming orgasm and she also felt Asif expanding filling her even more. “Cum inside me you dirty bastard rape my filthy cunt” she felt the hand pulling her face tight against hot cunt lips “eat me bite me I’m nearly there fucking bitch go deeper deeper still.”

She tried her best while the cock was embedded in her cunt pouring copious amounts of spunk into her cunt. God she was cumming again only Asif’s cock stopped her from collapsing to the floor. Then Damali was soaking her she thought she was pissing at first but it was warm acrid cunt fluid shooting into her mouth and dripping down her face. Kathy lapped faster not wanting to waste a drop of the wonderful intoxicating juices.

What a sweaty smelly mess all three of them collapsed round the desk, spunk poured from her cunt dribbling down her arse crack, Damali stroked Asif softening dark dick and her own twat finger thrashing hard at her gaping hole.

“Suck him Kathy” Damali cooed “get him hard for you again” she pushed his monster towards Kathy s mouth, there was no hesitation, she really wanted this her tongue flicked out licking the full length then she was crawling to her knees above him, opening wider than ever before her mouth started over that wonderful cock a moan escaping her mouth her lust on full show.

She’d done this for Robbie a few times, she lifted her head “I want you to come in my mouth this time I need to taste you” she looked her fat cocked lover between the eyes, he simply grabbed her head and forceably rammed it down onto his hardening cock. He was using his hands on her head to help him fuck her face and throat spittle dripped from her mouth and nose as she gagged and chocked on that fat cock.

She sensed rather than saw movement across the room, Damali had released both Blaze and Sabre the guard dogs into the living room and Sabre was between her mistresses legs, she was holding him there he was doing her with his tongue she knew right away it was like when Sabre had licked her a little in the shop. God how can a woman do that deliberately with a dog, but she watched on fascinated, while still trying to concentrate on eating Asif’s cock.

Kathy never even thought about where Blaze had got to, that was until she felt something cold and wet between her arse cheeks. She tried to get up and turn around, but Asif let go of her head and grabbed her forearms at the same time pushing his cock to the back of her throat. Then she felt his rough tongue a dog was licking her naked cum filled cunt “stay still bitch” Asif ordered as she tried to wriggle free “stay fucking still”

It was two minutes before she moved again and she started to open her legs wider, then wider still. Blaze had his snout buried in her cunt that combined with his tongue was taking him right up to her cervix. This was a dog fucking her with his long tongue what was worse she was going to orgasm and she wasn’t the only one she could feel Asif expanding in her mouth.

Her arse was all over the place, dogs don’t care much about their bitches and Blaze just kept lapping up every bit of juice she offered then as she was gasping for air her mouth was being flooded by rope after rope of cock juice. Kathy was in another world cum squeezing past Asifs cock down her chin and into his lap.

“Up Blaze, up boy” the tongue was gone she felt total disappointment at being empty, she didn’t realise what those words had meant until she felt the weight of that big dog on her back.

“Noooooo I can’t fuck a dog” no one spoke Asif held her arms firmly and Damali just couldn’t she was on her hands and knees a dog tongue repeatable jabbing at her fuck hole while she sucked Sabres cock if you could call it a cock.

As big as a beer can and more than ten inches long, much as she tried she couldn’t get all of it in big red and slimy and Damali the dog slut was loving it, a look of total lustful abandonment on her face.

Kathy stuck under Blaze had given up her fight against Asif and the masterful dog, she could feel him jabbing insistently at her ass crack, and beyond herself she put her hand between her legs and started to guide him home she couldn’t believe what her hand was doing, he didn’t care about Kathy he just wanted to fuck, he jabbed and jabbed while she move to get him lined up properly getting used to the dogs immense size.

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